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"Some chick who used to work here came up with a sorta dinosaur language. I figured, if they know what I’m saying, what’s to stop me from making them DO whatever I want? I’m talking completely controlling dinosaurs. Imagine the kind of power you’d have if these stone-cold killers did your bidding. No one is saying no to you ever again.” -Kash’s villain monologue, Staying Alive

Kash D. Langford was the boss of Dr. Mae Turner at Mantah Corp, and the person who blackmailed Sammy Gutierrez's family into coming to Jurassic World to spy and acquire InGen’s and Masrani Global's research and technology in the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He was known to be short-tempered, and was the secondary antagonist of the series.

He served as an unseen antagonist of Seasons 1-3, the main antagonist of Season 4 and a supporting antagonist of Season 5.


Kash was a Caucasian man of moderately tall stature, sporting brown curly hair, blue eyes, and a nasal, slightly high-pitched voice. He wore a blue, short-sleeved shirt and black pants, a black earbud in his left ear, and a ring on his thumb, which he used to control the drones. His arms were adorned with various tattoos, the most prominent being a pond ecosystem on his left biceps. According to Mae, his tattoos were worse than his penchant for rock music.


Pre Camp Cretaceous[]

Kash began working at Mantah Corp at some point in his life. Shortly before the Jurassic World Incident, he, under Daniel Kon's orders, threatened Sammy's family that they would lose their farm if Sammy didn't go to Jurassic World as a spy and collect samples. While her family refused, Sammy decides to go to save her family and to that, joins Camp Cretaceous as a spy.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Despite not appearing, Sammy participates in Camp Cretaceous as a spy, and acquires samples from a Sinoceratops. However, when the incident occurs, Sammy is stranded on the island with her fellow campers.

Season 3[]

Despite not appearing, a Mantah Corp drone is sent to Isla Nublar but is hit by the Scorpios rex, and Sammy looks for ways to dig up dirt on Mantah Corp.

Season 4[]

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

After one of his BRADs go offline after Yaz kicks it in the water in the cold and snowy biome, Kash gets an alert on his computer. Angered and believing that it was destroyed by dinosaurs, Kash leaves the room.

"Rude Awakening"[]

Kash arrives on the island and encounters another BRAD of his. He becomes angry when learning from the BRAD about another Brad going offline in the arctic.

"The Long Game"[]

While in the cold biome, Kash and the BRAD are looking for the missing BRAD. When the BRAD says it is offline, a curious Kash kicks this BRAD into the water. Kash later goes into Mae's place with another BRAD and finds Dr. Mae Turner's journal containing her research, but is unware that he is witnessed by Sammy, who recognizes him. After learning that her orders are being overridden, Mae realizes that Kash, who is her boss, must be overriding her orders, and then goes to confront him. After reuniting with her fellow campers, Sammy reveals that Kash is the one who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. When Mae finds Kash, the latter reveals her journal. Mae realizes that Kash does not attend to make this island a research facitility. Realizing Kash's and Mantah Corp's deception, Mae tells Kash she won't let him hurt her dinosaurs. Kash then turns the BRADs against her and orders them to kill her. Kash later finds Mae's jacket, which makes him believe she is dead, much to his satisfaction. He, however, is unware that Mae escaped.

"Mission Critical"[]

Kash uses his drones and BRADs to lure the T. rex Big Eatie and a Kentrosaurus named Pierce to a spot. From his compund, he uses his drones to force the two dinos to fight. However, he is unaware that the six campers from camp cretaceous witness his actions and come up with a plan to stop him. Ben, Yaz, and Sammy cause an explosion, which causes an atert to pop up on Kash's monitor, much to his anger. He then leaves his compound with his BRAD to investigate. He, however, is unaware that the explosion was part of the campers plan to get him out of his compound so Darius could sneak in, and stop the fight and use his phone to call for help. After realizing he left his phone in his compound, he becomes frustrated that he is going to miss his call with the boss, and then sends his BRAD to get his phone. While Darius destroys the BRAD and gets the phone, Kash who had entered the compound, got the phone and hung up while Darius was calling someone. He angrily tells Darius that he is in trouble.

"Staying Alive"[]

Kash demands Darius to tell him who he is. In order to gain Kash's trust, Darius reveals to Kash he came from Isla Nublar, but does not mention the other campers, and acts like he hates dinosaurs. Kash, however, does not trust him. He disallows him to leave because he has seen too much. Darius tells Kash he hates dinosaurs, but Kash is unaware that he is lying to get his trust. After Darius tells him that the dinos are expensive, Kash realizes the boss would like for them to fight again, and then stops the fight. He takes Darius into the med bay with Big Eatie who was tranquilized by the BRADs. Kash warns him not to escape. While on the phone with his boss (Later revealed to be the president of Mantah Corp), he suggests that dino fights will make money, but his boss tells him to stop interjecting and wasting time. After hanging up the phone, he tells his BRAD to put Asset 87, the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III into the desert to see how long it will last in the heat. He then angrily rants about his boss. After noticing Darius looking at him, he lashes out at him. In order to soothe his anger, Darius tells him that he is right, which causes Kash to smile and think that Darius agrees with him. When Kash's BRAD drops a box of control chips, he angrily calls it useless and punches it, while Darius takes one and puts in in the pocket. When Darius asks what he is doing, Kash says he wants to be able to have control over the dinosaurs. The two go in the elevator, but after seeing the campers, Darius jumps out as it closes. Feeling betrayed, Kash angrily fumes and theatens him. However, after he gets back, Darius gives him the control chip to soothe his anger. Darius' attempt works, as Kash's anger subsides. Kash, however is unware, that Darius is now acting as a spy for the group.

"Technical Difficulties"[]

Kash gets a call from his boss who tells him about investors coming in six days. Despite showing some concern on the timeframe, he says he can do it. He, however, is unaware that Darius hears him. Darius exits the compound to meet with the group, but is stopped by Kash's upgraded BRAD-X. Kash tells him comes outside and tells him that the BRAD-X is his new babysitter. After asking him what he was doing, Darius lies and says that he was tired of being stuck inside. Kash warns him not to escape by hitting it with his golf club, showing that it is indestructible. Kash then takes him inside. On one day, he instructs Darius to inject his control chip in the Spinosaurus, and warns him not to run away. After Darius gets back with the chip, Kash tests it out. However, the test fails, much to his anger. Kash asks the BRAD-X what really happened and it said that the task was accomplished, but he is unaware that this BRAD-X was shut down and reprogrammed by the other campers. Kash then notices the other tests fails, which makes Kash wonders if the chips will work on more impressionable assets, with the assets being small dinos.


After Darius sneaks his campers into the Medbay to save the younger dinosaurs, Kash asks him where he was, to which Darius says he was getting fresh air on the roof. Distrusting him, he asks the Brad-X, who agrees with Darius. Darius tries to keep himaway from the medbay by asking him to game with him. Kash refuses, but then agrees when Darius goads him by accusing him of being scared. The two start gaming. After Darius wins the first game, Kash storms off in anger. Still wanting to keep him away, he goads him to play more games. They play more games, but Kash uses cheat codes and tactics to win. After Kenji turns the power off, Kash leads Darius to the Med bay. Kash and Darius encounter the Ceratosaurus in the med bay, but it is tranquilized by a BRAD-X. Kash then notices that the other dinosaurs are gone and asks if Darius is behind this, but Darius denies.

"Taking Control"[]

Kash tells Darius and the BRAD-X's they need to sweep the biomes, but is persuaded by Darius to check here first and says that baby dinos can't work elevators. Kash tells his BRAD-X's to check the underground facilities. Kash discovers that the platform was used, which makes Kash believes dinos did use elevators. He furiously orders the BRAD-X's to search every biome for the dinosaurs. After a Brachiosaurus is captured by the BRAD-X's and is taken to Kash and Darius, Kash injects the control chip in to control the dino. The Brachiosaurus tries to run away, Kash stops it by clicking on his device. He, however, is frustrated when he is unable to make the dino to do anything but stop. Kash is then lured by a Spinoceratops, which unbkeknowst to him, is part of Darius and the other campers trap. However, after going through another biomes, Kash and Darius are chase away by the new assets which are Pteranodons. They head back through the biome after the Pteranodons get away. When he is not looking, Ben tries to shock him with the BRAD-X, but the BRAD-X is unable to shock him. Ben then uses the device Mae uses to communicate with dinos to lure Kash into Mae's place. Kash finds the device, much to his confusion. He is then trapped inside by Darius and Ben, much to his anger. Kash angrily threatens Darius and start throwing things.

"Who's the Boss?"[]

After noticing that Kash escaped Mae's place, Darius and Kenji head to the compound, where Darius hides from Kash and his boss. The boss tells Kash that they will be sending Pierce to another biome as food, but neither are aware that Darius heard them. Later on, when a group of Brad-X's approach the six campers, Mae and Pierce, Kash arrives and remarks to his boss that Darius did have help.

Season 5[]


Kon learns from the campers and Mae about Kash's actions, which causes him to angrily confront Kash and say he gave him too much power. Furious that Kon willingly sat back and let him do all the work, he claimed this was his island and subsequently betrayed his boss by programming the Brad X's to turn against him. However, Kon uses a failsafe to override the command. Kash flees but is quickly stunned by one of the robots and is imprisoned. Later Sammy and Brooklynn sneak into the daycare where Kash is locked up and turn off the cameras so Sammy can confront him directly. Kash tries to manipulate the two into releasing him but is unsuccessful. That night, Kon frees Kash to finish the mind control chips with Mae.

"The Final Test"[]

The next day, when Darius, Brooklynn, Ben, and Firecracker go to the warehouse to to Mae, Kash asks Kon what he'll do if Mae can't get rid of them, Kon doesn't respond so Kash goes back to making the chips. shortly after, Kash tells Kon that he's close to finishing them and comments on how the chips will be able to turn a T-Rex into the world's largest lizard puppet, which Kon finds unamusing. Kash then says he will save it for the presentation. Kash and Mae finish the chips and test them on Big Eatie.

"Battle Lines"[]

Kash and Mae, along with a BRAD-X, move supplies to the warehouse. Kash grabs a golf club and swings it around before being told by Mae to make sure he puts the right power cells into the controllers, Kash angerly tells her to stay in her lane, unaware that Mae was actually giving information to Brooklynn and Ben, who have snuck in via a supply crate. Kash and Mae then run outside to stop reset a malfunctioning BRAD-X, which was sabotaged by the kids. Later on, Kash finds Kon with Kenji and the investors, and tries to join them for the presentation but is told he isn't needed. As Kenji and the investors leave, Kash reminds Kon that he said he'd get what he deserved, Kon responds by telling him he's alive which is more than what he deserves after betraying him in the swamp, and is also told to go away. Kash then eavesdrops on the kids and follows them to the food platform. Kash steals the Velociraptor controller from Lana Molina and tries to use them to kill Kon, but the raptors, having already been freed from mind-control by Yaz and Sammy, knock Kash to ground. The raptors drag him into a bush and kill him.


Kash was a cruel, unscrupulous, cowardly, selfish, and impatient man with a short temper, that would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He showed no remorse in torturing the dinosaurs and using his BRADs and BRAD-Xs to kill anyone or anything that stood in his way, seen by him using the raptors to try and kill Mae. He had no issues with threatening people, which he did to Darius countless times. He did not like his boss, as he ranted about him and possibly indicated that he was willing to overthrow him. He was pretty strong, as seen when he punched a BRAD and it didn't hurt. It was easy to stroke his ego, which Darius did numerous times to earn his trust. He could be seen as gullible, as he was fooled by Darius several times. He could also be seen as a cheater, as he used cheat codes to beat Darius at gaming after losing to Darius in the first game.

He was shown to dislike his boss, Daniel, ranting several times that Daniel shouldn’t be in charge and implying to Darius he plans to betray him. After Daniel confronted him for his actions, Kash tried to murder him, Mae and the kids with no hesitation, showing himself to be a complete psychopath. Even after Daniel spared him and told him to leave, Kash tried to use the raptors in an attempt to kill him and take over Mantah Corp, only to be eaten alive by the very animals he abused.



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  • Kash's actions, behavior, and lack of empathy indicate he could have Anti-Social Personality disorder. This would explain why he can easily order someone's death or using sadistic torture to control animals. He shares this trait with Lewis Dodgson in all of his versions, Ken Wheatley, Eli Mills, Soyona Santos, and the comic book version of Peter Ludlow.
  • Kash’s character seems to be somewhat inspired by the cinematic version Dennis Nedry, which is ironic, because his behavior is more similar to Dodgson.
  • Kash is arguably the evilest character in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, far more evil than Daniel Kon, being a sadistic psychopath willing to murder both his colleagues and children to achieve his own goals and being especially cruel in his treatment of the dinosaurs.
  • Kash is the first person killed by Velociraptors in Camp Cretaceous, with Godinez being the second.


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