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Kenji Kon is the deuteragonist of the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and one of the three tritagonists (alongside Sammy Gutierrez and Yasmina Fadoula) of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. He was 15 years old during the events of Camp Cretaceous and is 22 years old during the events of Chaos Theory. He fell in love and became Brooklynn's boyfriend in the first series, but they broke up. He became the adoptive brother of Darius Bowman, after the arrest of his father Daniel Kon, former Mantah Corp director. In Camp Cretaceous, he was voiced by Ryan Potter, but in Chaos Theory, he is interpreted with the voiced by Darren Barnet.


Early Life[]

Kenji was born in 2000 to Daniel Kon, the President of Mantah Corp and owns condos in Jurassic World. Kenji, however had a strained and distant relationship with his father, as the latter was barely around for him. It is unknown of Kenji's relationship with his mother. When he was 5, drew a picture of himself, his father and a women holding hands, and a mermaid off to the side. It is unknown if Kenji's mom and Mr. Kon are divorced, or if Kenji's mom is dead as he claims. While his father's wealth has made Kenji arrogant and entitled, there is a part of him that is not always happy due to his father not spending time with him.

He also mentioned that boys his age teased him a lot for being rich.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

"Camp Cretaceous"[]

Kenji is a guest of Jurassic World, a constant one and considered a VIP due to his rich dad owning the condominiums built on the island and as such he knows the secret passageways under the island. Kenji arrives at Jurassic World in a helicopter and greets the rest of the campers at the docks. After they are taken to Camp Cretaceous by their counselors Dave and Roxie, Kenji meets the other five campers who are also participating in the camp. Upon arrival, the counselors tell them about the camp rules they must obey, and later Kenji and the other campers zip-line over the herbivorous dinosaurs.

Before going to bed, Kenji confronts Darius, who was sneaking away, bragging that his father is rich and owns condos on the island. He tries to intimidate him, but Brooklynn's intrusion distracts him and the three decide to escape to the compy corral. When they get there, Kenji and Brooklynn fight over her phone, causing it to fall inside the complex. Kenji tries to sneak into the compound after retrieving the phone, despite warnings from Darius and Brooklynn that it wasn't the corral. He is almost attacked by the raptor Blue, who is startled and agitated when he takes a photo with the phone's camera. As the raptor stalks him, Darius distracts Blue, while Brooklynn tries to open the door. Delta, Echo, and Charlie join Blue in cornering Darius and Kenji as the episode ends.


Just as the raptors prepare to eat them, Roxie and Dave save them. While the animal handlers deal with the raptors, Dave and Roxie get angry at them for trespassing into the paddock. While they wait in the living room, Darius confronts Kenji about his motivation for entering the compound, but doesn't get a solid answer. Kenji then confides that he was trying to make his father proud, just before Dave and Roxie start lecturing them about their irresponsible behavior. Darius lies to cover for Kenji, to which he agrees. However, Brooklynn's story contradicts them, so they are warned that they have one more chance or they will be expelled.

In the morning, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up dinosaur poop as punishment, while the others go to the field genetics lab. As they clean up the poop, they start arguing about their homework. Kenji claims to be a frequent visitor to the park and tries to bribe Darius. He leads him to the entrance of a tunnel that he claims is part of a network that connects the entire island. Kenji takes him to a quarantine area for the more aggressive dinosaurs and they head out to the Carnotaurus Paddock through the underground tunnel.

While trekking through the jungle, Kenji and Darius have a hard time traversing the difficult terrain. Kenji reveals that he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his father. When they find the fence, they are not sure which side of the fence they are on, just as the Carnotaurus appears from behind and chases after them. The two quickly run, managing to evade the Carnotaurus. Finally, they barely make it out through the food network. The Carnotaurus slams his face into the cage, leaving a wound, as Kenji taunts him by giving him the nickname 'Toro'. Kenji and Darius then rush back to camp just as the others returned from the lab, and Kenji and Darius form a friendship as they will have to keep Toro a secret or this time they will be expelled.

"The Cattle Drive"[]

That night, Kenji is among the group listening to Darius's story, but they are interrupted by rain, forcing them inside. The next morning, campers and their counselors will ride the Gyrospheres in a herd of dinosaurs while park staff lead them to fresh pastures. After trying to get a spot in the driver's seat, Kenji ends up in the passenger seat with Ben driving. Kenji taunts Ben for driving too slow, shortly after, the counselors cut the activity short due to the approaching storm and went outside to warn the other employees. Initially planning to stay put, Kenji and Ben end up trying to help the others get a Sinoceratops into their enclosure.

As the campers try to corner the dinosaur, Kenji and Ben argue over the controls. The campers' lack of coordination causes the Sinoceratops to send Darius and Brooklynn's gyrosphere into the herd, causing the dinosaurs to panic. Trying to escape the pack, Ben allows Kenji to drive and immediately proceeds to destroy the gyrosphere. They quickly reunite with Yasmina and Sammy and the four are forced to travel together in their gyrosphere. The group discovers that Darius and Brooklynn are trapped in the mud and quickly tries to get them out, managing to do so with the help of the Sinoceratops. After that, campers are taken back to camp.

"Things Fall Apart" (Jurassic World Incident)[]

The next morning, Dave and Roxie leave the campers to go to the main park in an attempt to talk to Claire Dearing. As the campers wait, Ben and Kenji blame Darius for the previous day's incident and join the group in refusing to do an alternate activity while the counselors are away. The group is distracted by the sound of a dinosaur and they decide to head to the observation tower to watch. The campers successfully enter the tower and climb it, seemingly relieved to see that the noise is just a Brachiosaurus feeding. But suddenly they see that the dinosaur collapsed to the ground, they get scared and are attacked by the Indominus rex.

The tower begins to wobble and Sammy nearly falls over, but is saved by Yaz and then lifted by the combined efforts of Darius and Kenji as well. The group tries to use the zip line to escape, just as the emergency brake goes off, leaving them stranded in the center of the zip line. The zip line breaks shortly after and the children crash to the ground. The campers wake up disoriented and quickly decide to head to the safety of the camp. However, upon arrival they discover that the camp is completely destroyed. Kenji would join the other campers in following Darius to the Main Street to try and call for help.

"Happy Birthday, Eddie!"[]

During their trip to the main park, Kenji initially tries to claim that he should make all the decisions as he is leadership material, then delegates all responsibility to Darius, only to find the Carnotaurus fence now broken. Yaz reveals that Kenji told the rest of the campers about the previous incident with Toro, which caused some friction between him and Darius. The group is soon joined by Bumpy, and prompting from Kenji encourages Darius to lead the group to the Genetics Field Laboratory.

The group finds an abandoned ACU truck, which Kenji is forced to drive, as they are later chased by the Indominus rex. He drives the truck off the road and stops right where the lab is, where they seek shelter temporarily. Finding a scientist inside, Eddie quickly abandons them and attempts to steal the truck. As the group runs outside, the Indominus attacks the van and eats the scientist.

The campers are forced to hide in the nearby boxes, while the Indominus stalks them. But they make it to the truck just in time, though Yasmina prevents Kenji from driving again. They contact their advisors over the radio and Kenji and Darius inform them that the camp has been destroyed and that they are headed to the main park. However, the group gets distracted and the truck hits a rock, when they discover that Sammy had Brooklynn's phone.

"Welcome to Jurassic World"[]

After the group recovers from the accident, the campers including Kenji are upset with Sammy for lying about taking Brooklynn's phone and she reveals that she was sent by Mantah Corp to spy, although she only did it to save her family. The children then witness Masrani's helicopter chasing the Indominus where it heads towards the aviary and breaks it. The Pteranodons break free, crash the helicopter, and proceed to chase after the campers. The boys run to the safety of Kayak's river, after Kenji determines that the best place to hide is. At the river, the campers come across a cave illuminated by bioluminescent bacteria and a large waterfall. As the campers start paddling along the river, they come across a group of bioluminescent Parasaurolophus who become agitated by Bumpy's screams and begin attacking the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel by a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaurus begins to surround them, and the campers head for the safety of the spectator stands.

Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the ladder, as the rest of the group is still too far away. While Yaz causes a distraction to buy the others time, Kenji using the controls uses the feeder chain to save her. Though the Mosasaurus lunges, narrowly missing, it cuts the line, causing Yaz to land safely but spraining her ankle. The campers then take a moment to breathe when they hear sirens alerting them to the impending evacuation.

"Last Day of Camp"[]

The campers try to get to the monorail to get past the evacuation warning, however, just as the group reaches the monorail, Toro blocks them. The group decides to try and sneak away while his back is turned. Reaching the top of the platform, they catch up with the monorail as it arrives, but the announcement system loudly alerts the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator chases after him but has difficulty climbing the stairs. Darius races to rescue Yasmina, while Kenji, Brooklynn and Sammy hold the doors open to buy time.

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the monorail continues towards the South Pier. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the day's events. However, after their mood sours once they hear a distant explosion, the group settles into sullen silence. Shortly after, something crashes into the monorail. Kenji and the others see that they are being attacked by the Pteranodons. The group arms themselves with flashlights as they try to destroy the luves to prevent them from attacking. As the attack continues, Darius leads the group to another train car in his attempt to evade it. Then they see up ahead that the Pteranodons are attacking another monorail that has broken down in the middle of the track. Kenji joins the others in using the flashlights to distract the Pteranodons and buy time for Ben to reach the control panel and manages to avoid the crash although a Pteranodon grabs him.

"End of the Line"[]

However, he can do nothing but watch helplessly as Ben falls to an uncertain fate in the jungle below. The group mourns their fallen friend, as several of them descend in grief. However, after Darius discovers that the monorail is drifting back to its original position, he realizes that there is nothing to do but jump off the train. Despite their misgivings, the group jumped off the train and landed in the middle of the jungle. Kenji realizes that Bumpy was lost when they landed and starts yelling, as some want to go find Bumpy and Ben, but realize that they can make it to the ferry if they leave right away, and the group reluctantly do you agree.

Looking for a shortcut, Darius asks Kenji to take them to the maintenance tunnels in hopes that one will take them to the docks. The group makes their way to the tunnels, but is quickly lost. Seeing their way blocked by the security doors, Kenji begins to get frustrated and lashes out at the group, even as they are interrupted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur inside the tunnels. As the dinosaur's shadow draws closer, Kenji prepares for an immediate attack, only for it to turn out to be a group of Compsognathus. The compys advance on the group, even as Kenji continues to argue with them. He keeps them at bay with the dinosaur prod, as some enterprising individuals keep leaping forward. The group's discussion and Compy's progress is stopped by the approach of Toro moving through the tunnels. The predator chases the children, until they manage to evade it using a grid. His attempts to make his way to a different area alert the Carnotaurus, who finds his hiding place. Narrowly escaping the predator, the group manages to escape to the tunnel branch closest to the docks. Their joy is short-lived, as they discover that the exit has been sealed. Kenji leads the rest of the group to assure Darius that he is the one who helped the group survive and that they must work together to get through the apparent trap. The children begin to open the boxes in the area to determine if there is anything useful inside.

As the Carnotaurus approaches, Yaz and Kenji use the dinosaur prod to light a fuse in the box. However, the animal charges the cart, sending the tanks flying everywhere and starting a fire. The Carnotaurus proceeds to attack the group as they narrowly evade him in the confined space. As the attack continues, several air tanks are pushed into the wall, and an explosion occurs soon after, pre-injuring the Carnotaurus and creating a hole in the wall, allowing them to exit. As the group leaves, they run to the docks only to find that everyone has already left. They decide to stay safe and take care of each other until they are rescued.

Season 2[]

"A Beacon of Hope"[]

Kenji accompanies the group to Main Street in search of food and communication. He finds walkie talkies and frozen pizza, but the pizza is stolen by Compies. The next day, his walkie talkies are used to allow the group to monitor Rexy so that they can know when it's safe to enter its lair to activate a distress beacon. Together with Darius, Kenji invades the lair, breaks open the beacon, and activates the distress signal before fleeing to safety.

"The Art of Chill"[]

After deciding on their old camp as a base, Kenji is left behind to watch over Yasmina and to sift through the debris for anything useful. He decides to do nothing and rest, but Yasmina pushes herself to work which forces him to go after her. On finding her, she insists she rest and not push her limits, even taking her crutch to force her to relent, but she refuses and only ends up hurting herself even more. Kenji carries her back, and during a scuffle accidentally hurts her feelings by forcing her to face the reality of her limitations. Kenji comforts Yasmina as she cries, then carries her the rest of the way back to camp. He sets up a small pile of sticks there, which is promptly destroyed by several rampaging dinosaurs, so he and Yaz hide in a tree with the rest of the group, before returning to camp to build a treehouse.

"The Watering Hole"[]
Watering hole

Another resting tree

Kenji runs out of water in the shower at his newly created fort, prompting Darius to search for more, only to realize that the river is dry. Kenji and Darius then decide to investigate the water problem and finally find a waterfall with little water falling. Kenji ignores Darius' attempts to be "cool" and then reluctantly climbs the rock wall and eventually discovers a dam blocking the water. Darius attempts to lure the Stegosaurus to destroy it, to no avail, so Kenji hisses at the dinosaurs and dodges them as they approach, leaving the prey to be destroyed. However, the dinosaurs don't kill them due to the proximity of the watering hole, which Kenji eventually admits is pretty "cool."


The campers are eventually rescued by Hap, Mitch, and Tiff after the campers saw their campfire. However, when they reach their saviors' camp, Kenji tries to downplay the luxury amenities there, bragging about his own rich family, although no one cares. He remains largely out of the main events, sulking and even staying with Brooklynn after she offended Darius. She drags him along to investigate Hap's yurt, with Kenji complaining about Mitch and Tiff's wealth on the way, but they both end up caught by Hap. Not perturbed in the slightest, Kenji promptly goes to sleep on Brooklynn's shoulder until she rouses him, and they both flee with Hap in pursuit. Before Hap can catch or reason with them however, Ben knocks him out, shocking Kenji.


Kenji, after reuniting with Ben, argues to trust Hap's story that there's a boat on the island. He goes along with Ben and Brooklynn to a storage unit with a motorcycle in it, which he rides behind Brooklynn. However, a Baryonyx trio chases them, forcing Hap to sacrifice himself to let Kenji and everyone else escape.

"Step One"[]
Kenji restores power

Everyone decides to go into the tunnels to reach Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy, over Kenji's terrified protestations. Within the tunnels themselves they discover a control center, and although they try to use it to help their friends in Main Street, Kenji is the only one who realizes that they have to restore the power first, and does so. This allows everyone else to, at length, master the controls and reactivate a hologram of a Tyrannosaurus rex. This distracts Rexy long enough for Sammy and Darius to escape.

"Chaos Theory"[]

Kenji is sent by Darius to pick him and Sammy up, but he refuses to go fast enough on the motorcycle, always turning to correct himself. Darius leaves, and eventually he's pushed to go faster and is able to drive properly. He drops Sammy off with Ben and then drives out with them, him alone on his motorcycle, to drive the dinosaurs away from the watering hole together. He then has to drive back when Rexy sends the dinosaurs roaring back the other way, but he manages to drive to safety and rendezvous with everyone else.


"Hidden Adventure"[]

Season 3[]

"View from the Top"[]

Kenji and the other campers leave Jurassic World on a boat, but are then swept away and back on the island by a big wave. After Kenji mentions hand gliders in Lookout Point, the group heads to Lookout Point, where Kenji and Sammy get on a sky Gondola and start joking around. After getting off on the top, they look at the view, and end up spotting something important. When they are attacked by a Dimorphodon, they run back into the Gondola and Kenji prevents it from getting in by kicking it, resulting in himself and Sammy escaping. Fortunately, everyone escapes. After escaping, Kenji and Sammy tell the others they found Tiff and Mitch's boat. The six heads towards the boat.

"Safe Harbor"[]

While on the boat, Kenji scares Darius and Brooklynn on a few occasions for his own amusement but their annoyance, assumes the role as captain of the ship, and holds a yacht party. However, that night, the group searches for supplies to patch up a hole in the boat they discovered. After overhearing Darius and Brooklynn talking about pranking him back, Kenji hides himself. However, after later coming out of hiding, he finds himself being chased and attacked by an Ouranosaurus but is saved by Yasmina. After reuniting with the rest of the group, Kenji and the others head back to the boat and proceed to leave, with Kenji driving. However, when a few Ouranosauruses follow them onto the boat, Kenji and the others chase them away with fireworks.

"Casa De Kenji"[]

While Darius does use some tape to patch up the hole, the group knows that it won't hold up in the long run. After remembering his dad's penthouse, Kenji uses whatever gas left on the boat to take them there to gather supplies to fully patch up the boat. After heading in the penthouse, Kenji shows off the place to the others. When Sammy sees pictures of his father and tries to ask where he is, Kenji quickly changes the subject. After witnessing Sammy and Yasmina looking at a drawing of himself, dad and two other women, which he drew when he was five, he brushes that off. However, when Sammy and Yaz walk off, he looks at the drawing briefly with some fondness. After several Monolophosaurus enter the premises and attack, Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius jump on an elevator shaft while Sammy, Yaz, and Ben escape through the vents and arrive in a garage. Kenji uses a Gaddi sculpture, which was one of his dad's favorite to save both Brooklynn and Darius, and knock out a Monolophosaurus, but is shown to be upset when the sculpture broke in the process. the three catch up with the others on one of his dad's limos and head back to the boat. Back on the boat, Kenji is shown to be upset over not being able to use the penthouse to show everyone a good time, but is comforted by Darius.

"Clever Girl"[]

When Kenji throws coins at a pack of Compsognathus to get them to go away, one ends up stealing a compass they found at the penthouse. Kenji, Yasmina, and Darius chase the Compy, but stop when the Compy runs into what is the Visitor Center of the original Jurassic Park. Kenji is afraid to go in there, as he believes bad things happens here, but ends up going in with Darius and Yasmina to retrieve the compass. While Yasmina retrieves the compass, the three encounter the Velociraptor Blue (The same Velociraptor that Darius and Kenji encountered on their first night of camp cretaceous). Fortunately, they manage to escape.

"Eye of the Storm"[]

After Darius put him in charge of packing, while the latter goes to watch a herd of his father's favorite dinosaur, Kenji sends Ben to get some toilet paper and pack some. Get some help from Yasimina. However, after the two notice that Ben has been gone for a while, they search for him and run into Bumpy, much to his chagrin. The three return to camp. After being notified by Darius about a dangerous new dinosaur, Kenji gives everyone instructions on what to do. After Darius, Brooklynn, and Sammy return, they discover that the tide is too high, forcing the group to stay at camp. Kenji was unable to gather the supplies in time, much to Darius's anger. Realizing that they need to protect themselves from the new hybrid dinosaur, the Scorpios rex, (the dinosaur that Kenji accidentally freed in season 2) Kenji suggests that they put rubble to fortify the fence. When they finish, Darius comments that Kenji did a good job. However, the Scorpios rex arrives and attacks the group. Sammy falls unconscious after being infected by the hybrid's poisonous quills, much to the horror of the others.

"The Long Run"[]

In order to help Sammy, Yasmina runs to find the antidote, while Darius and Ben create a distraction to divert the Scorpios, which leaves Kenji and Brooklynn to tend to Sammy. Kenji is worried about what could happen to Sammy, but is told by Brooklynn not to think like that. He tries to make Sammy feel better by mooing like her cow Betsy at home. Eventually the others return and Yasmina gives Sammy the antidote. Despite giving the antidote, it appears to have been too late and Sammy has died, much to the sadness and horror of the others. However, her life ends up being saved, much to the relief of Kenji and the others.

"A Shock to the System"[]

After Ben runs off to find Bumpy, Darius goes after him, which causes Kenji, Brooklynn, Sammy and Yasmina to head back to the boat. The three are confronted by a stampede of Parasaurolophus lux of the cave, but manage to escape. They eventually reach the boat. However, as the Scorpius approaches, the three leave the dock in order to get away.

"Escape from Isla Nublar"[]

Kenji, Brooklynn, Sammy and Yasmina head back to the island on the boat and look for Darius and Ben, eventually finding them. However, they are shocked to learn that there are two Scorpios rexes. They are soon attacked by the two hybrids and even for a short time, Blue. Fortunately, Blue ends up helping them. Kenji and the other campers help tear down the the visitor's center with both Scorpios Rexes inside, killing them. At the dock, the group boards the boat as Ben stays behind. After a moment, Ben changes his mind, much to the happiness of Kenji and the others, and the entire group behinds their journey to Costa Rica. While floating away, several helicopters surround the boat and order the group to return to the island.

"Whatever It Takes"[]

Returning to the dock, the group notices that the helicopter passengers are not there to rescue them, have weapons, and appear to be unprepared. Soon after, the helicopter is attacked by Rexy and flies away with Kenji, Sammy and Ben. The three request and even beg the pilot to go back for Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina, but she refuses. The three are shocked to learn they have been stranded on the island for 6 months. After the helicopter crashes, Kenji, Sammy and Ben narrowly escape, before the helicopter crashes to the ground and explodes. The three decide to head back to the dock, believing Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina believing they would have gone there if they got away from Rexy.

"Stay on Mission"[]

After being reunited with Kenji, Sammy and Ben, Darius explains what happened to Brooklynn and his plan to get her back while also managing to copy and wipe out Wu's memory and research on this laptop. Kenji, however, argues against this and says they should give the laptop, as he is scared about what would happen to Brooklynn. While he goes on with the plan initially, he is shown to be frustrated and impatient with the plan and the amount of time it is taking to copy and delete Wu's memory on his laptop. After some time, a scared and frustrated Kenji takes the laptop before it wipes out all the memory and runs to find Wu. While he gives Wu the laptop, the laptop is ultimately destroyed during a attack on Wu and his mercenaries. Wu leaves the island with his fellow mercenary Hawkes, as they received samples of the Indominus rex. The six bid farewell to Bumpy. When Darius tells Kenji not to feel bad about taking the laptop and asks Kenji if they were good, a still angry Kenji says no because he does not put his friends lives at risk, much to the shock of Darius. The six then depart the island on Mitch and Tiff's boat, with Kenji driving, though none of them are aware that there appears to be something on the boat that roars in the last scene.

Season 4[]

"Beneath the Surface"[]

Kenji is reluctantly persuaded by Brooklynn to eat with the group. However, he is still angry at Darius for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, and even lashes out on him. While trying to fix the boat, he is comforted by Brooklynn who soothes his anger and helps him fix the SONAR, and Kenji ends up looking at Brooklynn in a different light in the process. When the boat gets stuck in kelp, Darius goes in the water to remove it, but gets stuck in the process and is tailed by the Mosasarous; fortunately he is saved by Kenji. Kenji tells him that they got each others back for life, appearing that their friendship is now restored. The campers are then attacked by the Mosasaurus who destroys the ship, which leads to the campers being swept away onto an island not on Costa Rica. The six go into a cave in order to possibly find shelter for the night.

"At Least…"[]

After Ben sees something shiny, the six head out to find what it is. Kenji jokes with Brooklynn about being abducted by aliens, and then acts awkward around her. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. Unable to see, Kenji and Brooklynn tumble down a pit. While trying to find a way out, Kenji shows affection to Brooklynn, but acts awkward around her as well. After the sandstorm ends, they manage to regroup shortly after. Unfortunately, the group finds out that the shiny thing is a big rectangle. Later at night, the group wakes up and notices a saber-toothed tiger in a bush. Ben runs away to distract the tiger while the group departs to help Ben. At a dead-end, Ben fights the tiger, but Kenji catches up and they manage to scare the tiger away. At dawn, the group begins taking off further into the island. After Kenji trips on a piece of metal, the group then follows it to an invisible wall which opens to reveal a metal hallway, much to their shock.

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

At the other end of the hallway, the group finds themselves in a forest. After avoiding two T. rex, they encounter Dr. Mae Turner, who is studying how dinosaurs interact with each other. They go to his house. However, distrusting Mae due to her experiences with Mitch and Tiff, Darius and Sammy distract Mae, while the rest of the group goes out to a place Mae told them not to go. Kenji, Brooklynn, Yaz and Sammy see a BRAD, a robot that kills the Compy from the ship because it is an "unrecognized life form" on the island. Mae stops the BRAD before he finds and kills them. Later, when Mae goes to monitor the eating habits of mother T. rex Big Eatie and her daughter, Little Eatie with Darius and Sammy following her, Kenji stays behind with Brooklynn, Ben and Yaz. Yaz realizes that Kenji is in love with Brooklynn and tries to bring them together, much to Kenji's chagrin. A BRAD heads to Mae's house and is about to kill Yaz and Ben, but Kenji destroys it.

"Rude Awakening"[]

After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. Kenji who has caught some sickness accidentally wakes up the mother T. rex Big Eatie, which leads to Kenji, Ben and Mae warning the others. When Yaz freezes out of fear when hearing Big Eatie coming, Kenji gets her and reunites with the others. The group is then chased by BRADs, but they escape into a biome with freezing temperatures, where they encounter a Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down to the others about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Yaz being comforted by Sammy, Brooklynn, and Kenji.

"The Long Game"[]

Darius and Ben help Mae with Pierce, while Brooklynn and Kenji remove the altered food from the T. rex area and see that Little Eatie is still very injured which makes them uncomfortable and they report this to Mae. After regrouping, Sammy reveals that the man, and Mae's boss Kash, was the person who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. Fortunately, Kenji and the others stop Sammy from confronting Kash. They watch as Kash turns the BRADs on Mae to kill her, Kenji and the others save her and defeat the robots, although they would then be surrounded by the Velociraptors, one of which injured Mae. Fortunately, the group is saved when Sammy uses one of the damaged BRADs to wound and scare away the raptors. The 6 take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen. Kenji comments that Ben is keeping an eye on Kash.

"Mission Critical"[]

Ben tries to help a wounded Mae, while the others try to get Kash's phone and call for help. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a place by the BRADs and Mantah Corp drones are are forced to fight, Kenji and the others agree to stop him and also get the phone. The six campers come up with a plan to lure Kash away, stop the fight, and get the phone. When Kenji and Brooklynn are together, Brooklynn jokes about sacrafising him, and Kenji shows some affection before changing his expression when Brooklynn looks at him. They see Kash was lured out thanks to Ben, Yaz and Sammy. However, when Kash sends his BRAD to get his phone, Kenji and Brooklynn try to follow the BRAD but stop when they see some BRADs.

"Staying Alive"[]

The 5 wonder why Darius has not stopped the fight. They then attempt to destroy the drones to stop the fight, but luckily, Darius who was captured by Kash convinces him to stop the fight. Kenji and the others notice that Darius has been captured and taken by Kash. After being told by Mae that there is a platform in the desert, the five head out. Kenji remarks to Brooklynn that he trusts her. Kenji and the others use the platform to get to the med bay, but not before being chased by the Spinosaurus and the saber-toothed tiger, with the latter being killed by the Spino. they reunite wit Darius, but Darius decides to stay back and act a spy for the group.

"Technical Difficulties"[]

In order to communicate with Darius, the group has Brooklynn reprogram one of the new BRAD-X's. However, Kenji and the others putt oo much pressure on Brooklynn who freaks out. Fortunately, Kenji and the others recognize their mistake and apologize. Brooklynn successfully reprograms a BRAD-X to communicate with Darius, much to the satisfaction of Kenji and the others. Kenji praises Brooklynn and tells her he likes her which makes her shocked, and a embarassed Kenji quickly backpedals.


The five head to Med Bay to save the youngest dinosaurs with the help of Darius. However, Brooklynn begins to avoid Kenji due to him saying that he likes her, which upsets him. Kenji goes with Sammy and the two rescue a small Spinoceratops. Kenji becomes frustrated when the Spinoceratops doesn't move, Sammy tries to tell Kenji to be more sensitive. While Brooklynn tells Yaz how she feels about Kenji, before crashing. Kenji and Brooklynn take the Spinoceratops that Brooklynn and Yaz found. After heading into another room, Kenji pulls out a fuse to make it look like the dinosaurs came out on their own. However, the Spinoceratops that Kenji and Brooklynn brought damages the fuse and cuts the power completely. The group and the small dinosaurs are attacked by Ceratosaurus, but escape. Kenji and Brooklynn take one of the Spinoceratops to the cold, snowy biome and name it Rebel.

"Taking Control"[]

Brooklynn remarks to Kenji that he will make a good dad. Kenji and Brooklynn take Rebel inside and cuddle to feel warm, but after getting back inside, Kenji akwardly lets go. They take Rebel back to Sammy, Yaz, and Angel. Ben heads back and tells the others about Kash injecting the control chip in the baby Brachiosaurus he rescued. The group comes up with a plan to take Kash down. Kenji tries to get Rebel to calm down and becomes frustrated when his attempts does not work. When Brooklynn asks him what is going on, Kenji says he wants to support him, which leads to Brooklynn immediately picking up on how Kenji wishes his dad would be there for him. During the plan, Kenji and Brooklynn stay back with Rebel, and the two finally admit their feelings to one other and become a couple. After trapping Kash, Darius and Ben reunite with the others, much to the happiness of Kenji and the others, as Ben names the baby dinosaur Firecracker.

"Who's the Boss?"[]

Kenji tells Brooklynn that he wants to tell Darius about them, and the reason he was really angry on the ship was because he liked her, much to Brooklynn's surprise. Kenji tries to tell Darius that he wasn't really mad at him and shows guilt in his expression and tone, but Darius tells him that they are good. However, Kenji initially doesn't tell him about him and Brooklynn after Darius says he doesn't like the change. After noticing that Kash escaped from Mae's house, Kenji and Darius head to the compound. They try to stop Kash and his boss from using Pierce as food, Kenji and Darius try to stop him by going through the airlock. Kenji and Darius head to the swamp biome, but not before Kenji reveals that he and Brooklynn are a couple, much to Darius' surprise and happiness. Kenji and Darius are attacked by a pack of Dilophosaurus and end up catching up with Ben, Mae and Pierce. Brooklynn, Sammy and Yaz arrive with the snowmobile and scare away the Diliphosaurus, thus saving the others. Kenji asks Brooklynn how she found them and she tells him that he and Darius sent their BRAD-X out of confusion, which Kenji denies and Brooklynn kisses him, much to Ben's surprise. Darius then realizes that it is a trap, much to the surprise of the others. The six of them, Mae and Pierce, see a group of BRAD-X, Kash and the boss approaching them. The boss is surprised when he sees Kenji, while a confused Kenji recognizes him and says "dad?", much to the surprise of the other campers.

Season 5[]


Kenji shocked and confused that his father is the president of Mantah Corp, Daniel Kon rushes to hug Kenji, relieved that he is alive. Daniel then explains the situation regarding his role in Mantah Corp to the others as he has only been its president just for a short period since Jurassic World was destroyed, while the campers explain that Kash was behind their fight for survival on the island. Daniel turns on Kash and locks him up. Daniel invites the group to the facility and promises to take them home as well. The group enjoys the opportunity to rest enjoying individual rooms. The group relaxes in the common area, while Daniel approaches them, who explains that the situation is complicated, but asks for a few days to be able to organize discreet transportation back to their point of origin. Daniel leaves the room with Kenji, leaving the others while they decide to visit Mae in the med bay. Outside the facility, Kenji has a chance to talk to his father, only to discover that Daniel is concerned about restoring Mantah Island to operation. Daniel informs him that they must be prepared for the presentation to the investors. Daniel tries to convince Kenji of the need to continue the dinosaur fights to show them to investors, highlighting the risk of his family losing everything. Just then, a pair of Velociraptors attack Kenji, and he is narrowly saved by a drone, while Daniel convinces him that the animals are inherently ferocious.

Kenji returns to the main hall to inform the others that his father will continue with the dino fights. Then Kenji and his friends show Daniel a different side of animals to make him change. Outside the facility, the group makes a proposal to Daniel, while Kenji with Darius approach Big Eatie and use the tablet to bring it to Little Eatie at ground level. When the tyrannosaurs wake up, Darius tries to communicate with them. However, Daniel panics and allows the ABRAD-X to fire a paralyzing ray at the Tyrannosaurus, causing it to roar in agitation. Ben and Yaz act as bait to lure Little Eatie, even as Kenji manages to free the bolt from Big Eatie's leg. The two Rexes finally meet. Daniel seems convinced by this display and promises not to force the animals to fight. The children toast their success as Kenji proclaims that he will help his father with a presentation. That night, everyone sleeps together in the main living room like a sleepover.

"The Final Test"[]

The next day, Kenji plans to make a date with Brooklynn, but he doesn't realize that his friends don't seem to trust his father enough. Kenji informs Sammy and Yaz, and the two offer to help him in his romantic planning. While Kenji is preparing a stage for the investors, his father approaches him and insists that he go to the investors' meeting. Kenji backs away a little, saying he has a date. Daniel seems to accept this and walks away for the moment. Upon returning to the room, he is visibly impressed by the effort that Yaz and Sammy have put together, however they recommend that he change his clothes. Kenji receives a business suit from his father for the presentation to investors, and his son happily accepts it, believing it is for the date. Kenji presents his suit to Sammy and Yaz, and they express their best wishes for his date. However, Kenji waited so long and Brooklynn had not arrived, his father gives him a pep talk and encourages him to go with him to the investor meeting (without realizing that his father ruined the date, preventing Brooklynn from arriving and lying to him that she stood him up). Daniel introduces Kenji to the investors. While he enjoys the company of the investors, the other campers watch from afar.

"Battle Lines"[]

Kenji confronts Brooklyn for standing him up, while she and the others try to explain to him that her father made Mae work with Kash to control the dinosaurs, but he does not believe her and accuses her of lying about his father be a bad man. Ben tries to defend her and Kenji reluctantly agrees to talk to his father. Kenji is visibly upset as he tells his father what his friends witnessed about controlling the dinosaurs. Daniel confesses that it is true, but argues that he needs to have something to show the investors. He proceeds to criticize Kenji about the situation, encouraging him to join him at Mantah Corp. Daniel informs him about the break-in at his office, saying that he wants Kenji to convince them of his benevolence.

The children return to the hall, where Kenji is waiting for them. He ignores any attempt at an explanation, arguing that they are ruining things and telling them to stay out of his father's affairs. Kenji rides with his father and the investors as they head towards the meeting place. They are greeted by Kash, who is rejected by Daniel, as the group moves forward. The group is situated in a small tent, while Kenji activates a tablet to change the biome. This activates a set of control chips, controlled by Daniel via a joystick, as he controls the dinosaurs in front of them. Give joysticks to each of the investors. Daniel praises his son as he watches as the investors are visibly excited by his ability to control the animals.

When the investors start a battle between the Spinosaurus, the T-rex and the Velociraptors. The children run through the chaos, trying to stop them. Kenji tries to defend them, but his father dissuades him. Kenji runs into the middle of the fight to try to stop his friends. He manages to rescue Brooklynn and Darius from the jaws of Big Eatie. With everything ruined, Kenji becomes angry with his friends for what they did as Daniel was nearly killed in the process, and with his father he locks them in the nursery, turning his back on them before leaving to Nublar with his father unknowing that he puts his friends life in danger once again by accident by trusting Daniel.

"Evasive Action"[]

Back on Isla Nublar and in the penthouse, Kenji begins to remember when he introduced the place when they were still stranded, how much fun he had with his friends, and still seems to miss them despite having disowned them due to their refusal to trust his father. Feeling guilty, you may already begin to doubt whether you have made the right decision.

Daniel states that they need to find dinosaurs for Biosyn, the group is startled by the presence of a loud noise, Kenji initially mistakes it for a dinosaur, but it is actually Hawkes and several of his mercenaries. Dismayed that his father hired Hawkes, Kenji misinterprets Mae's attempt to contact him and runs off to warn his father about Hawkes. Kenji volunteers to join the group, while directing their path according to Hawke's original plan. The group walks through the jungle, while Daniel threatens Mae to continue complying or he will hurt the campers. After Kenji finds a Stegosaurus plaque on the ground, the group continues on their way. Meanwhile, Kenji confronts Hawkes, still suspicious of him as they argue. As the group spreads out to find the Stegosaurus, Kenji runs towards Hawkes, believing he was going to shoot his father, but saw that he was not doing that. Suddenly the Stegosaurus appears running towards the middle of the clearing, scattering the group. The group is surprised by an earthquake, causing Kenji and Hawkes to fall near an approaching animal.

"Shaky Ground"[]

Kenji cowers in fear when he meets Toro again. When he is almost attacked, Hawkes jumps on his back, barely managing to inject the chip into his neck before bolting away. Just before Toro is about to eat Hawkes, Kenji stops him by activating the controller. Kenji helps Hawkes up just as his father and the mercenaries arrive and Daniel approves of the scarred animal. Kenji explains to Mae his history with the Carnotaurus, while she tries, unsuccessfully, to communicate with him. The group continues until they reach a herd of Stegosaurus, as Hawkes prepares to tranquilize them. However, the Carnotaurus' roar makes them flee. As the group continues walking, they are forced to dodge to the side as a panicked Parasaurolophus runs in their general direction. At the same time the shaking causes the group to separate, with Kenji being separated from the group. When Kenji wakes up, buried by rocks, realizing that the controller still works, he uses it to get Toro to free him from the rocks. When he emerges triumphant, he hits the animal with his fists. Returning to the penthouse, Kenji introduces Toro to the group, earning his father's praise.

"Out of the Pack"[]

Training the limits of Carnotaurus control with Hawkes, the group briefly talks among themselves before seeing a helicopter fly overhead, and Lana Molina tells the group that this is her Biosyn contact. Daniel forces Mae to go with them, just as Daniel states that he wants Kenji to demonstrate Biosyn. When the helicopter lands, Molina's contact is revealed to be Lewis Dodgson. Dodgson and the rest of the group meet, while Kenji demonstrates Toro's total control. Then Dodgdon gives a list to capture dinosaurs, and they get into the vehicles to start the hunt. Traveling through the jungle, they encounter a herd of Ankylosaurus and Kenji meets Bumpy again and introduces her to Mae, but realizes too late that his father has selected her for the total control chips.

Kenji tries to convince his father not to chip Bumpy, he seemed to be able to convince him, but his father subtly threatens him when they return to the car. They travel to the site of the destroyed visitor center, but do not find Blue. The others grow impatient, while Hawkes creates a commotion trying to get the Raptor's attention. He succeeds, causing the Raptor to suddenly attack from the brush. The group carefully stalks Blue to capture her, but they are attacked by a pack of Dilophosaurus, they are surrounded but Daniel manages to use a flare to avoid them. Daniel gets angry at Kenji for letting Blue trick them into a trap. Kenji is distraught at not being able to impress his father, and begins to doubt even more whether it was right to choose Daniel's side, after Mae makes him realize that his father only shows love to Kenji when he manages to earn money for him. This schocks Kenji as he finally realizes that it means that Daniel has not started a true relationship with him as Kenji thought depsite everything Kenji has done to help his father. Daniel later makes this clearer after Kenji pleases Lewis Dodgson by retrieving his backpack after it was stolen by Molina, who mentions that if the investor is happy, the money keeps falling, making Daniel even happier. That night, Daniel approaches Kenji and confides that he is proud of him. When his father leaves, Kenji realizes that Mae was right.

"Clean Break"[]

In the begining of the episode Kenji is still mad over that his father has no true love for him, but managed to hide it. He has also returned to his original outfit. Kenji is also shocked when he discovers that his father has captured Bumpy and put her under mind control, even though he promised to leave her alone. Kenji is heartbroken, realizing that his friends were right all along, his father really is an evil man who doesn't even respect or care about his own son's wishes. Realizing that he abandoned his loyal friends for a cruel and unloving father and Kenji becomes determined to right his wrongs. He promises Bumpy that he will help her escape. Later, he helped Mae escape, managing to convince her father to leave her behind. He still pretends to be on his father's side, but stops believing what Daniel tells him knowing now that Daniel has just used him the whole time.


Back on Mantah Corp Island, Daniel tries to manipulate Kenji again by telling him that he only caught Bumpy to motivate his friends who escaped earlier if they try to do something dangerous again. Kenji is not fooled by what his father tells him, but becomes interested when he hears that his friends are free and decides to join them to stop Daniel and redeem himself. While with the twins, he notices Ben, who followed him, sneaking up behind him, much to his surprise and angry at how he let his father control Bumpy, Kenji swears that he tried to stop him, but Ben asks him why he would believe him, and Kenji even completely understands why Ben doesn't trust him and replies that he doesn't know. Kenji then admits to Ben that he and the others was right about Daniel and that it's his fault that Bumpy is in danger. Kenji assures Ben that he will help him save Bumpy. Kenji approaches the twins and claims to have heard a noise. While they are distracted, Ben runs towards Bumpy, however the control chip is too strong and she can't move, he tries to lure his dinosaur friend with pleas and food. Kenji tells him to use the controller to move it, but Ben refuses to control it and Bumpy approaches him menacingly when they see that the twins have returned.

They force Bumpy to attack them both, and Kenji tries to stop them but is grabbed, while Bumpy corners Ben. Almost defeated, Kenji tries to free himself but can't. Ben makes one last plea to Bumpy, but at that moment they see that Bumpy manages to resist the chip. Kenji takes advantage of the moment to attack the mercenary and break the controller which deactivates the control chip in Bumpy's head. Now free, Bumpy and Ben attack the mercenaries and drive them out of the containment area. Kenji returns to the others, stops the group.

"The Last Stand"[]

In the beginning of the episode, Kenji admits that his friends have every right to be mad at him for joining his father's side, feeling great shame and true remorse over turning his back on those who truly loves him for no reason. The others, who are still mad at him for his mistake to trust his father instead of them, agree, much to Kenji's dismay. Ben intervenes saying Kenji did mess it up, and Yasmina says "Oh, is that what we're calling it?" meaning Ben doesn't take Kenji's actions seriously. Ben then uses stronger words like that Kenji betrayed them and let them down really. He even says left them for dead, much to Kenji's horror, who reminds Ben that he never went that far. Ben then says that Kenji has realized he made a mistake and risked his life to save Bumpy, and according to Ben, that's enough for a second chance, and that they gonna need all the help they can get to face Daniel Kon. Darius however angrily excludes himself from the discussion while Yasmina and Brooklynn still glare angrily at Kenji, waiting for an explanation, and he explains that he knows there is no magic thing he can say to make things right again, and that he is very sorry for what he did and that he did it because, he was possessed by the thoughts and hopes that his father was a good man, but eventually he realized he was wrong much to Yasmina's happiness.

He also forgives Brooklynn just when she says that she had a speech for him if he came back, but Kenji assures her that he is the same as always and he will prove it. They make peace again, and he is also excited when he finds out that Yaz and Sammy have become a couple. He then approaches Darius who is still very angry about his apparent betrayal to the group and does not agree to forgive him, but Kenji says that it's okay if he doesn't want to do it yet. Darius closes the door and they flee from the sound of the door being knocked down by Toro to get through. The children run to the new watering hole, and Kenji helps Darius by trying to get the dinosaurs to flee from danger but to no avail. Seeing that they want to defend themselves, Kenji and the others prepare to fight. With Brooklyn they manage to free Limbo the Baryonyx from control. Watching as Little Eatie is attacked by Toro and a controlled Dimorphodon, Kenji sees a flock of Pteranodons, and draws their attention with the sun shining through the tablet. This causes the twin who controls the Dimorphodon to be grabbed by one the Pteranodons who flies away with him to his unseen death which still doesn't make Darius feel good. But by freeing Toro, Darius finally forgives Kenji when Kenji promises to never turn away from those who truly loves him ever again.

Daniel takes control of the freed dinosaurs again and they proceed to attack Little Eatie. In the ensuing fight, Big Eatie comes to her daughter's defense, as the two Rexes proceed to fight their attackers. As the episode ends, the Spinosaurus severely injures Big Eatie and steps on her as she roars in triumph, much to the horror of Kenji and his friends.

"The Nublar Six"[]

Kenji flees with his friends towards the tree, deciding to leave the island. Kenji runs with the others towards the ship, but they are separated by the controlled dinosaurs. Together with Brooklyn and Darius they take the drejane, but are attacked by a Pteranodon, Kenji manages to save Brooklyn but they are separated. Kenji and Darius continue running but he saw that Darius is not there, running towards the observation panel, he sees that his father will kill him and he intervenes. Not wanting his father to hurt him, he decides to give him the password. However, Daniel immediately orders Hawkes to kill Darius, an angry Kenji is held down by his father while he forces him to watch. But Big Eatie arrived charging across the clearing forcing Hawkes to dudge and drop the controller which is destroyed when Big Eatie steps on it, fighting the now freed Spino, while Kenji and Darius escapes. Daniel also flees while Hawkes is killed by Little Eatie, as the Rexes begin to rally against Spino and defeat him. When they suddenly see the alert alarm sounding on the screen, they see that toxic gas is coming out and that the core is about to explode. Daniel prepares to flee the island in a plane, with Kenji running after his father when they reach the docks. He tells Kenji to hurry aboard before someone finds out the truth about Daniel's actions, which would completely ruin his reputation. Kenji is upset that his father only thinks about his reputation while his friends are still on the island, but Daniel only thinks about protecting his name, showing that he is willing to let his friends die to protect his reputation.

Kenji, finally fed up with his father's manipulations, lies and ruthless nature, claims that he only cares about business and not people, and that he has never cared about his own son. Daniel tries to escape by saying that they don't have time for this, but realizing how unreliable he is through capturing Bumpy and trying to kill Darius, Kenji refuses to listen and instead asks Daniel if he went looking for him after Jurassic World was destroyed and if that even meant anything for him. When his father doesn't respond and tells him to get on the plane, Kenji is heartbroken to realize that Daniel never looked for him, and therefore never had genuine love for him, and everything Daniel said to him since their reunion really has been lies and manipulation, to gain his trust. At the same time, he also realizes that there is really no way to earn Daniels love. For these actions, Kenji disowns his father by turning his back on him and chooses to stay with his friends, whom he considers his true family, as they have always been there for him, thus fulfilling his promise to Darius to never betray them again. Daniel finally decides to save his reputation and flies away on the plane, not knowing that the island's power core was just a false alarm to force him to leave.

Now fully realizing that his father had manipulated him, Kenji destroys the remote who controlling Toro and frees the dinosaur. Kenji watches the dinosaur leave, happy that he did what was really right. Then he joins his friends and the dinosaurs at the new watering hole. There, he also gives Brooklynn the same flower that he planned to give her on their first date and that his father destroyed. Just when their relationship seems to have been restored, they realize that someone is coming to the island. They hide above the dock where they see a ship on the bridge, fearing that it is Daniel who has returned with reinforcements after realizing that he was tricked into leaving the island. But they are relieved to see that it is Dave and Roxie, arriving along with Darius' brother, Brandon Bowman, and Mae. During the meeting, Dave hugs Kenji.

As they leave Mantah Corp Island, Kenji sits at the stern of the ship, watching the island as they leave it behind forever. Brooklynn sits next to him and tells him that Mae contacted the authorities who arrested his father for his crimes, leaving Kenji parentless when he mentions that his mother is dead. Brooklynn says she's really sorry for him, which he appreciates and makes him happier. However, Kenji does not believe that his father will tell anyone about Mantah Corp Island, as his family only cares about his good reputation and telling anyone about the island would only destroy him more than he already has been. Brooklynn states that not all Kon care about their reputation, which means Kenji is not like his father. They kiss and renew their relationship.

Back on the mainland, Kenji at first seems happy to have been rescued, but when he sees his friends happily reunited with his parents, he remembers that he has no family of his own to be with, since his father is in prison and and that causes him to return to feel sad. But he is surprised when Darius calls him and when Darius's mother hugs him. Realizing that Bowman family decided to adopt him, Kenji is overjoyed that he will finally be part of a family that truly cares about him. Darius and Brandon then join in the hug happy to have a new brother.

Two years later, Kenji who now lives with Darius, and they get on a video call with the others, and Brooklynn tells him before leaving that she will call him at night and then goes down to dinner. Kenji is also shown to keep the Mantah Corp island in operation, now transformed into a sanctuary.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Kenji at some point moved to a trailer park in Colorado, where he started his own climbing business. He also formalized his relationship with Brooklynn when she moved in with him. For a short time they lived together while he continued to grow his business. However, her investigations into the DPW distracted her when she was with Kenji, and this led him to break up with her, believing she was not interested. During this period, friction between Darius and Kenji began to grow, after Brooklynn left to stay with Darius after the breakup. This friction only increased after the world at large believed Brooklynn was dead and Kenji ceased contact with Darius and the rest of his friends.

Season 1[]


In 2022 Sammy, Darius and Ben arrive at Kenji's house, and Kenji surprises them from behind and Sammy accidentally kicks him. Kenji catches up with Ben and Sammy, but reacts coldly to Darius and closes the door on him. Kenji greets them and explains that he has started a new business as a climbing instructor. Ben tries to warn Kenji about the danger they are in, but he initially ignores him. They show Kenji a map left by Brooklynn, but he has no idea what it represents, but reveals that the location marked on the map is where his father lives. When the group feels the trailer shaking, they initially panic, but it turns out to be a herd of Parasaurolophus running.

The teens initially suspect Daniel Kon, but Kenji claims that his father was placed in a halfway house after being in prison for five years and is too monitored to have been responsible for Brooklynn's death. Kenji storms out of the trailer and into the woods. Darius follows Kenji as the others leave to go after Yaz. He witnesses Kenji scaling a cliff and is forced to climb up behind him. Kenji continues to climb even when he realizes Darius is following him, but Darius persists. Just as Darius seems to slip, Kenji comes down and asks him about what happened that night with Brooklynn and why he wasn't there before she was killed.

Upon reaching the top, Kenji reflects on their breakup. While distracted by reminiscing about the past, Darius finally reaches the top of the cliff and rests for a moment as they both stare at the herd of Parasaurolophus bioluminescence, seen from above. The two talk and after arguing some more, Kenji agrees to go visit his father.

Halfway Home[]

Darius tries to make conversation during the ride, but Kenji stops him. As they drive, Darius tries to strategize how to talk to Daniel, but he gets shut down again. They arrive at the rehabilitation center and the two come out and confront Daniel Kon. He attempts to greet Kenji only to be greeted with an accusation of whether he was responsible for Brooklynn's death. Kenji reveals that he knew Brooklynn went to see her father and Daniel tells him that he wants to talk privately without Darius listening. The two argue, and Daniel states that he wants Kenji to participate in his plans, but Kenji initially refuses.

Daniel tries to blackmail him into becoming his CEO, threatening to withhold information about Brooklynn unless he agrees. Darius tries to talk to Kenji about it and explains his dilemma. Kenji returns to his father, initially agreeing to the demands, but changes his mind after a few seconds and walks away. Daniel calls his son and tells him that he would tell him about Brooklynn if he stays longer. His father admits that Brooklynn came to see him because of the dinosaur black market. He reveals that she wanted to get involved in dinosaur smuggling. Just then, Darius notices a sudden silence falling over the area and realizes that danger is near. Before he can leave, an Atrociraptor appears and chases them. They see more coming and realize that Stevens, the guard guarding Daniel, is dead, and they are quickly surrounded.

Just then they hear a whistle coming from a woman getting out of a truck, and the Atrociraptors respond, focusing their aim on Darius and Kenji. As they approach them, Daniel attacks the raptor, but is quickly surrounded. Just before he is killed, he tells his son to run, and Darius and Kenji waste no time in running. The kidnappers almost catch them before a mysterious figure arrives in a car and tells them to get in before speeding off.

That Night[]

Darius and Kenji thank their savior as they walk away from the rehab center. The group is forced to stop as Kenji suffers a panic attack over his father's death, and Kenji hugs Darius. Darius recognizes that the man who saved them is a DPW agent, who was there the night Brooklynn died. The man identifies himself as Mateo, and Kenji and Darius question him about Brooklynn's death. Mateo claims that the Allosaurus that killed her friend was there on purpose and the other two agree to return to the car with him. After some time driving, Mateo confesses that he was a DPW truck driver and accepted an offer of overtime pay. I knew that some of these drops contributed to the black market. He tells them the true story of what happened and that it was a setup to try to get Brooklynn killed.

Mateo further explains that he was able to locate them thanks to the help of his daughter Hiraya's Internet research. He proceeds to give Brooklynn's phone number to Darius and Kenji. Darius unlocks Brooklynn's phone and using the map, they realize that she had a house nearby in Colorado that they didn't know about and decide to hide there. Upon arriving at the apartment, Mateo says goodbye and Kenji and Darius thank him. The two enter the apartment, where Darius finds a press release from DPW Regional Director Dudley Cabrera. He discovers on her laptop that it was left in D and that she was in Dark Jurassic. He finds several potential clues, such as an invoice for various "assets", and realizes that Brooklynn was getting involved in the dinosaur black market and realizes that the DPW is heavily involved. Kenji calls Darius to the closet where they find a bag full of money of various denominations, including a business card from Daniel Kon. Realizing that there are millions of dollars in the bag, Kenji becomes angry and argues that they should go to the dinosaur store featured in Dark Jurassic. The two leave the apartment as they decide to follow this example.

The Drop[]

Kenji and Darius ride a motorcycle to the supposed delivery location that was mentioned in Brooklynn's investigation. They hide in a run-down shack while awaiting delivery. They discuss what else Brooklynn might have been hiding from them, and Kenji wants to inspect her phone, despite Darius' protests. Darius unlocks his phone and they watch old videos of Kenji and Brooklynn. Darius tries to avoid listening to the voicemail and Kenji calls him. Darius tries to grab the phone and the two start fighting. Finally, Darius relents and plays voicemails from himself to Brooklynn, revealing that Darius sent her many calls after his death. Kenji confronts Darius, who confesses that he had a crush on Brooklynn, although it was one-sided. They find an unsent video on the phone. The video is from the night of Brooklynn's death, where she asked Darius to meet her. They see the half-blind Allosaurus attack her before the video cuts out. Kenji accuses Darius of not being there to help her, but before Darius can respond, a vehicle approaches and they hide. They witness DPW trucks participating in an illegal sale of a captured Baryonyx. Kenji and Darius decide to follow the truck to find out who is buying dinosaurs.

Into the Fog[]

Finally, Darius and Kenji manage to follow the truck and climb the fence to sneak inside. While inspecting a box supposedly containing a deceased dinosaur, an enraged Tyrannosaurus roars, and Darius and Kenji determine that it is not Big Eatie or the Nublar Rex. They hide while the boxes are moved. Darius realizes that this is a huge illegal operation and wants to find out who is behind it all. Darius frees a Pachyrhinosaurus from its constraints, while the two find a way to the headquarters by climbing. The Pachyrhinosaurus breaks free and stampedes through the area, providing a distraction for Kenji and Darius to climb. Darius and Kenji continue to evade the guards and realize that Yaz and Sammy are also in the building. They make a distraction to let Sammy and Yaz, and by extension Ben, pass through. Kenji and Darius manage to reunite with Yaz and Sammy.

The rest of the group resumes their adventures while they decide on a plan. Kenji and Darius inform the others that Brooklynn was involved in the dinosaur trade the night she was murdered. Ben rejoins the group and tells them to come to Bumpy's aid and they all run towards his cage. Ben and Kenji work together to open the cage, while running to Bumpy's side. After a tense moment, it is revealed that Bumpy has laid an egg and the group rejoices. At that moment, they confront Dudley Cabrera, who threatens them with an electric stick.

The End of the Beginning[]

Dudley assures them that they will be fine if they do what he says, but admits to being behind the smuggling operation. Cabrera also admits to setting up the scene with Brooklynn, but insists he did not intend to kill her. He claims to know nothing about the Atrociraptors when Darius confronts him. He also admits to sending threats to Dark Jurassic and hints that if they don't cooperate, he will harm them all and cover it up. Cabrera tells them that he wants them to stay out of his business and orders Darius to return to work for the DPW to give the organization credibility. Ben attacks him, but Dudley manages to grab the cattle prod and stun him, making him fall. Sammy uses his capoeira to knock Dudley unconscious while the group escapes. However, the group discovers that they are locked in the building as they try to escape.

Kenji and the group hide and watch Dudley confront the Handler before being betrayed and killed by his Atrociraptors. As the woman is about to leave, one of the Atrociraptors turns around and alerts the Handler. She blows the whistle again and the raptors pursue the group as they flee. The group is cornered by birds of prey on a high walkway. Just as the raptors are about to attack, a truck crashes into the warehouse, collapsing the walkway and causing both the humans and the raptors to flee. The driver is revealed to be Mateo, who runs to help the group.

Just as they are about to leave, a Suchomimus breaks free from its container and chases after the group. In the confusion, several dinosaurs break free from their containers and proceed to attack the DPW agents. The group tries to flee, but they are cornered between the Atrociraptors and the Rex. Finally, all the birds of prey attack the Rex. However, the group is cornered by the birds of prey, and Darius is forced to free the half-blind Allosaurus, using himself as bait to attack the other animals. The Rex defeats the four animals and roars in triumph. As the group takes a breather, they watch Jensen carry a briefcase full of eggs to the ship, to deliver to someone he only calls "The Broker." However, as he attempts to call this phone number, he is alerted too late to the allosaurs behind him, who attack and kill him. As the group leaves the shelter, they see the Handler and she whistles again, however, her Atrociraptors are too injured. Seeing the police also arrive, he calls off the attack and orders the kidnappers to retreat and the group takes the opportunity to escape.

Behind the group, the ship prepares to leave when the group realizes that the Broker is a boss above the Handler. Darius decides to investigate further and admits that his feelings for Brooklynn were one-sided. Kenji and the group decide to get on the boat to get to the bottom of this. Mateo leaves, but wishes the group the best. The group sneaks onto the ship, determined to follow it to its destination.


In season 1, Kenji is a self-appointed VIP camper described as the "self-proclaimed alpha male of the group". He gives off the general impression of someone who is full of himself and has a big personality, bugging those around him. Behind his conceited and narcissistic veneer lies a truly lonely person eager to connect with his fellow campers. He shows hidden depths and an often eclipsed emotional and attenuative streak, being supportive of Darius and admitting his respect for him when he had led them all to safety, as well as defending Sammy Gutierrez from being criticized by Yasmina Fadoula and Brooklynn. Despite being wealthy, he isn't all that happy, as he sadly admits that the staff always lets him win bowling, as well as his father not spending much time with him. As he relaxed himself and opened himself up to fair criticism, he became more popular with the others. He also seems to be an airhead, oblivious to danger and seems to consider himself indestructible.

In season 2, Kenji's arrogance, laziness and self-entitlement are still present, particularly early on. However, as the season progresses, he becomes more caring and helpful to the group. While he did show a lack of appreciation to the park, he ends up having a change of heart after he and Darius find a water hole. His bonding with the group continues, particularly with Darius.

In season 3, Kenji is more caring and helpful, even though can still be arrogant and lazy. While he refers to himself as the captain, he does not take the role seriously at times, which can frustrate Darius. However, when necessary, he steps up with his leadership and teamwork. He clearly prioritizes his friends over everything else by this point. However, a rift is caused between him and Darius when he silently accuses Darius of caring more about getting off the island than their friends (even though Kenji was willing to let other people die by giving Henry Wu his laptop which could create more hybrids), which is left unresolved due to the end of the third season.

In season 4, he develops feelings for Brooklynn, but this causes him to act awkward around her on many occasions. Eventually, the two reveal their feelings to each other and become a couple. Despite initially holding onto his grudge against Darius for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, their friendship is restored after he saves Darius from the Mosasaurus. Eventually, he feels guilty over how he acted on the boat because he really wasn't mad at Darius and he even tries to explain to him, but Darius holds no animosity towards him. When trying hard to support Rebel, it is clear that he wishes his father did the same for him. At the end of the season, he's shocked to learn his own father is the president of Mantah Corp.

In season 5, Kenji shows how dim-witted and gullible he really is as he finds himself conflicted in his loyalty between his friends and his father, but he eventually sides with his father after Daniel manipulated him to believe that he just tried to help the dinosaurs and disowns his friends when they refuses to trust Daniel and almost gets Daniel killed accidently by ruin the demonstration of the control chips, something that his friends, particularly Darius and Brooklynn, takes very hard. Still believing his father will send the others home after their business is finished, he leaves with Daniel to travel with him to Isla Nublar. This act is probably by a selfish desire that Kenji thinks he finally will be a part of Daniels life since Kenji takes their partnership in business Daniel promised him means that they finally will have a true relationship. This shows that Kenji is an idiot due his slow ability to realize the difference in the relationships or that he never became suspicious why his father wanted him around so suddenly when he had never done it earlier or why Daniel associate himself with so many bad guys or that Kenji himself puts everyone in danger again by accident by trusting Daniel. Kenji later shows again how slow minded he is about the situation as he later thinks his dad hired his old enemy Hawkes and his some of his mercenaries as his bodyguards because Daniel is too credulous as Kenji keeps telling himself that Daniel has a good reason for doing what his doing.

However, on as time goes on at Isla Nublar Kenji start to realize more and more that siding with his father was a mistake. He really starts to realize it first when Mae helps him realize that a partnership in business to gain money for the other is not how a true relationship between father and son works which shocks Kenji that he misunderstood what Daniel truly meant with their newfound relationship. That Daniel only sees him as a partner in business and not as a son which means Daniel has after all no true relationship with him as Kenji thought. With that Kenji even starts to realize that his father actually not saves the dinosaurs, but prepares Biosyns project by using the animals for their own gains. When Kenji later realize his father also has captured and even chipped his dinosaur friend Bumby the Ankylosaurus despite promising Kenji to leave her alone Kenji truly realizes that his friends are right. His father is an evil man who doesn't care about him one bit and only thinks of his business which means Kenji disowned the ones who truly loves him for a loveless relationship with his evil father. This finally makes Kenji to act against Daniel by helping Mae escape before returning to Mantah Corp Island decided to set things right.

Back at Mantah Corp Island Kenji finds out that the other campers has escaped when Daniel tries to manipulate him again by saying he caught Bumpy to motivate the other campers. Kenji who doesn't believe in his father anymore pretends to understand as he waits for the right moment to redeem himself and return to his friends side. When Daniel tells Kenji to look after the captured dinosaurs, he sees Ben spy on his dads' thugs who mistreats the dinosaurs and asks him what the plan is. Ben however is furious that Bumpy has been captured tackles Kenji to the ground snarling angry at him how he could allow Daniel brain control Bumpy. When Kenji swears he tried to stop it and Ben asks why he would believe him Kenji is heartbroken, but even completely understands why Ben don't trust him and answers he don't know. Kenji then admits that he should have listen to his friends' warnings, knowing it's because of his foolishness that Bumpy is in trouble and even if he doesn't expect his friends to forgive him he says he is so sorry for leaving their side.

Ben will however be the first camper to forgive Kenji as he risks his life to help him free Bumpy. When they later is reunited with the other campers in the forest biome Kenji is deeply remorseful that he disowned his loyal friends and newfound girlfriend for his uncaring and cruel father as the others are still mad at him for choosing his fathers' side. However, all in the group except Darius start to forgive Kenji when he admits they were right about Daniel as Darius was the one who took Kenji's betrayal hardest as he thought Kenji as his best friend was supposed to had his back and Kenji bailed that trust by taking his father's side which causes Darius to avoid Kenji as he tries to make it up with him. When Daniel and his thugs breaks into the forest biome with the rest of their mind controlled dinosaurs Kenji escapes with his friends ignoring how his father yells after him.

Later during the battle at the new watering hole, Darius remains angry at Kenji and is furious when Kenji accidently breaks Mae's tablet yelling at him why he ever came back. Kenji still deeply ashamed over his actions knowing that he turned on Darius the moment he needed Kenji the most. They however later become friends again after working together to free Toro from his brain control and Kenji makes a promise to never abandon those he cares about ever again. Despite when Kenji later gives his father the new password for Mantah Corps Islands system in order to make more control chips in order to save Darius from being devoured by the brain controlled Spinosaurus Daniel still is going to kill Darius so he will not reveal his actions much to Kenji's horror and anger. Darius however is saved when the T. rex Big Eatie attacks the spinosaurus and Kenji takes him to safety. When Daniel is later tricked to flee the Island Kenji is disgusted that his father only thinks what will happened to his reputation if anyone finds out about his actions while Kenji's friends are still on the Island. When Daniel only thinks of protecting his reputation Kenji finally confront his dad that all there is to Daniel are business and that he dont care about people and has never even cared about Kenji. When Daniel then avoids Kenji's question if Daniel ever looked for the latter after the destruction of Jurassic World Kenji understands that it means Daniel never looked for him because Kenji has never been important to Daniel and never will be. Upon seeing his friends arrive to the docks Kenji chooses to remain with them, his true family as they has always been there for him. Seeing his father flee in his airplane abandons both Kenji and his friends Kenji knows now that he and Daniel will remain arch-enemies.

Kenji later destroys the controller for Toro setting the dinosaur free now knowing everything Daniel said was just to manipulate him to think it was a good thing. When the campers are later rescued by Dave, Roxie, Brandon and Mae, Kenji is hugged by Dave. As they leave the island, Brooklyn tells Kenji that his father was arrested for his crimes, leaving Kenji without parents since his mother is dead. Back at the mainland Kenji is the only one without a family to be reunited with until Darius mother agrees to adopt him finally gives Kenji what he always wanted, a loving family. Two years later, Kenji is shown to be much the same, although more mellowed out and less arrogant. He is also shown to have close bonds with his new brothers, Darius and Brandon.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, years later Kenji has lost most of his arrogant and self-entitled attitude and has worked on bettering himself. During the years that have passed, Kenji has developed a talent for climbing, rock climbing in particular, and is trying to set up a business teaching it to others. He also fully accepts Darius' family as his own, calling Mrs. Bowman every week and berating Darius for being so distant with their mother. Kenji admits that he likes the person that he's becoming and fears that making a deal with Daniel would be like selling his soul and going backwards. Ever since the supposed death of Brooklynn, who Kenji broke up with for being so distracted and distant towards the end, Kenji has been heartbroken and angry at Darius, blaming his brother for Brooklynn's death as Darius wasn't there for Brooklynn on the night that she died and because it's implied that he wasn't there for Kenji after the breakup, having supported Brooklynn instead. After reuniting with his father, Kenji is able to stand up to him, ultimately refusing to make a deal with Daniel and compromise the person who he is becoming, only to have Daniel sacrifice himself so that Kenji can escape, proving that Daniel did truly care about his son after all. The loss of Daniel and the discovery of some of Brooklynn's secrets, as well as Darius opening up about his love for Brooklynn, bringing the brothers back together again.


Darius Bowman[]

Kenji and Darius grown up

Their relationship started off rocky due to Kenji’s arrogant nature. Kenji and Darius later became friends and always got in trouble. In season 5, Kenji betrays Darius and their friends as they refuse to trust his father but later joins them again. Darius is deeply hurt by Kenji's betrayal and reluctant to trust him again out of fear of his best friend betraying him again. Kenji is shown saving Darius from Daniel Kon and the Spinosaurus, and they later become step brothers after Daniel Kon's arrest.

Before Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, following Brookyln’s death. Kenji felt betrayed towards Darius for not being there for Brooklyn when she died and subsequently blamed him for her demise resulting in him not speaking to him for a while. When the two reunite again along with Sammy and Ben in episode 5, Kenji also showed that he was angry at Darius for being absent towards their other family as well when Darius didn’t talk to his mom for a month. He had also been upset that Brooklyn had stayed over at Darius’ place after the two had broken up.

Overtime though, the two begin to reconcile and regain their brotherly relationship as Darius starts to comfort Kenji during his father’s death and the two begin healing from their unresolved issues about Brooklyn. Kenji is shown to be still supportive of Darius even after learning of Darius’ feelings towards his ex-girlfriend and followed him at the end of season 1 along with the rest of the crew. The two are shown to consider themselves to be true brothers with Kenji confirming with Darius that they're really brothers after finding the video of Brooklynn's "death."


Kenji and Brooklynn’s first kiss

Kenji and Brooklynn got off to a bad start due to Kenji’s bad nature. As they got to know each other a little more, they became friends. In Season 4 they developed feelings for each other and they become a couple. In Season 5 when Kenji betrays his friends after have been manipulated by his father, Brooklynn felt upset that her own boyfriend would lock them in a nursery. After Kenji sides with his friends again after realizing his father only manipulated and used him, Brooklynn tells him his dad is in prison. Kenji and Brooklynn later kissed on the boat.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, it's revealed he and Brooklynn broke up because of how distracted she was with something she was investigating. After hearing about Brooklynn’s death, he grew numb and blamed Darius for her death.

During episode 5, he finds out that Brooklyn had been staying with Darius after the two broke up and felt betrayed that she had kept it from him. He was also angry and upset when he discovered Brooklynn was planning to meet up with his dad behind his back without his knowledge. However, he still cares and loves her, as he cries when mentioning her name and is willing to try and find Brooklynn along with the others.

Ben Pincus[]

Kenji originally looked down at Ben because he was a scaredy cat and a dork. Over time he began to slowly respect Ben and was very glad to find out he was still alive after being attacked by Pteradons. He genuinely liked the brave and slightly crazy version except when Ben refused to respect him as a leader. Ben was also the first camper he apologized to after betraying the group and earned Ben's forgiveness by helping him to rescue Bumpy. Overall, they have become good friends.

Yasmina Fadoula[]

Originally, Kenji believed that Yasmina was too serious and bossy, especially when she got on his case about doing hard work. However, after she applauded his efforts for making a stick house, he warmed up to her considerably. He came to rely on her for social guidance in certain situations to become a better person.

Sammy Gutierrez[]

Kenji was a bit annoyed by Sammy's upbeat and overly affectionate personality when they first met. Overtime, he became more comfortable with it. He was very emotional during the time Sammy was poisoned and felt helpless not being able to help her. Eventually, he viewed her and the others as his real family over his father.

Daniel Kon[]

According to Kenji, his father Daniel has almost never been there for him and he has always wished he was a part of his father's life.

After discovering that Daniel caught Bumpy despite promising Kenji to leave her alone, Kenji finally realizes he was wrong about everything and that his father is indeed a villain as his friends suspected and stops believing in what Daniel tells him. Kenji secretly reforms and wants to make up to his friends and help them stop Daniel, but still pretends be on his father's side until he got the chance to rejoin his fellow campers when Ben tries to free Bumpy.

Daniel prepares to flee the doomed island in a plane and tells Kenji to join him, but only thinks of what will happen if anyone finds out that he is responsible for what has happened on the Island. Kenji is disgusted by this and tells Daniel that his friends are still on the island, but Daniel only cares about protecting their name. Kenji, having had enough of his dad's cruelty and lack of care, states that all Daniel cares about are his business and that he doesn't care about other people and how he has never cared about Kenji himself. When Kenji asks Daniel if he even looked for him after the destruction of Jurassic World, Daniel won't answer and tells him to get on the plane. Kenji realizes his dad never looked for him and thereby has never cared for him, which also makes him realize everything Daniel told him since their reunion had only been manipulations, utilizations and lies to earn Kenji's trust in order to make him join Daniel's side. At the same time, Kenji also realizes that there really is no way to ever earn his father's love. Heartbroken by this, Kenji turns away from Daniel to stay with his friends who he states as his true family refusing to repeat his mistake to leave them. As Daniel leaves in the plane he and Kenji are separated as arch-enemies ending their weak bond as father and son.

When Kenji later receives the news from Brooklynn that Daniel has been arrested by the police and put in prison, he doesn't seem surprised over it, but is still hurt by Daniel's actions.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, it's revealed Kenji lives near his father. He questioned his father about Brooklynn's supposed death. Although initially trying to bargin with Kenji, when the latter plans to disown him for good, Daniel begs his son not to leave and reveals information about Brooklynn without forcing him into a deal. Atrociraptors then come and chase them down. When the raptors go after Darius and Kenji, rather than abandon his son to save himself again, Daniel sacrifices himself to save his son and is killed and eaten. Kenji cries because of this and says "Tosan" (父さん), meaning dad in Japanese.

Mae Turner[]

Like the other campers, Mae also realized Daniel Kon's true nature and tries to make Kenji realize it. When he asks her why Daniel would hire a bad guy like Hawkes, she asked him why Daniel surrounded himself with so many bad guys. Kenji still thinks his dad is just to credulous, but its not what Mae had in mind. Still, Mae realizes it's no use to persist in trying to convince Kenji that his dad is a bad guy himself as she possibly knows that Kenji would not believe her as he did not believe the other campers either.

Mae later starts making Kenji start to realize his father's true nature, as she tells him that Kenji should not need to gain money for Daniel to earn his love, which starts to make Kenji doubt his choice of side.


From the start, Kenji seems uninterested in Bumpy, owning to how he had grown tired of seeing dinosaurs over and over again. But eventually, he came to accept her as a member of the campers' group. When the campers have to abandon the monorail after realizing that they are going away from the dock, and following the apparent lose of Ben, he holds Bumpy as they prepare to jump off. Upon landing, Kenji is as clearly concerned as the others when Bumpy is nowhere to be found, much to their dismay. Nevertheless, Kenji is as visibly distraught as the rest of the campers that they have lose two of their companions, and refuse to leave without them.

When Ben and Bumpy later return in the middle of Season 2, Kenji (followed by the other campers later on) is surprised but relieved to see them alive again. Kenji would also take part in tending to Bumpy in Season 3, and would join the other campers in bidding her farewell when they leave the island and let her join her herd.

Kenji's friendship with Bumpy would later grow in Season 5, when he returns to Isla Nublar with Daniel to find some dinosaurs for Dodgson and Biosyn. Upon crossing an Ankylosaurus herd, Kenji is glad to see Bumpy again, and even let Mae meet her for the first time. But when Daniel ordered Hawkes to tranquilize her, Kenji is shocked at what his father is going to do; but nonetheless, he would be the first person to defend her, as he begged his father to leave her alone because of her longtime friendship with Ben. Even Mae defended Kenji's decision by citing Bumpy's asymmetry to persuade Daniel to find a "less wonky" Ankylosaurus for Dodgson. This decision did save Bumpy from Daniel's cruelty. However, he would later go against his son's wish and not only capture her, but also implant the control chip in her head. Once Kenji discovers this, he is not only horrified that Daniel broke his promise, but he also realized that his friends are right about his father being a bad guy, and would dedicate the remainder of the season finding a way to free Bumpy, with the included help from Ben. This action would be Daniel's undoing, as by breaking Kenji's promise to leave Bumpy alone not only makes Kenji reside with the campers, but also made him realize that his father does not care about him at all, or even respect his wishes. And as a result of Kenji's role in saving Bumpy, Ben would be the first camper to forgive and reconcile with him.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, when the five remaining members of the Nublar Six found her in a supposedly dying state, Kenji is greatly distraught by the possibility of losing Bumpy as well, owing to having already lose Daniel to the Atrociraptors on the command of their handler and Brooklynn to an Allosaurus; but he is later relieved when it turns out that Bumpy is actually pregnant and having trouble laying her egg. Ben even let him hold her egg, where he adorably commented that the egg has speckles.

Mrs. Bowman[]

Following the return of the Nublar Six, Mrs. Bowman adopted Kenji and treated him like her own son. Even after moving out, Kenji remains close with her, calling Mrs. Bowman every week and berating Darius for ignoring their mother for over a month.

Skills & Talents[]

Having been to Jurassic World numerous times, Kenji knows the layout of the park like the back of his hand. In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, he has become a professional rock climber and ran a business teaching it to other people.


Kenji wears a blue long-sleeve shirt and beige shorts, alongside a watch on his left hand, and red and white sneakers with white laces. In Safe Harbor, Kenji was seen wearing gray swimming shorts. In season five, while working with his father and betraying his friends, Kenji changes into more formal clothing. Kenji, later, before rejoining his friends when he realized his dad's true colors, changes back into his old clothes, claiming that it's because they're more comfortable.

When he first appeared while exiting his private helicopter, Kenji was shown wearing sunglasses, a pink polo shirt and brown flip flop sandals.


  • Kenji's given name and Asian heritage indicates that he is of Japanese or partial Japanese descent. This is later confirmed in Halfway Home where Kenji also reveals that he doesn't speak Japanese. Daniel Kon complains that with all of the tutors he had hired for Kenji, Kenji refuses to take pride in their language, but Kenji tells him that he is proud of his heritage and language, he just never had a father around to speak it with.
  • His interaction with the Compsognathus in End of the Line is a reference to Dieter Stark's interaction with the same dinosaur from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Both use an electric prod on the dinosaur and both get attacked. The difference is Kenji doesn't interact with them that much later on, while Dieter is later attacked and killed by them later in the movie.
  • As originally conceived, Kenji was originally going to be a short, thin boy with glasses named Xi, with a look and personality more akin to Ben Pincus while Ben himself was the older, more athletic and confident boy. In the final version of the show, he and Ben swapped roles. Xi was renamed Kenji and was now the older, confident boy, whilst Ben became the smaller, more nervous one.
  • Kenji serves as an example as to (partially) why the Indominus rex was created in the first place, as he lost interest in dinosaurs due to having seen them thousands of times, similar to how Claire Dearing mentioned that people began losing interest in the dinosaurs due to adjusting to them like a ‘petting zoo’.
  • In season 3, Kenji starts growing facial hair. He started growing a beard and a faint mustache while still stranded on Isla Nublar proving that he doesn't have any proper tools to shave them. He eventually shaved it in season 5.
  • Kenji has indirectly put the campers in danger multiple times such as leading Darius to the wrong side of the Carnotaurus Paddock, getting them in danger by leaving camp and get attacked by the Indominus rex, indirectly releasing E750 resulting in it hunting them down and throwing coins at the Compsognathus to shoo them away which backfires that resulted in his group's compass getting stolen by one of them. He also throws a coin at Blue as Darius is attempting to earn her trust, enraging the Velociraptor once more.
    • This makes Kenji similar to Sarah Harding who repeatedly endangers the protagonists without doing it on purpose.
    • In Hidden Adventure, he can get Darius killed twice, first by listening to him and choosing to run rather than hide (leading to Chaos and Limbo eating Darius) and then choosing to flee rather wash off the smell, leading to the Tarbosaurus killing the protagonists.
  • Kenji is similar to Zach Mitchell, as both are similar in age, and initially do not show an appreciation to dinosaurs and Jurassic World.
    • Unlike Zach who showed no appreciation prior to coming to Jurassic World and experiencing the incident, Kenji may have shown an interest in the past. Kenji claimed that he had been to Jurassic World many times and that there was nothing left for him, which could indicate that he used to be interested but lost that interest due to seeing them many times, while Zach is is presumed to have had no interest or experience with dinosaurs prior to arriving on Jurassic World.
  • Kenji was first hinted to have a crush on Brooklynn when he briefly flirted with her in the beginning of season 1, which obviously faded after the Raptor Paddock incident, but he still shows signs or retaining such feelings for her. This was later confirmed in season 4.
  • As he seems to have a new outfit in season 5 makes Kenji the first of the campers to change outfits since the first episode in season 1. However, this outfit change doesn't last long before Kenji changes back into his original clothes which symbolizes his allegiance to his friends rather than his father.
  • Despite being at his father's side for most of the fifth season, he never uses the mind-controlled Toro to do evil things, unlike his father.
  • Kenji is the first character in the franchise to become the archenemy of his own parent which is kind of ironically since Kenji during his entire life had tried to make his father proud of him and had a strong wish to have a true relationship with him only to find out he never had meant anything for Daniel and never would.
  • In the flash-forward in the series finale, Kenji wears his hair flat instead of sticking straight up as he did during the series. He keeps his hair flat throughout the events of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory as well.
  • As Kenji was adopted into Darius's family, it is seen that his mother Mrs. Bowman made a new room for Kenji, but it is not shown in the ending. It is also possible that he now calls himself "Kenji Bowman."
  • Kenji is the second adopted child in the Jurassic franchise, the first one being Maisie Lockwood.


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