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Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar is a CG-animated television series that acts as a prequel to the 2015 film Jurassic World. The show is a direct followup to the CG animated special, LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit, and a loose prequel to the Jurassic World films as a whole.

The series began airing in Canada on Family Channel on July 6, 2019 and aired in the United States on Nickelodeon. An additional two part special aired in August, 2020 on Nickelodeon.


The series takes place at Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme park on the island of Isla Nublar. Velociraptor handler Owen Grady and the park's operations manager Claire Dearing work to keep Jurassic World from falling into ruin unaware that Dennis Nedry's nephew Danny Nedermeyer has a secret agenda to ruin it.





Season 1[]

Number Summary Episode title Airdate
1 June 7, 2012: When influential theme park critic Larson Mitchell visits Jurassic World, park owner Simon Masrani and assistant manager Claire Dearing are eager to impress him. Claire recruits the park's raptor trainer, Owen Grady, to help give Mitchell a guided tour, keeping him away from areas of the park that are undergoing maintenance. Disgruntled park employee Danny Nedermeyer, the nephew of Dennis Nedry, tries to disrupt Mitchell's visit in a covert attempt to bring down Jurassic World. Mitchell, annoyed by Claire and Owen, sneaks off for a self-guided tour. While travelling over the Tyrannosaurus enclosure, Danny secretly sabotages Mitchell's gondola ride and puts him at danger of being consumed by the dinosaur. Owen and Claire find Mitchell, and Owen uses his animal behavioral skills to dissuade the Tyrannosaurus from harming them. Although Mitchell is upset by his experience, he believes that Masrani has the right people to get the park under control. Danny intends to continue his secret efforts to bring down Jurassic World, in honor of his uncle. Geneticist Dr. Allison Miles is annoyed by fellow scientist Dr. Henry Wu and is tired of taking orders from him, so Danny tries convincing her to become his accomplice. Simultaneously, Danny has recruited adventurer Sinjin Prescott to search for the lost treasure of Captain No Beard on Isla Nublar. Mission: Critical! September 14, 2019
2 June 11, 2012: When Masrani and Claire get stranded in the jungle during a storm, Vic and his security team head out to find them. When the security team gets lost in the jungle, Owen sets out to find Masrani and Claire on his own. Masrani and Claire take shelter in an old trailer that belonged to Dennis Nedry, who had been searching for the island's treasure years earlier. Hoping to impress Masrani and earn a promotion, Claire leaves the trailer and tries to obtain a cell phone signal to call for help. Meanwhile, Sinjin continues his search for the island's treasure, which Danny will use to fund the creation of new dinosaurs for his own theme park. Sinjin discovers that a missing piece of the treasure map is in the trailer. However, the map piece flies out of the trailer when Masrani opens the door, and it lands in a mud puddle, where it disintegrates. A Sinoceratops stampede heads toward the trailer as Owen finds Claire, and they manage to use their Jeep to tow the trailer out of harm's way, saving Masrani. Stampede! September 21, 2019
3 June 13, 2012: Owen moves into Dennis Nedry's old trailer and removes its contents, including old Jurassic Park memorabilia. Among the contents is a VHS tape that Nedry made; Sinjin and Danny believe it will lead them to the treasure. However, before Sinjin can retrieve the tape, Masrani decides to put the contents on display in a new exhibit about Jurassic Park. Danny volunteers to work with Claire on setting up the exhibit, hoping to obtain the tape. However, it is ultimately sealed in a secure glass case for the exhibit. Meanwhile. Dr. Wu creates a Tyrannosaurus/Ankylosaurus hybrid dinosaur as a new theme park attraction for Masrani. Because Masrani wants the dinosaur ready later that day, Wu speeds up the creature's growth. When the full-grown dinosaur escapes, Owen and Claire work to contain it. Owen deduces that the dinosaur is simply scared, as it still has the brain of a juvenile despite its full-grown body. Eager to utilize his security team, Vic proceeds with efforts to stop the dinosaur, but fails. Owen and Claire contain the dinosaur and relocate it to the island's northern sector, where other hybrid dinosaurs have been sent to live. The Hybrid Horror! September 28, 2019
4 June 16, 2012: A Stygimoloch from the park's dinosaur carousel escapes and runs wild through the park as it closes for the day. Hudson Harper, a boy staying at the park, reports the escaped Stygimoloch and it is later captured. Although the Pteranodon aviary is closed, Hudson convinces a park employee to let him inside. However, Hudson is snatched by a Pteranodon which intends to feed him to its babies. Owen convinces the Stygimoloch to accept him as its alpha, and he uses the animal as part of a rescue mission to save Hudson, after Vic and his security team fail to do so. Meanwhile, Danny and Sinjin plan to sneak through the visitor center's air ducts to steal the VHS tape, but they need an executive key card to access the ducts. Danny has Allison steal Dr. Wu's key card in exchange for a position as chief scientist at Danny's planned theme park. Danny and Sinjin wind up triggering the security alarm during their theft. Claire finds Sinjin with the tape and pursues him. When Sinjin tosses the tape into a dinosaur enclosure, Claire goes to retrieve it, giving him the chance to escape. Claire intends to find out what is on the tape that made it important enough to steal. Pteranodon't! October 5, 2019
5 June 29, 2012: Dr. Ian Malcolm returns to Isla Nublar to give a lecture and promote his new book. Masrani makes poor modifications to the park's power plant to handle the extra tourists who will be visiting the island to see Malcolm. Subsequent power surges cause issues at the park while Owen and Claire are giving Malcolm a tour. Later, they accompany Malcolm on a monorail to the amphitheater where he will give his lecture. Hudson, a fan of Malcolm, also joins them. Owen becomes jealous as Claire seems to become infatuated with Malcolm. Because of a power surge, the monorail speeds out of control, but Malcolm rips out several wires which halt the monorail. At the power plant, Owen uses his raptors to bypass electrical hazards and reach a control panel to resolve the power issue. Claire reveals to Owen that she had only been complimenting Malcolm earlier in order to boost his ego ahead of his lecture. She also tells Hudson that Owen saved the park, prompting Hudson to admire him and convince his parents to extend their stay at Jurassic World. Meanwhile, unable to obtain the VHS tape, Danny instead hypnotizes Sinjin to help him remember footage of the tape that he had briefly viewed when Masrani previously played the tape in Dennis Nedry's trailer. However, Sinjin is unable to recall the footage. The Power and the Peril! October 12, 2019
6 July 2, 2012: Masrani has a juvenile Dilophosaurus put on display inside Jurassic World's hotel, but it escapes and roams the building. Vic wants his security team to be taken seriously, so he puts them through training to prepare for any emergency. However, Claire wants to keep the escaped Dilophosaurus a secret from Vic, afraid that his team would damage the hotel in their search for the dinosaur. Claire reluctantly agrees to let Owen use his raptors to find the Dilophosaurus, and Vic and his team search the hotel as well upon learning of the situation. Owen, with help from the raptors and his dog Red, is able to apprehend the Dilophosaurus and relocate it. Spit Take! January 5, 2020
7 July 5, 2012: A Baryonyx and Carnotaurus escape containment and flee into the jungle. Owen enlists Red and Blue to track the Carnotaurus, but he needs a vehicle to proceed with the hunt. Vic's security team believes that he does not get along with Owen, so he makes an attempt to bond with Owen by inviting him to go fishing. Owen accepts Vic's offer, but only so he can take control of Vic's vehicle. Claire is overwhelmed by paperwork, and Danny decides to help her, hoping to rush her home so he can retrieve Dennis Nedry's VHS tape from her office. Meanwhile, Sinjin goes to the abandoned Jurassic Park visitor center to look for a VCR in order to play the tape. Owen and Vic encounter Sinjin, who claims to be looking for his lost golf ball after playing at the park's golf course. The Baryonyx and Carnotaurus find each other at the visitor center and battle one another. Vic uses a weapon to shock the dinosaurs into unconsciousness, allowing them to be apprehended. Sinjin sneaks away with a VCR, and Danny retrieves the tape after Claire goes home for the night. A Fish Story! January 12, 2020
8 July 8, 2012: Dr. Alan Grant returns to Isla Nublar to speak at the grand opening of a new Jurassic World pavilion named after him, in exchange for research funding. Masrani has Grant stay at the island in hopes of having him endorse the park, which would increase attendance. Masrani plans to take Grant on a helicopter tour of the island, so Danny sabotages the helicopter in hopes of preventing an endorsement from Grant. Owen looks up to Grant as a hero, and he accompanies Grant and Masrani on the tour. After the helicopter crashes in the jungle, Owen helps lead the others as they face a storm. The three men are swept away by strong winds and fall into a lagoon inhabited by the park's Mosasaurus. Claire finds the men and rescues them with help from Red and the raptors. Grant decides to endorse the park, thinking of the earlier events as freak accidents. Blown Away! January 19, 2020
9 July 10, 2012: Masrani is having timeshare villas constructed on Isla Nublar, but a mysterious construction incident occurs one night, leading the crew to believe that a ghost was responsible. Owen is babysitting Hudson, and they accompany Claire to the construction site to investigate. They eventually discover that a baby dinosaur was responsible for the incident. The dinosaur is a failed hybrid experiment, and it had escaped from an area of the island reserved for such dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Dr. Wu is having difficulty perfecting the DNA that is needed to create a successful hybrid dinosaur. Dr. Wu is unwilling to believe that he is in error, thinking that the issue lies with his computer. Allison perfects the DNA, but Dr. Wu has contacted a technical support employee who shuts off the computer, erasing Allison's progress. Fed up with Dr. Wu, she informs Danny that she has decided to join him as the geneticist for his future dinosaur park. Danny and Sinjin watch Dennis Nedry's VHS tape to learn the location of the treasure. Haunted and Hunted! January 26, 2020
10 July 14, 2012: Masrani wants his employees to perform a series of extreme stunts around the park, but Owen and Claire believe the employees are not properly trained. Danny injects the dinosaurs' water supply with a new Jurassic World energy drink, causing them to become aggressive. When Hudson overhears Danny's plan to bring down Jurassic World, Danny kidnaps him. Owen quits his job when Masrani wants him to become one of the stunt people, but Claire convinces him to return to help deal with the dinosaur situation. Owen and Claire tranquilize the dinosaurs, and Masrani reconciles with Owen. Allison steals dinosaur cloning files before joining Danny and Sinjin as they head out to search for the treasure with a very large crate. To the Extreme! February 2, 2020
11 July 15, 2012: Claire becomes concerned when Dr. Wu informs her that Allison has not returned from her lunch break. Owen, Claire and the raptors go into the jungle to search for Allison. Owen is exposed to poison from a prehistoric flower, which is capable of causing several symptoms and eventually death. One symptom is truth-telling, and Owen is embarrassed when he reveals to Claire that he loves her. Claire locates an old medical station and acquires antidote to stop the poison, but an escaped Allosaurus finds them. The raptors scare the Allosaurus away, but Owen now believes he is a dinosaur, another symptom of the poison. Claire treats Owen with the antidote, and he is unable to recall the recent events, including his disclosure that he loves Claire. Although she feels the same way about him, she does not tell him that he said such a thing to her. Meanwhile, Allison is upset to learn that Danny intends to destroy Jurassic World as part of his quest to open his own dinosaur park. Allison and Hudson attempt an escape, but Hudson is apprehended. Allison finds Owen and Claire, and informs them of Danny's plan. Elsewhere, Masrani is bored and decides to become Dr. Wu's temporary assistant while Allison is not around. However, Masrani is unable to do anything right, and Dr. Wu eventually fires him. Symptoms! February 16, 2020
12 July 15, 2012: Allison helps lead Owen and Claire to Danny and the others, who are inside the island's volcano looking for the treasure. Inside the crate is a dinosaur mech suit which Danny uses to search for the treasure. Danny has also hacked into the control room computers and initiated a shutdown of the electrified fences, allowing the dinosaurs to escape their enclosures. Masrani and Dr. Wu evacuate the park guests to a bunker, and Hudson is able to contact Vic for help. Vic uses a drone vehicle to get to the volcano, where he, Allison, Owen, and Claire find Danny and the others as they locate the treasure. However, the previously escaped Allosaurus finds them and wants to battle Danny's mech suit, thinking it is another dinosaur. Under the Volcano! February 23, 2020
13 July 15, 2012: In the park, Masrani and Dr. Wu try to distract the dinosaurs to prevent them from causing damage to the buildings. Vic and Hudson use the drone to return to the safety of the park, but they discover that the dinosaurs are on the loose. Vic emits a tranquilizer mist from the drone to put the animals to sleep, although he runs out of mist before he can use it on the T. rex. Hudson decides they can lure the T. rex to the volcano to help the Allosaurus fight Danny's mech suit. The dinosaurs are stopped in the ensuing battle, but Danny and Sinjin become defeated anyways. They are picked up by Danny's mother, Dianne, who is upset that he has failed to bring back the treasure. Claire decides the treasure will be put on display in a new park exhibit about the history of Isla Nublar. Vic is tasked with carrying the treasure chest back to the park with his drone, although he runs into a Pteranodon and accidentally drops the chest into the volcano. Wu urges Masrani not to punish Allison for her betrayal, and Masrani promotes her to the position of associate chief scientist while she and Wu reconcile and make up for their earlier quarrels. The Monsters and the Mech! March 1, 2020
SP1 Sedrick Masrani, Simon Masrani's brother, takes over Jurassic World due to Simon's many insane ideas to make the Park a lot more fun and interesting for the guests. Double Trouble Part 1 August 23, 2020
SP2 Sedrick Masrani, Simon Masrani's brother, takes over Jurassic World due to Simon's many insane ideas to make the Park a lot more fun and interesting for the guests. Double Trouble Part 2 August 30, 2020


In Australia, the series debuted on 9Go! on August 15, 2019. In the United States, Nickelodeon picked up the series and began airing it on September 14, with the first episode made available on video-on-demand platforms beginning August 25, 2019. ITV in the United Kingdom premiered the series as part of their CITV block on September 7, 2019.



  • This is the first TV series for the Jurassic Park franchise as a whole and the first animated series which made it to syndication.
  • The miniseries is loosely canon (if at all) to the wider Jurassic Park series. Most prominent is the featuring of characters Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant visiting Jurassic World ahead of their official returns.
  • Despite taking place 3 years before the events of Jurassic World, the miniseries features character and dinosaur designs modeled from designs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
  • The adult Allosaurus which features at the tailend of the series is modeled after the dinosaur's appearance in the canonical short film Battle at Big Rock.
  • The appearance of a dinosaur robot that Danny Nedermeyer pilots may be a reference to the animatronic dinosaurs built by Stan Winston Studios that originally portrayed the dinosaurs on screen in the first three Jurassic Park films.
  • The two part special "Double Trouble" which sees a robotic AI operating Jurassic World and later attempting to eliminate all humans may be a loose reference to Westworld, a film directed by series creator Michael Crichton which is also about a theme park in which it's controlling AI also goes awry.