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Jurassic World Revealed is a free-to-download interactive audio game set during the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The game launched in 2018, alongside the second film of the Jurassic World trilogy. Jurassic World Revealed is only available to play on the Amazon "Alexa", for free. To launch the game, say the following phrases into your Alexa:

  • “Alexa, open Jurassic World”
  • “Alexa, start Jurassic World”
  • “Alexa, launch Jurassic World”

The first initial chapter is free, and the other five cost money to unlock.

Plot Synopsis

Travel with podcaster Janet Best in a daring attempt to report on the fate of the dinosaurs as the island’s dormant volcano roars to life. Can you use your survival instincts to make the right choices and uncover the story behind the scenes of Jurassic World...before it’s too late?

Product Description

Jurassic World Revealed is a new interactive audio story set during the events of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom timeline. This skill is playable in six chapters, including over an hour of replayable interactive story from beginning to end. Access the first chapter for free now, with the option to purchase the additional five premium chapters.


Chapter One

The chapter begins with Janet Best being informed of the upcoming eruption of Mt. Sibo on Isla Nublar and the involvement of the Dinosaur Protection Group. Determined to report on the story of a lifetime, she and her executive producer Jessie- aka the player- plan to set out to Isla Nublar. Before they depart, Janet asks Jessie if they should ask for permission or travel in secret.

Upon arriving at Isla Nublar, their fishing boat captain is not too pleased about additional people coming to the island and demands his payment immediately. Jessie has to choose if Janet can pay him now or stick to the deal and pay him when they return. After the choice is made, Jessie and Janet decide between who will carry their gear: a flare gun with one flare, chocolate, a first-aid kit, and a pair of binoculars. Jessie will carry two while Janet will carry the other two.

Janet and Jessie travel down an old monorail path until they encounter their first dinosaur: a Stegosaurus. During their interaction with the herbivore, the duo notice an injury on the dinosaur's back leg: a two-inch wide gash that looks nothing like a claw or bite mark. If Jessie chooses to investigate the wound, they discover that a large partially-discharged tranquilizer dart is lodged in the Stegosaurus. Jessie can either have Janet pull out the tranquilizer and bandage the wound or leave it alone.

Continuing on, Janet and Jessie notice movement down by the ocean. Peering through the binoculars, Janet discovers their boat. What the captain does determines on the choice to pay him. If he is paid, he leaves the duo behind. If not, he is seen talking to someone over a radio. Both Janet and Jessie realize nothing good is the result.

Chapter Two

Janet and Jessie arrive at the ruins of Main Street. They have three choices on where to go next: the Hammond Creation Lab, the Jurassic World Lagoon where a half-eaten Triceratops carcass lays, or one of the restaurants. During their investigation, they discover something that depends on the location they chose. (If they choose to explore the Creation Lab, they discover the discarded wallet of Vic Hoskins. If they go into a restaurant, they find a credit card with the name Stone Heiss Tanner on it. And if they investigate the lagoon, they obtain a tracking implant inside the Triceratops carcass.) After their investigation, Janet knocks something over and the noise attracts a Carnotaurus. Janet and Jessie hide in the gift shop, watching the dinosaur pick up their scent and head to the location they had last been. The duo have to choose between a series of options to survive the encounter when they are discovered, including attempting to mask their scent with perfume, barricading the gift shop door, hiding behind a corner pillar, escaping out the side door, and firing the flare gun to distract the Carnotaurus.

When the Carnotaurus leaves, Janet and Jessie hear a faint rumbling.

Chapter Three

But instead of the volcano, the rumbling sound comes from an approaching convoy: the same one holding Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Franklin Webb, Zia Rodriguez, Ken Wheatley, and his mercenaries. From behind an information kiosk, Janet and Jessie watch a Brachiosaurus roam through Main Street and use their binoculars to investigate the DPG and the mercenaries. Janet is confused at the soldiers, remembering that the U.S. government has agreed to take no action on Isla Nublar. Realizing the story of a lifetime is right in front of them, the duo decide to follow the convoy.

While walking through the jungle on the mercenaries' trail, Janet has a personal talk with Jessie, asking Jessie questions about his/her preference about other people, what matters more to him/her, etc. Eventually, Janet and Jessie reach a clearing... where they see the mercenaries double-cross Owen and shoot Blue.

Chapter Four

Angry at Wheatley, Owen rushes him only to get shot by a tranquilizer dart. He collapses and Zia runs up to him, pointing a gun at Wheatley. She says that if she dies, any hope of healing Blue will be lost. Seeing as they need her, Wheatley takes Zia hostage, saying that if Blue dies, so does she. He orders his men to take the Velociraptor and leave Owen behind. Baring witness to the entire ordeal, Janet and Jessie must decide whether they should stay with Owen and make sure he's alright or follow the mercenaries.

Regardless of their decisions, Janet and Jessie are caught by the mercenaries and loaded into one of their trucks. They are either questioned by a small band of mercenaries or by Wheatley himself. During these events, Jessie can choose if the duo should take one of the mercenaries' weapons, try to escape, or cooperate with them.

Suddenly, Mt. Sibo begins to erupt. The truck is either struck or brought to an unexpected halt by fiery debris, giving Janet and Jessie the opportunity to escape.

Chapter Five

Janet and Jessie reach the old Cretaceous Cruise ride, come across a life vest, and board a kayak, paddling down the river to escape from the fire and smoke conjured by the volcanic eruption. Trees burst into flame all around them and they must deal with various obstacles in their path, such as a splitting path, raging rapids, a Baryonyx, their kayak getting stuck on a shoal, and a swarm of Pteranodons that descend upon them. Additionally, they come across an injured mercenary who begs for their help, and Jessie must choose whether or not to assist him. At the end of the river, the duo plummet off a waterfall. After being swept further downstream, they come to a stop and notice activity over the next rise.

Chapter Six

After arriving at the East Dock, Janet and Jessie see the cargo ship Arcadia being loaded up with personnel and captured dinosaurs. Spotting some discarded jackets, they put them on to disguise themselves as either mercenaries or the ship's crew. They then see Wheatley talking to someone on a phone, likely his boss. With him is the same Stegosaurus Janet and Jessie encountered at the beginning of their adventure. The duo can choose to follow Wheatley and learn more about his employer or stay with the Stegosaurus and help it.

Afterwards, Janet and Jessie see mercenaries getting checked before boarding the Arcadia. They approach the guard and lie their way onboard. If the duo are dressed as mercenaries, the guard will ask them about a missing mercenary named Stone (the same mercenary seen either in one of the trucks or at the Cretaceous Cruise river) and ask about his whereabouts. If they are disguised as the ship's crew, the guard will ask them what their duty station is: cargo or deck. After Jessie's responses, he lets the duo onboard and advises them to get medical treatment.

Now aboard the Arcadia as it leaves the burning Isla Nublar, Janet and Jessie must decide which is more important: sabotaging the mercenaries' plan or exposing their actions to the public. If they learn about Eli Mills from Wheatley's call, Jessie vows to bring him down. Depending on the choices the duo make, they will have gathered little, some, or as much information as they could about the mercenaries' plans. Janet ends the story with one last recording, saying that if they do not make it, someone will come across their findings. Should that happen, she urges that person to post them.

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