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Dr. Kate Walker is a scientist from Jurassic World: Live Tour, who trained with a female Troodon named Jeanie.

Jurassic World: Live Tour[]

Kate Walker is a scientist who works at Jurassic World, where she studied the female Troodon, Jeanie. One day when Jeannie attacked tourists inside a Gyrosphere, Kate and Oscar intervened, with Kate managing to calm Jeanie down. After the tourists leave to safety, Kate and Oscar lead Jeanie back to her pen, but before that could happen, the ACU arrived and captured Jeanie, bringing her back to the pen. After the incident, Kate and Oscar go check up on Jeanie again, where they are interrupted by Dr. Martin Riley and his two interns, Allison and Chad. Kate and the group are forced to evacuate the island after the Indominus rex broke out and breached into Jeanie's pen, and leave Jeanie behind.

Three months after the incident, Kate along with Riley, Allison and Chad continued their research on the Dino Decoder in New York. Kate attempted to contact InGen to find out what happened to Jeanie until the Dino Decoder finally received a reading from Jeanie. The group finds out Jeanie is not even on Isla Nublar, but she's actually in Chile.

Kate and the groups form an operation to rescue Jeanie, they fly to the military compound and break Jeanie out. Later they fly back to Isla Nublar to retrieve Jeannie's eggs who were left behind. The group travelled into the Adventure Zone, where they encountered a nest. A Triceratops threatened the group because Allison held some of its eggs, where the group is confronted by Blue, who attacked the Triceratops. The group escaped in time, where they later encountered a bioluminescent Stegosaurus and its juvenile, which reminded them of their goal. Kurt Reed and his mercenaries appeared to capture them, but they're stopped by a Pteranodon attack. Once again, the group managed to escape alive, but Rexy found them and chased them around the island.

Kate is cornered by Reed on a cliff, but Riley arrived in time and pushed him off the cliff, after which she and Riley kissed passionately. The two reunite with the group but are confronted by Reed, who survived the fall. When the T-Rex arrived again, the mercenaries used flares against the T-Rex, but Jeanie and Blue came to rescue them and stopped the mercenaries. Kate watched as Blue and Rexy chased Reed and presumably ate him. Kate and her friends watched Jeannie's eggs hatch, greeting the newborns into the world. Kate says goodbye to Jeanie and goes back home with the group.

Personality & Traits[]

Kate is a brilliant scientist and a compassionate, strong, dedicated woman with an unknown degree in martial arts. She's passionate about her work and fiercely protective of Jeanie, a female Troodon she has spent years working with. While some would call her difficult, she'd prefer to be thought of as persistent.


  • Kate is third person to ever train dinosaurs, predated by Frances White and Owen Grady, and the second canon character to do so.
    • However, unlike Owen, Kate is considered a soft canon character rather than a 100% canon one.[1]