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LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exibit is a CG animated two part special based on the Jurassic World LEGO toylines and loosely upon the Jurassic World franchise.

The special serves as the pilot to the 13 episode LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar miniseries. It also serves as a loose prequel to the Jurassic World films and a loose sequel to the original Jurassic Park.

The Secret Exhibit aired first on NBC in the United States on November 29, 2018. It was later released on DVD as a 43 minute film on January 15, 2019.


Part 1

The film starts in the Jurassic World Labs on May 23, 2012, just after breakfast. Henry Wu was talking about the things with hybrid dinosaurs, but Simon Masrani declared them "boring". Masrani explains Jurassic World is exciting because people would want something new and unexpected. Masrani wants Dr. Wu to support his ideas but is then interrupted by Claire Dearing. Claire explains their is a slight problem that she's sure that will be fine. But Masrani was having fun with the seat. Claire then mentions that the cargo helicopter bringing in dinosaurs from Isla Sorna is late. Masrani gets shocked and explains the three dinosaurs are for the park's new surprise exhibit. Dr. Wu wasn't aware of a new exhibit, but Masrani tells him it's because it's a secret surprise, and the greatest idea he ever came up with out side of investigating Jurassic World and as well says that the three dinosaurs are to insure that Jurassic World is at the four front of Theme Park entertainment for the next century. Claire suggests they should postbone but Masrani asks her did John Hammond, the visonary of the original Jurassic Park postbone putting dinosaurs in Isla Nublar. Claire knows he didn't but also knows that park didn't turn out that well. Masrani explains to Claire it's his job to make Jurassic World a reality, and it will be the greatest achievement of science. He then asks Claire if she's a no can do, because if she can't the dinosaurs across the Pacific Ocean and into their exhibit, then maybe she's not cut out being the assitant manager of park operation. Claire tells him she's got everything with no problum. She just wanted to keep Masrani prised up at the situation. Claire then leaves the lab as Masrani says that's called leader ship. Masrani then gets excitied and jumps into the wheeled seat and rolls into another room where he gets attacked by a baby Tyrannosaurus rex.

On an elevator, Claire calls the helicopter delivering the dinosaurs. She then gets a call from someone on the helicopter. Claire talks to the man on the helicopter but he asks Claire if he could call her back later because he doesn't have time to talk of a situation. Claire asks what kind of situation, and the man explains the bad kind. On the helicopter, the man on the other side of the phone turns out to be Owen Grady who is with his dog Red on the helicopter while it's flying in a fearsome storm. The helicopter was carrying the three dinosaurs for Masrani's secret new exhibit, a Carnotaurus, a Stygimoloch and a Baryonyx. The pilot of the helicopter hopes the safety restraints on the cage hold, because of the storm is rough. Owen also tells Red to keep an eye on some Velociraptor eggs. Claire calls back and asks Owen whats going on. Owen introduces himself to Claire through the phone and explains he's the man who she hired to bring in the dinosaurs from Isla Sorna, but he didn't realize it was going to be through a freak storm. Claire then tells Owen to get the dinosaurs to the island or else the money he's so concerned with won't be payed to him at all. Suddenly, one of the safety restraints falls off. Claire hears the pilot blurt out they're failing and wonders what the pilot said, but Owen tells her to not worry and throws the phone out of the helicopter and into the ocean. The pilot explains to Owen the storm weakened the safety restraints and the cage cold break off from the helicopter and fall into the ocean with the dinosaurs in it. Owen however decides to save the day. Owen finds and opens a box and finds a hook and attaches it to a cable, just as the second restraint falls off. Owen quickly jumps out of the helicopter and swings down to the cage on the cable. He first swings down to the Carnotaurus, then climbs up to the top of the cage and attaches the hook to an attachment. However, all the safety restraints then break off and fall from the helicopter and the dinosaur cage falls and Owen falls too. Owen then grabs the cable and slides down onto the cage. The Carnotaurus and the Baryonyx then try to eat him, but Owen keeps jumping to avoid their mouths. Owen then falls and grabs the side of the cage and says a nervoius hello to the dinosaurs in the cage. The Stygimoloch and the Carnotaurus then bash the side of the cage while Owen held onto the bars almost opening it, but they couldn't get to him due to the tiny arms. Owen then calms the dinosaurs down and explains he's on their cage so they don't go for a swim in the ocean. Owen then closes the cage door and climbs back up to the helicopter, but in another flash of lightning, the helicopter loses control again and a box tumbles over and opens and four raptor eggs falls out. Owen manages to catch the eggs, but the cage then opens and Owen nearly falls into the ocean, but the Carnotaurus catches him and throws him and the eggs back up onto the top of the cage. Owen then takes back everything he said about the Carnotaurus' tiny arms, Owen then thanks the dinosaurs for helping him as the helicopter arrives on Isla Nublar.

Back in the labs, a scientist named Allison Miles was showing Dr. Wu how they can develop genes with new properties. She then asks Masrani what he thinks, but Masrani gets excited that the dinosaurs for the new secret exhibit are in. Dr. Wu presumes this ain’t good as Masrani hasn’t heard a word, and believes they’re finished if he doesn’t like their ideas. While having a conversation Allison asks, “What does he want us to do, bake cookies?”. This causes Masrani to hear Allison and ask her what she said. Allison tries to convince Masrani she didn’t say anything, but Masrani knows she said something about cookies. This causes Masrani to get an idea, “Dinosaur Sweet Treats”. Masrani thought it was perfect for his new secret exhibit. Dr. Wu tries to explain that they’re scientists, but Allison says they can make ten thousand cookies, which Masrani gets excited about.

At the dock, the helicopter arrives with the Carnotaurus, Stygimoloch and Baryonyx in the cage. Owen climbs down from the cage telling the ACU Soldiers the dinosaurs they ordered have arrived. Owen whistles to the three dinosaurs and tells them it’s time for a field trip. Owen tells them to jump into a truck and they will be at their destination faster then they can say “Micropachycephalosaurus”. Owen then opens the cage when Red suddenly starts barking. Owen notices the raptor eggs were hatching. One of the eggs hatches and a baby Velociraptor with a blue stripe on her comes out. Owen says hi to the little raptor and feeds her a piece of beef jerky. The other three eggs then hatch too and three more baby raptors come out. Owen and Red were impressed to see the whole family together. The four raptor babies come up to Owen but they then run off when Vic Hoskins shows up from behind him telling him he has a real way with those dinosaurs. Owen introduces himself to Hoskins and Hoskins sees the three dinosaurs that were brought in from Isla Sorna. Hoskins then explains the animals are meant to be dominated and it’s important they know who’s boss, and once they do they’ll follow people around like puppies. This reminds Hoskins that there were supposed to be some raptor eggs on the helicopter and asks Owen where have they gone. Owen whistles and the four baby raptors show up from behind a box. Owen tells Hoskins he’d take it easy, but Hoskins tells Owen to step out of the way and show him how it’s done. Hoskins tells the raptors to come to him but they refuse to. Owen leaves Hoskins as the raptors start to attack him. Owen then whistles to them again and tells the raptors to get into the cage and have some beef jerky. The raptors then leave Hoskins alone and Owen gives the raptor with the blue stripe a piece of beef jerky and they go into a cage and start fighting over the beef jerky piece. Hoskins then gets up asking what happened, and Owen then asks him to point him to Claire Dearing as he needs to get his pay check. Owen walks up to a truck and sees Claire. As soon as he sees her, he puts a wide look one his face seeing how beautiful she is and says “Wow.”. Claire asks him his name is wow, but Owen tells her it’s not and introduces himself to her and he just delivered the dinosaurs to the island. Claire was glad to hear they arrived, and Owen says he’d love to stay and chat, but he has to get back to Costa Rica for a party just as soon as she gives him his pay check. But Claire tells Owen he’ll get payed as soon as the job is done. Owen wonders what Claire meant as the dinosaurs were already delivered and he has just been thorough a rough storm and he and the pilot deserve some danger pay bonus. Claire then tells Owen the dinosaurs must be delivered to their exhibit which is on the other side of Isla Nublar, so if he wants his money he’ll need to get a move on and seriously. Claire then tells Owen he can follow her in the truck and she has to make a quick stop at Gyrosphere Valley, but they might make it to the exhibit before night fall if they hurry. Owen was disgusted saying this is why you’ll always get payed up front. He and Red then head off to the truck to follow CLaire in.

At the Raptor Enclosure, Hoskins was trying to get the baby raptors to follow is orders. He as well named them too, Charlie, Delta and Echo, but hasen’t named the raptor with the blue stripe yet, must to her disgust. Hoskins tries to train the raptors, but they wouldn’t follow his orders. Hoskins runs out of the enclosure and and closes the doors realizing he’s going to have to stabliss some more dominus.

Meanwhile at Gyrosphere Valley, the trucks arrive with a Gyrosphere and the dinosaurs for Masrani’s exhibit. Claire announces through a megaphone to all the people that they will soon load up the Gyrosphere. Owen tells Red they never meet her before, but Claire then asks Owen what did he say, and he tells her they seem happy to see her, but Claire tells Owen and Red it’s not her they’re happy to see but the Gyrosphere she brought. Meanwhile, a little boy and his mother arrive. The boy was wanting to ride the Gyrosphere, and his mom tells him to be patient. But he won’t be patient and let’s go of his mom’s hand and runs to the Gyrosphere on the truck. Owen sees the boy running to the Gyrosphere while Claire was explaining to the people the park was all John Hammond’s dream. While the Soldiers weren’t looking and the little boy’s mom wasn’t noticing, the little boy climbs into the Gyrosphere. Owen and Red were the only ones noticing and the boy activates the Gyrosphere just when Owen tries to tell him he doesn’t think he should be doing that. But the boy drives the Gyrosphere off the truck and drives and bounces it around. The Gyrosphere with the boy in it then bounces right into Gyrosphere Valley and the boy was starting to have the time of his life. Since Claire didn’t notice but Owen and Red did, they quickly rush to a small Jeep. Owen then quickly drives the Jeep into the valley. Claire then turns around and sees Owen not there and says, “Talk about rude.”. On the valley, Owen drives the Jeep after the Gyrosphere with the boy in it, while Claire decides to deliver the dinosaurs herself, she gets into the truck and drives off to deliver the dinosaurs the the exhibit. Owen tries to get closer to the Gyrosphere, but sees a bunch of Apatosaurus up ahead. The Gyrosphere then hits bounces off each one like a pinball while Owen keeps driving after it. The Gyrosphere and the Jeep then enter a heard of Triceratops, but the boy was having so much fun in the Gyrosphere. The Gyrosphere then bounces off a rock and starts to crack, Owen notices it and starts to drive the Jeep through the Triceratops heard. Owen then orders Red to rangle the Triceratops, so Red jumps off the Jeep and growls at them as they charged toward him. Red runs toward the charging Triceratops and they see Red barking and they stop. Red then barks at the Triceratops and makes then turns around, but when Red growls again, the last Triceratops hits the Gyrosphere with its tail causing it to bounce into a forest with the boy still in it. Owen then grabs Red putting him back in the Jeep and continue driving after the boy. While still chasing after him, Owen hits a few branches while driving, and Red catches one in his mouth. Just then, a piece of the Gyrosphere comes off and almost hits Owen but he manages to avoid it. Owen manages to get catch up to the boy in the Gyrosphere and tries to reach for him, but then Owen notices he and the boy are heading towards a cliff.

Back at the Raptor Enclosure, Hoskins disgusted with the baby raptors has them locked up telling them they will stay locked up until they follow his orders, when he suddenly gets a call on his walkie-talkie. He hears they might have a problem in Gyrosphere Valley, which impresses Hoskins as he finally gets some action. The raptors then notice a helicopter fly by and find a tree. The raptors then have an idea, Clarlie, Delta and Echo grab the tree’s leaf while a raptor with the blue stripe jumped onto the trunk. After pulling the tree down, they let go of the leaf and made the tree launch the blue striped raptor into the air and onto one of the bridges and climbs down a stairway out of the enclosure. The blue striped raptor then goes into the forest.

At the cliff, the Gyrosphere with the boy in it and the Jeep driving by Owen were getting closer to it. Owen tells Red to take the wheel and jumps off the Jeep and into the Gyrosphere. Red then jumps off the Jeep as Owen was running on top of the Gyrosphere as it was moving. On the count to three, Owen jumps into the Gyrosphere and throws the boy out of it. Red then catches him as they land on the ground. The boy gets disgusted as Owen threw him out of the Gyrosphere saying he wasn’t done yet and wants to tell his mother, but says your welcome to him. Owen then looks forward and sees the cliff and the Gyrosphere goes over it. As the Gyrosphere falls with Owen in it, it then gets caught onto a branch. Owen quickly climbs out of the Gyrosphere and grabs onto the branch as the Gyrosphere falls and breaks into pieces when it hits the ground bellow. Owen starts to hang from the branch. Owen calls out hello, hoping to be saved. Nearby, the blue striped raptor was chasing a butterfly, when she heard Owen’s calls. Owen sees the top of the cliff isn’t far, but then feels the ground tremoring. He looks down and sees a T-Rex come out of the forest. The T-Rex then jumps up and tries to eat Owen. Just then, the raptor with the blue stripe shows up and sees Owen hanging from the branch. Owen was glad to see her as the T. rex keeps trying to eat him. Owen asks the raptor if she could give him a hand, when the butterfly she was chasing lands on the branch. The raptor then leaves and Owen believes dinosaurs don’t understand English, and now believes he’s going to fall and land in the T. rexs mouth and never collect his pay check. But just then, Owen sees a vine get lowered down to him. The branch breaks off and Owen falls but grabs the vine just in time, just as the pieces of the branch land into the T. rexs mouth jamming it open. But the T-Rex manages to break the branch pieces and roar at Owen, but the raptor pulls Owen back up to the top of the cliff before the T. rex could eat him. Owen was impressed that the baby raptor understood him and tells her to come to him. The raptor gets on top of Owen having fun. Just then Red comes out of some bushes and sees the baby raptor and barks at her scaring her away. Owen explains to Red that the raptor just saved his life when a helicopter arrives.

After the helicopter lands, Hoskins comes out. Hoskins asks what does he need to zap, but Owen explains he doens’t have anything to zap, but explains about the boy that took the Gyrosphere for a joy ride but beyond that it’s handled. Hoskins gets disgusted since he really wanted to zap something, and Owen and Red board the helicopter with him. The helicopter takes off leaving the ACU Soldier that was on it behind and Hoskins asks Owen if he ever thought about coming on board full time to use some dinosaur training abilities. Owen wasn’t sure, as he was only on the island for half an hour and fallen out of a helicopter, had dinosaurs try to eat him and then thrown off a cliff. Owen then looks down and notices Claire took the truck with the dinosaurs for Masrani’s exhibit, which means he’s now out of a pay check. Owen then explains he needs something great to keep him on the island, and right now he just doesn’t see it. But Hoskins then tells him you never know, as Jurassic World could be his destiny. As the helicopter with Owen, Red and Hoskins in it flies over the valley, the blue striped raptor watches them from below.

Part 2

In the security room, just after dinner, Masrani was playing with toy dinosaurs, when his stomach started growling. Masrani laughs and suggests it might be the dino’s stomach growling and it’s time for dinner. Masrani calls out to Claire, but there’s no answer. Masrani knew Claire would usually have his sandwich ready by now and calls her. In the truck, Claire answers the phone and Masrani asks her where she is, as he’s waiting for his crustless sandwich. Claire tells Masrani she is just delivering the dinosaurs he wanted for his secret exhibit. Masrani then remembers about it and asks Claire if she’s at the exhibit now. Claire however lies to Masrani that she’s almost there and thinks she sees it now, and Masrani tells her well done and asks her to make him a crustless sandwich when she gets back. Claire tells him sure which excites him and tells her he wants to open the exhibit tonight and to call him as soon as she gets there. Masrani then hangs up on Claire, as Claire knows she’s completely lost since she really drove the truck up to the edge of a cliff.

Meanwhile, a man named Danny Nedermeyer comes into the security room and feels amazed by it, as he could see the entire park from there. Danny comes up to Masrani still playing with the toy dinosaurs and says hi to him, causing him to get startled. Danny apollogizes and introduces himself as the new ID Tech. Masrani is glad they called him in, as he has an important job that only a ID guy can do. Masrani asks Danny what he thinks is a better password, Dinodude, or Billionaire. Danny suggests Dinodude, and Masrani suggests it perfect as that would he could do. Masrani types in and sets the new password, he also explains there’s a problem with the copier as it kept printing out papers automaticly, and he has no clue why. Danny was about to tell Masrani he’s a bit qualified, but Masrani excitedly tells him he could have it done before he gets back. Masrani then tells everyone in the room Dr. Wu is making cookies. Everyone gets excited and follows Masrani out of the room. Danny then gets onto the computer saying he’ll fix more then a copier. Danny then types in Dinodude and screens from many cameras all around the park appear on the big screen. Danny then sees it’s feeding time at the aviary and evilly asks what can go wrong.

Inside the aviary, a keeper was feeding the Pterandons chicken legs, extra non-crispy, just the way they like it. The Pteranodons start eating the chicken legs in the wheel barrel. As Danny watches the Pteranodons eating, he pushes a button. An alarm starts ringing and the top of the aviary starts to open. One of the Pteranodons sees the top open and the keeper gets worried and tries to distract the Pteranodon. But the Pteranodon then flies upwards towards the opening top. The keeper quickly runs towards two buttons and pushes the red button to close it again. The keeper keeps pushing the button to try to close the top again, but it’s too late, the Pteranodon flies out of the aviary. The keeper then gets more worried as Danny watches it from on the screen and laughs evilly saying, “This is going to be fun.”

Meanwhile in the helicopter, Owen looks down seeing the island beautiful from the high view. Just then, the lose Pteranodon hits the helicopter and the keeper contacts Hoskins and tells him they have a code black with a rouge Pteranodon. Hoskins then tells Owen to strap in as he’s finally got something to zap, and it’ll be just like restling cattle back home. Owen asks Hoskins if he restles cattle with a helicopter and he was a cattle restler. Hoskins then zooms the helicopter faster and dives it down after the Pteranodon, and he tells Owen to use the tranquilizer darts to tranquilize the Pteranodon. Owen takes the tranquilizer gun and aims it at the Pteranodon. Owen shots a tranquilizer dart, but it misses the Pteranodon and hits a keeper who was feeding a Brachiosaurus. Owen apologizes to the keeper as he falls asleep. Hoskins keeps flying the helicopter after the Pteranodon and flies after it through a jungle. The helicopter’s blades start chopping down the trees as it flies through. Owen doesn’t think Hoskins should fly the helicopter through a jungle, but he tells him to relax cause he’s a professional. The helicopter then hits a tree causing it’s leaves to block it’s windshield. Owen asks Hoskins if he could even see, but he also tells him he doesn’t need to. The helicopter then flies after the Pteranodon out of the jungle and towards Mt. Sibo, the island’s volcano. Owen sees the volcano ahead and tells Hoskins to pull up. The leaves blow off the helicopter’s windshield and Hoskins sees the volcano and quickly pulls up and follows the Pteranodon towards the top. The Pteranodon and the helicopter with Owen, Red and Hoskins in it then fly over boiling lava at the top of the volcano, and Hoskins keeps flying it up higher to keep up with the Pteranodon. Owen grabs onto a wall with his right hand, and grabs and holds onto Red with his left hand as the boxes in the helicopter fall out of it’s back hatchway. The helicopter’s blades then suddenly stop spinning. Hoskins notices the engine stalled out, and Owen then asks him if he’s got a backup plan. The helicopter then stops going up and starts to fall back down to the island. Owen and Red hit the ceiling of the inside of the helicopter as Hoskins tells him to hold on tight as it was about to get bumpy. In the security room, Danny was watching Owen, Red and Hoskins in the falling helicopter and was delighted with what he was watching declaring it’s better then a movie, and laughs evilly.

As the helicopter kept on falling, Owen asks Hoskins what’s the plan. Hoskins tells Owen someone’s gonna have to give them a kick start to get the motor started again. Owen thought it was crazy, but he climbs to the left side door of the helicopter. Owen then jumped out of the helicopter, and grabbed onto the Pteranodon’s legs. The Pteranodon then flies around with Owen hanging on to it’s legs while Hoskins keeps trying to start the helicopter’s engine. As the Pteranodon flies towards the helicopter, Owen kicks the helicopter’s blades making them spin causing the engine to start again. Hoskins then quickly pulls up causing the helicopter to stop falling before it hits the ground and start flying again. The Pteranodon with Owen still hanging onto it’s legs then flies besides the helicopter as Owen tells Hoskins last one to the aviary is rotten egg. Hoskins feels impressed with Owen’s actions saying he really has his way with his dinosaurs, and they fly back to the aviary to return the lose Pteranodon. Back in the security room, Danny gets disgusted that Owen rounded up the Pteranodon saying he ruined all the fun. So he suggests he’ll just have to try harder, and he keeps on hacking into the computer systems.

Later in the evening, Claire was still driving the truck with the three dinosaurs for Masrani’s secret exhibit. She was looking at a map of the park asking who even uses maps anymore and wonders if there’s an app for it. Claire then declares she’s lost, but then turns right and stops in front of the aviary. The aviary door then opens and employees were cheering for Owen thanking him for rounding up the lose Pteranodon. After Owen waves to them, the door closes again and Owen turns around to see Claire in the truck. Owen asks Claire if she’s lost, and Claire asks him he finally decided to show up and finish his job. Owen asks Claire if she even knows what he just went through and Claire was sure it was harrowing, and she as well tells Owen that Masrani has given her the responsibility of delivering the three dinosaurs to the opening of his new secret exhibit, as soon as she figures out the map. Owen and Red get into the truck and Owen tells Claire he’ll read the map to get her to the exhibit in time for the opening, but then must get payed after that, which Claire excepts. As Claire drives the truck, Owen notices the map is upside down, and Claire explains she was expecting quality control, which is part of Claire’s job. She was going to talk to Masrani about making a GPS app for the park, which Owen thought was a good idea. Claire explains it’s the type of go getter innovation Masrani always talking about. Owen then tells Claire the exhibit is straight ahead, which she knew and they drive on. As their truck passed by a bush, the blue striped raptor shows up and follows them.

Back in the labs, Dr. Wu and Allison just finished baking dinosaur shaped cookies and Masrani was ready to taste test them. Masrani sees them as a nice color, no burns, crisp edges, squishy in the middle and they smell good. Masrani then takes a bite out of one of them, and as soon as he does, he declares they’re the best cookies he’d ever tasted. The people in the lab cheer happily of what Masrani said, but then Masrani says they’re so good he’s going to double his order, which Dr. Wu and Allison don’t get too happy about.

Back in the truck, Owen tells Claire he thinks the can shave off some time by turning right just a bit, but Claire suggests they should just stick to the main road. Owen then tells her he thought she was in a major time crush, and asks her she’s not afraid of a little adventure. Claire then tells Owen she’s working on an island filled with dinosaurs, so how more adventurous does she need to get. Owen then tells Claire she probably haven't even touched a dinosaur, but Claire tells him she doesn’t need to touch them as her job is to facilitate other people touching them and she prefers her desk, since it’s comfortable. Owen though suggests comfortable is overrated, so shortcut it is. Owen takes the wheel of the truck and steers it. The truck goes down a hill as Owen takes control and he, Red and Claire have a wild ride as they go down it. As the truck reaches the bottom of the hill, it suddenly hits an electric fence. The three dinosaurs for the secret exhibit then break out of the truck and run off. Claire tries calling to them to get them to come back, but they still run off. Owen asks Claire I’d she’s okay, but tells him she isn’t as she presumes she’s about to get fired. As Claire explains she can’t even try to get one simple job done, a Tyrannosaurus rex suddenly stomps towards the fence. Owen then tells her there are worse things. When Claire asks like what, Owen points at the T. rex, and it roars at them. Claire tells Owen the fence is electrified with enough power to knock out even the toughest of dinosaurs, and as long as the light remains green they’ll be fine. However, in the security room, Danny sees the electric fence of the T. rex paddock on one of the camera screens and presses a button, causing the fence’s power to shut off and the green light to turn red. Claire gets shocked to see the green lights turn red and belie es something’s wrong with the system. The T. rex then roars at Owen and Claire in the truck and they scream in terror. The T. rex then bashes the fence. Claire tries to back up the truck, but it won’t start, even though it’s in gear. The T. rex then bites on the fence and rips it open and walks out of the paddock. Owen tells Claire to stay still so she can’t see them. But then the T. rex bashes the truck and then flips it over and it lands upside down. The T. rex then started ripping parts of the truck off it and throwing them. Owen, Claire and Red get out of the truck, but then the T. rex sees them and they run back into it to hide.

Just then, the blue striped raptor shows up, and Owen gets surprised at what he was seeing. The raptor then climbs up onto the truck as Owen, Claire and Red come out of it again and communicates with the T. rex. The T. rex roars again, but then Red starts barking and also jumps onto the truck. Red then barks at the T. rex while the raptor snarls at it. Owen was impressed, but Claire suggested they must do something as Red and the raptor can’t last outside against the T. rex. Owen gets an idea and shows Claire parts of the truck. Claire thinks there’s nothing but junk, but Owen tells her junk is just an opportunity. So Owen and Claire got to work, they took the pieces, took them apart, put them together and built a jeep. They then drive the jeep out of the truck. Claire get impressed and suggests they should find the dinosaurs now. So Owen starts driving the jeep as the T. rex roars and Red and the blue striped raptor jump off the truck and run off to follow Owen and Claire. The T. rex also gets off the truck and starts to give chase. The T. rex started run after Owen and Claire in the jeep with the raptor and Red following them. Claire tells Owen to go faster, when the T. rex roars again and spits into Claire’s face. Owen then drives the jeep around a tree and the raptor and Red run around it as the keep following, then the T. rex smashed through the tree as it was still giving chase. Owen, Claire, Red and the raptor then pass by the three dinosaurs for the secret exhibit, and Owen tells them they might want to start running. The three dinos see the T. rex approaching and they start to run too. Owen then sees a ramp-like log leaning on a fallen tree. Owen applies the brakes and stops the jeep, and Red, the raptor and the three dinosaurs run passed him and Claire and Red and the raptor run under the fallen tree while the three dinos jump over it. Claire sees the T. rex closer to the jeep, and Owen floors it and drives the jeep over the ramp-like log leaning on the fallen tree and the jeep jumps up into the air, just as the T. rex was very close behind it, as it’s mouth was right in front of Claire as she screamed. But the jeep then flew forward ahead of the T. rex just when it snapped it’s mouth shut, and the jeep landed back on the ground. Owen suggested the fallen tree would hold her up for a bit, and Claire hoped they could get to the new exhibit without anything else going wrong. Owen then tells Claire to not worry since they‘re almost there and suggests what could go wrong. However, in the security room, Danny heard Owen say that and also says what could go wrong, right before doing more sinister laughing.

As Owen and Claire keep driving in the Jeep to the secret exhibit, Claire asks Owen if they could find the missing dinosaurs, which suggest is no problum as their trail is easy to follow. Claire tells Owen she just wanted everything to go smoothly for the big revel of Masrani’s new exhibit, but can’t even get the dinosaurs to the attraction. Claire then suggest she‘s probably not cut out to be the assistant manager of park operations, but Owen tells her she’s the most ambitious, determine, degressive, maybe a little too aggressive, person he ever meet. Claire then realizes she’s a go getter, which Owen agrees to, Claire also hopes Masrani thinks so. Owen then gets sure he will, because he then finds the dinosaurs, the Carnotaurus, the Stygimoloch, the Baryonyx, the blue striped raptor and Red were in the middle of the jungle and Owen tells the dinos and Red to keep up. Owen and Claire pass by them, and the four dinos and Red start to follow them. At last they finally arrive at the secret exhibit with the dinoaurs and Red following. Owen hits the brakes and stops the jeep, but Claire then flips out of it into the air as it stopped. As Claire went up into the air, the Carnotaurus, the Stygimoloch and the Baryonyx run into the exhibit, and Claire lands onto a big door which pushes it down closing it. Then Claire landed on a bars door which closes it and Claire then slides down that door to the ground. Just as she then gets up, a barrier gate then comes down and hits her on her head knocking her back down to the ground.

Back in the security room,as Danny was still sinister laughing, Masrani comes in and asks him what’s he doing. Danny tells him he was just fixing his copier when he saw his security cameras. Masrani then finds out Claire made it to his secert exhibit and gets excited and goes to meet her for the big reveal. Danny sighs with relief, but then Masrani asks him if he said he fixed the copier. Danny tells Masrani he as and shows him a picture of someone‘s bottom saying it was jammed in the copier, and asks Masrani if it’s his. Masrani suddenly rememberd it was his bottom he was copying, but lies to Danny saying he never seen it before in his life, and quickly leaves the room. Danny gets ready to cause more trouble, but other people start stairing at him. Danny then tells them he’s done and the copier is fixed and leaves the room.

Back at the secret exhibit, Red and the blue striped raptor wake Claire up. After Claire got up, Owen tells Claire now that the dinosaurs are in their cage, it’s she should owe him his paycheck. Just then, the T. rex shows up from behind Owen and roars. Owen convinces Claire to hurry up and hand him over his check, but Claire rejects it. So Owen runs back to the jeep and jumps back into it. As Claire, Red and the raptor watch, Owen floors it and drives the jeep towards the T. rex ad it stomps towards him. As he got close enough, Owen jumped out of the driver’s seat, and grabbed the net cannon and fired a net at the T. rex and the net traps the T. rex’s head in it. Owen then lands on top of the T. rex’s head as it was trapped in the net and asks Claire where does she want her. Claire got impressed with Owen’s actions, as well as Red and the raptor.

Later, the secret exhibit was ready to open. Lot’s of people came to the attraction, including the little boy who Owen saved earlier. Claire then finally gives Owen the money she owed him, as he earned it. Owen also owned Claire something, which was an apollogy, as Owen reveals he was wrong about the shortcut, but Claire suggest maybe she was wrong about him. Masrani then arrives on an ATV and gets excited to see Claire, noticing she was at his secret exhibit getting it ready for the big reveal. Masrani then goes onto a stage and announces through a microphone asking the crowd of people are they ready for the greatest thing to happen to Jurassic World. The crowd cheers wildly. Masrani then flips a switch and a certain opens up reaching the secret exhibit to be, a Dino Carousel. The Carnotaurus, the Stygimoloch and the Baryonyx were roped to a pole in the middle and had saddles on their back. The crowd get puzzled, but the little boy blurts out it’s awesome. The crowd then cheers, but Owen and Claire were not to satisfied. Owen disgustedly asks Masrani that he fell out of a helicopter, hang glided on a Pteranodon, nearly fell off a cliff and was almost eaten by eaten by a T. rex twice, all for a carousel. Masrani explains it’s not just any carousel, it‘s a dinosaur carousel, and asks Claire what she thinks. Claire thought it was revolutionary, and Masrani says that’s exactly what it is. Owen asks Claire if it’s really revolutionary, and Claire suggests it is since it goes in circles. Owen though then laughs happily, as the little boy runs up to the carousel and gets put onto the Stygimoloch’s back. Owen then asks Claire if she’s up for a little adventure, and she agrees, suggesting if can’t be worse then the T. rex. Owen and Claire then head off just as the three dinosaurs of the Dino Carousel start walking on the ride’s first run.

Later back at the Raptor Enclosure, Hoskins was trying to train Charlie, Echo and Delta again. Owen, Claire and Red then arrive returning the blue striped raptor to the enclosure as Owen shows Hoskins they found her. Hoskins knew there was four as he saw her, but then she snarls at him. The raptor was also finally named, Blue. Owen reveals Blue is a bit protective, and that Red’s the one who came up with the name for her. Blue then reunites with Claire, Echo and Delta. Owen then tells Blue he’s going to miss her, but as he waves to her, the four raptors wave back and Hoskins gets impressed. Hoskins tells Owen to do something else, so Owen tells Red to turn around. Red turns around in a circle, and the raptors turn around in a circle too. Hoskins then tells Owen he’s a natural with the raptors, and from what he’d seen his skill with them could be pretty special, and then asks him if he’d like to get the job. Claire tells Hoskins that Owen really just wants to get back to Costa Rica and leave the island behind, but Owen has second thoughts and decides to stay. Hoskins is excited that Owen is going to stay and tells him he’ll get him a uniform after he signs a contract, but Owen suggest him no uniforms. Hoskins agrees to it, but then tells Owen he could have a tayser gun, but then accidentally zaps himself with it. After Hoskins fall to the ground and tells himself he finally got to zap something, Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo jump onto him as Owen and Claire look at each other and Claire happily laughs.

In a closet, Danny talks to someone on his phone as he plans his evil schemes and his Uncle Dennis would be proud, as Jurassic World will be as prehistoric as the dinosaurs bu the time he’s done. Danny closes the door and rips off his clothes revealing he’s wearing Costa Rician shirt. Danny grins evilly as he plans to ruin Jurassic World, and laughs evilly and then drinks a drink as the film comes to a close.


Ian Hanlin as Owen Grady

Britt McKillip asClaire Dearing

Dhirendra as Simon Masrani

Alex Zahara as Vic Hoskins

Vincent Tong as Dr. Henry Wu

Bethany Brown as Allison Miles

Adrian Petriw as Danny Nedermeyer



  • The special is loosely canon to the wider Jurassic Park series. While it introduces the supposed origin of Owen Grady as well as the velociraptor pack, it contradicts the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In that film it was revealed the raptor pack were genetic creations and not naturally born as implied with this film.
  • Although set before the events of Jurassic World, the designs of Owen, Claire, and Dr. Wu resemble their appearances from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This is due to their models being identical to the then currently released LEGO Jurassic World sets which were modeled after Fallen Kingdom.
  • Three dinosaurs which prominently featured in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - the Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Stygimoloch - star in prominent roles.
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