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Kenji Kon is a main character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. His character is voiced by Ryan Potter.


Kenji is a guest of Jurassic World. At Camp Cretaceous, Kenji met five other campers there who were also participating in the camp. They engaged in several exciting activities at the camp, led by Roxie and Dave, the two camp counselors. Darius saw dinosaurs up close, drove a Gyrosphere, and made many incredible memories.

Kenji was often full of himself, trying to impress everyone around him. He creates trouble in his first day at camp and Darius has to cover for Kenji.

After disaster struck and the dinosaurs got out of containment, Kenji and the campers were left on their own to fight for their lives. They went on the run, rode in kayaks, and rode a monorail all trying to escape the dinosaurs.

Kenji managed to make it to a ferry port alive. However, the ferry had already left, so he was left stranded on the island at the end of the first season of the show.


Kenji is a self-appointed VIP camper described as the "self-proclaimed alpha male of the group". He is full of himself and has a big personality, bugging those around him.


  • Kenji's given name and Asian heritage implies that he is of Japanese or partial Japanese descent.
  • His interaction with the Compsognathus in End of the Line is a refrence to Dieter Stark's interaction with the same dinosaur from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Both use an electric prod on the dinosaur and both get attacked.
  • As originally conceived, Kenji was originally going to be a short, thin boy with glasses named Xi, with a look and personality more akin to Ben Pincus while Ben himself was the older, more athletic and confident boy. In the final version of the show, he and Ben swapped roles. Xi was renamed Kenji and was now the older, confident boy, whilst Ben became the smaller, more nervous one.
  • Kenji's tall stature, comments towards other characters and the fact that he owns a learners permit implies he was the oldest of the group.



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