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LEGO Jurassic World is a video game in which the player can play through the stories of the first four Jurassic World movies. It is developed by Traveller's Tales and was released on June 12th, 2015.


Like most LEGO games made by Traveller's Tales players are able to collect studs, with silver being the lowest denomination at 10, then gold ones at 100, blue ones with 1,000 and finally purple being the highest and rarest stud with 10,000 value. Both humans and dinosaurs are playable with each having their own unique abilities, such as Ellie Sattler being able to grow trees, as well as dig through dinosaur dung.[2][3] Outside of being a playable character, Mr. DNA provides players with useful information and educational facts.[4]

As stated above, players are able to play through the four Jurassic Park films, with each film divided into five levels. Outside of the story mode, Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna serve as game hubs.[5][4] Players will be able to play as dinosaurs by finding amber bricks in every level of the story mode. These Paleo-DNA strains can also be mixed and matched to create genetic hybrids with different skin colors and variations.[2][3]

Another collectable encountered in each level are "Minikits" with ten in each level. When all minikits in a level are collected, they unlock a dinosaur skeleton. Common to all LEGO games, red bricks can be found as well. They provide the player(s) with cheats when activated, such as one red brick that allows characters to be the size of compys.[5]

List of levels[]

Jurassic Park

  • Prologue (includes Raptor delivery and Montana dig-site)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

  • Isla Sorna (includes preparation in garage before expedition)

Jurassic Park III

Jurassic World


The story follows the events of the first four Jurassic Park films, but in a more lighthearted manner. No characters are killed, with death scenes being altered to show them merely injured or miraculously escaping death. The game was also developed with many comedic and humorous overtones like other film-themed Lego titles.

After completing the stories of all 4 films, a cutscene will play showing Ellie and Alan uncovering a purple keystone, hinting towards the next LEGO game (which features Jurassic World content), LEGO Dimensions.


There are over 100 playable characters ingame.


There is a total of 20 playable dinosaurs.

In between levels, Mr. DNA will give facts about Dinosaurs, during which he mentions or talks about many of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World, but also Seismosaurus, Megalosaurus, Microraptor, and Suchomimus. Also, during the level "Main Street Showdown", a statue of a dinosaur is seen, which was used as Coelophysis in another LEGO Dino line. None of these dinosaurs are playable though.

Hybridization of Dinosaurs[]

After unlocking the lab in the Innovation Center, custom dinosaurs can be created if the ambers of the dinosaurs have been found. If properly used it can be used to create impressive hybrids.


LEGO Batman reveal

Credits of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

There was a teaser for the LEGO Jurassic World game in LEGO's previous game LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. At some point during the credits, the ground starts shaking and the Jurassic Park theme is played. Around the corner a T. rex appears that roars and waves to the player. The T. rex is Plastic Man from the Lego Batman game, who at one point transforms into the dinosaur. It has a red belly and yellow back, it also has black stripes.

Differences from the films[]


  • The Dilophosaurus in the game is much closer in size to the actual animal rather than the one shown in the films.
  • The pig that was used as a training for the Velociraptors in Jurassic World appears as a recurring character in the cutscenes.
  • Most characters killed in the films weren't killed to make the game child-friendly. Additionally, many of the lines that use swear words were re-recorded to sound more child-friendly.
  • The color design of the Troodons are similar to the ones from Jurassic Park: The Game.

Jurassic Park[]

  • Robert Muldoon successfully saves Jophery Brown from being killed by the Big One, which, it turns out, was only interested in eating the sausage he had rather than him. The other workers also poke her with brooms and a banana instead; one of them even rattles the cage with a coffee mug.
    • Since then, Muldoon keeps sausages away from the Raptor Pen; "They remember!" he explains to a hapless worker rather than to Dr. John Hammond and the visitors.
  • After Donald Gennaro says that he can and will shut down John Hammond's park operations in 48 hours, John simply laughs off the statement instead of saying "In 48 hours, I'll be accepting your apology."
  • The amber mine scene is cut from the game.
  • Tim and Lex Murphy meet the endorsement team and their grandfather at the Raptor Pen rather than inside the Visitor Center.
  • Gennaro doesn't go with the others to the Raptor Pen.
  • Dennis Nedry actually gives the Dilophosaurus a drumstick to eat (conveniently in his pants pocket) instead of telling her that he doesn't have any food with him. He gives her a piece of chicken, one piece of which he is also eating in the truck.
    • He also doesn't fall down and lose his glasses; he only loses them when he crashes the truck.
  • Muldoon, Gennaro and Nedry aren't killed in the game.
    • Nedry escapes his death from the Dilophosaurus by sticking a drumstick on its mouth (which she sniffs at first) and running away, while managing to lose the canister in the process. He is later seen (via camera) to still be on the run from the Dilophosaurus, who spits at the camera, he later appears in the hub as one of the workers in peril, where he must be freed from the car that the Dilophosaurus had him trapped in.
    • Gennaro was swallowed by Rexy, but was spat out later after she defeated the Big One and is last seen with Muldoon trying to get to the helicopter while running away from Rexy. All that time in Rexy's stomach, he has been carrying a toilet scrubber that he tries to defend against her and later brushed her teeth and, like Nedry, also appears as a worker in peril in which he must be freed from the bathroom.
    • Muldoon survives from being attacked by the Big One and tries to join the departing protagonists on the helicopter, only to be left behind with Gennaro and runs away from Rexy.
  • Ray Arnold's entire body is found and not part of his arm. However, he is apparently not dead, as his eyes blink and instead appears to be literally scared stiff by the raptors. However, this does not stop Ellie and Robert from leaving him behind.
  • The sick Triceratops is cured by Ellie and is the one that sneezed at Lex instead of the Brachiosaurus.
  • The scene Alan, Tim and Lex met with a Brachiosaurus is cut from the game.
  • Due to Donald Gennaro not dying, Ellie Sattler and Robert Muldoon don't find his body parts when they arrive at the T. rex paddock. Instead, they found Ian Malcolm posing injured.
  • Rexy does not eat a Gallimimus, instead eating a piece of chicken or turkey before eating the rest.
  • The raptor who gets locked inside the freezer is later seen (via camera) to be wearing a snow cap and shivering from the cold.
  • Rexy does not kill the Big One or her subordinates. Instead, she slings the Big One away by pulling her tail like a rubber band.
  • Lewis Dodgson is never seen. However, his voice is heard on the phone while talking to Nedry.
  • Dr. Grant keeps the Velociraptor claw he uncovered at the Dig Site and uses it later in the Jurassic Park III levels.
  • The cow isn't fed to the raptors. Instead, she overpowers a worker and switches places with him, lowering him into the pen instead. The raptors don't eat him, however, only stripping him to his boxers and hardhat.
  • Rexy doesn't eat a goat like she does in the film. Instead, she grabs the voltage sign in her jaws and tosses it aside.
    • She's also distracted by a music box with a pop-up bone inside;, the music box plays the Jurassic Park theme.
  • The baby Velociraptor attacks John Hammond upon hatching.
  • The Big One sticks a banana into Robert Muldoon's gun, then attacks him after while wearing a zamba hat.
  • Mr. DNA's cartoon is noticeably shorter than it was in the film, most likely due to time constraints.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park[]

  • Cathy Bowman is not attacked and injured by Compsognathus. Instead, she and her parents encounter a Tyrannosaurus rex, which her mother feeds a hotdog to despite the presence of a "Do Not Feed" sign. The Bowman Family's visit to Isla Sorna is not actually shown. Instead, the incident is told through two still photos in Hammond's room during Ian Malcolm and Hammond's conversation about the incident and the existence of Site B. One of the photos shows Cathy catching an octopus with a fishing pole on her parents' yacht, which did not occur in the film Cathy and her family do, however, appear as playable characters in the game.
  • Tim and Lex were not present in the mansion when Ian visited their grandfather. Their scene was completely cut from the level's section.
  • An InGen lawyer shoves Malcolm with his shoulder at Hammond's mansion.
  • The InGen Hunters tranquilized the dinosaur residents instead of capturing them with traps.
  • Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen are detected by the InGen Hunters while attempting to free the dinosaurs captured by them and the two fight their way through many Hunters as they free the animals.
  • Eddie Carr is not killed by the baby T. rex's parents and simply flees into the jungle.
  • Ajay Sidhu and some other InGen Hunters are not killed by the Velociraptors in the long grass after the raptors stole their hats.
  • The Velociraptors play around with a soccer ball from Ajay's knapsack.
  • The lawnmower the character builds at one point in the tall grass appears several times during gameplay.
  • The snake that startles Robert Burke doesn't crawl into his shirt; instead, it just pops up and chases him out from behind the waterfall.
    • While Burke is not seen being swallowed alive by the Tyrannosaurus parents, he and several other InGen Hunters are later spit up by the sedated Tyrannosaur Buck, still alive.
  • Peter Ludlow was not killed by the baby T. rex and was seen as part of his hanging crib toy.
  • Roland Tembo is not seen tranquilizing the Tyrannosaur Buck.
  • Dieter Stark is not killed by the Compsognathus. In fact, he barely appears at all in the game.
  • Carter is not killed by the Tyrannosaur Doe when she steps on him. Sometimes, when the camera does slow down and zoom in on the Tyrannosaur Doe's foot, Carter is nowhere to be seen, most likely a glitch.
  • Mamenchisaurus does not appear in the game.
  • The Unlucky Bastard is referred to as the "Unlucky Bystander" due to the game's censorship.
  • The Pteranodon shown in the ending cutscene is drinking from a teacup.

Jurassic Park III[]

  • Cooper is not killed by the Spinosaurus. Instead, he is thrown aside the plane's windshield, where he is wiped out of the way before the plane crashed.
  • Nash is not killed by Spinosaurus. Instead, he sticks Paul Kirby's phone in the dinosaur's mouth and runs off into the jungle (similar to how Nedry and Carr survive their deaths).
  • The Spinosaurus shakes the damaged airplane fuselage instead of rolling it. This makes it easier to dump the humans out which would be less likely to injure them, however because it is LEGO, this was mostly done for time constraints.
  • The Spinosaurus ends up getting caught in a tree, the branches of which close on it like stockades. Billy even tosses apples at the Spino for fun. Later on, the dinosaur manages to free itself from the tree.
  • The Tyrannosaur who appears before the fight with the Spinosaurus is seen eating a chicken or turkey and a cheeseburger, instead of a dinosaur carcass.
  • Udesky is not killed by the raptors and turned into a trap for the main group. Instead, he was caught in the raptors' phone trap.
  • Billy still has his parachute on even when getting attacked by the Pteranodons, and even when rejoining the main characters as they escape the island. His parachute never gets damaged at all, unlike the film.
  • Unlike in the movie, the Spinosaurus never flees permanently after being scared away by the fire caused by the group but instead jumps into the crane. Here, it makes an appearance near the end alongside the Velociraptors, carrying suitcases, to attempt to leave the island with the main group, who immediately become scared and run into the rescue helicopters immediately.
  • There is a fight between an Ankylosaurus and a Velociraptor pack, a scene that was cut from the film.
  • Paul and Amanda never say anything about them being divorced.
  • The infamous fight between the Spinosaurus and the T. rex remains unresolved, most likely resulting in a draw. This contrasts with the film, wherein the Spino ends up as the victor.
  • The scene with the surviving cast running from the raptors through the Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus herd is cut from the game.
  • Spinosaurus did not attack Paul, Amanda and Billy after they were reunited with Eric and Alan. Instead, it was found sleeping on a hammock while the main group sneaked away from him, this was also the scene that revealed the location of Paul's satellite phone. However, a similar scene occurs in the opening cutscene for the aviary level.
  • Alan did not call Ellie for help after being attacked by Spinosaurus on the boat. Also, the rescue team appears without being requested.
  • All of the helicopters are UH-1H-BF Iroquois Attack Helicopters instead of Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks. The UH-60 Blackhawk is a heavy-lift helicopter while the UH-1 is a Utility/Attack Helicopter.
  • The scene with the characters floating down to the river next to the peaceful herbivores is cut from the game.
  • The scene where Alan and the Kirbys retrieved Paul's phone from the Spinosaurus dung is cut from the game.
  • Eric Kirby brings the beaker holding the Tyrannosaur pee with him when he leaves his hideout, and it is subsequently used as one of his abilities in the game.
  • Amanda Kirby doesn't return the eggs to the raptors. Instead, the eggs are just laid out in front of them by Alan.
  • Ben Hildebrand's skeleton is never seen and it is unknown if he is dead in this canon. However, Billy does obtain his parachute, even though he never found it attached to the skeleton, like in the movie, this is resolved, however, when he is seen as a worker in peril who must be cut down from the parachute that his skeleton was seen on in the film.
  • In Alan's dream, along with the talking Velociraptor representing Billy, two more are seen. These two represent Ellie Sattler Degler and Ian Malcolm respectively.
  • Ellie Degler, as well as her husband Mark and her son Charlie, were not present in the levels as most of their scenes were cut. However, they still appear as playable characters upon purchase.
  • The prologue scene of Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby parasailing was cut from the game, thus removing Enrique Cardoso from this level, also leaving his fate unknown. Despite such, he still appears as a playable character upon purchase.
    • The surviving cast watches this scene on a movie projector.
  • No Ceratosaurus ever appears in the game.

Jurassic World[]

  • Zack and Gray Mitchell met with their aunt Claire upon arrival on the main street while leaving Zara in charge of them instead of being welcomed by Zara and meeting with Claire on the Hammond Creation Lab.
  • The scene where Gray and Zach discuss their parent's divorce is cut from the game, most likely to make the game mosre lighthearted.
  • The scene where Simon Masrani invited Claire to ride with him on the helicopter is cut from the game. Instead, they met up on the Indominus rex paddock.
  • The Indominus simply arranges the bones to make an angry face.
  • The Pachy Arena appears in the prelude to the level "Gyrosphere Valley" unlike in the film where it didn't appear at all.
  • Gallimimus lives in the Gyrosphere Valley in the game instead of Gallimimus Valley.
  • There is no Mosasaurus' Feeding Show scene. It only appears as a picture when the player takes a picture on the Mosasaurus Lagoon.
  • Zach and Gray are each given their own Gyrosphere rather than having to share just one. This is due to the fact that the Lego version of the Gyrosphere has been depicted to fit only one person instead of two. In turn, Indominus rex attacks Zach and Gray on the field instead of the forest and Gray's Gyrosphere is instead destroyed by the fleeing Ankylosaurus.
  • Also the Indominus Rex does not puncture the window of Gyrosphere with her claw.
  • A Compsognathus appears in the Visitor Center and riding a pig running from the T. rex Kingdom as opposed to the film, where no Compsognathus appeared in the film at all.
  • The pig killed by Echo in the movie, instead survives.
  • Robert Muldoon, Donald Gennaro, and Dennis Nedry (all having grown long gray beards) make cameos as having taken refuge in one of the vans since the "Jurassic Park" level.
  • Vivian Krill and Lowery Cruthers are the only people seen in the security room.
  • Nick and Ellis are not killed by the Indominus rex. Ellis is merely flung away over the wall, while Nick runs away after he and Owen get the doors open.
  • The Indominus rex barely breaks out of her paddock by wedging her foot in the door and then pushing it backward, rather than breaking out before the door was closed like in the film.
  • The deleted scene where Lowery and Vivian talk about the camouflage ability of Indominus rex was added to the game.
  • Katashi Hamada and some of the ACU troopers are not killed by the Indominus. In fact, the scene where they are attacked is cut from the game. However, they still appear as playable characters upon purchase.
  • Dr. Wu explains that Indominus was designed to Masrani at Indominus paddock, rather than to the investors in the lab.
  • The scene where Simon Masrani confronts Dr. Wu about the Indominus' genome is cut from the game.
  • While Zara and the Indominus rex are eaten by the Mosasaurus, both are later shown to be alive inside the Mosasaurus stomach playing cards with several other Jurassic World employees that had also been eaten.
  • The Pteranodons did not dive into the Mosasaurus' tank and torture Zara when one picked her. Also, the Mosasaurus only ate Zara but not the Pteranodon holding her.
  • Vic Hoskins was not killed by Delta. Instead, she rearranges Vic's parts by giving him crab claws and a fish tail instead of legs, turning him into a crab-clawed merman mutant. However, a soldier later claims that he didn't make it. This may be because the soldier is just copying the line which he said in the film. It could also mean that Hoskins just didn't make it to the helicopter on time.
  • In the lab, strange combinations of animals are seen which are different from those seen in the film.
  • Simon Masrani is not killed in the JW001's explosion. The two ACU troopers are also not killed by the Pteranodons. They are all seen leaving the Aviary through the doors.
  • Dimorphodons attack the JW001 instead of Pteranodons.
  • The Indominus rex doesn't break into the Aviary. Instead, the ACU soldier's shots penetrated the Aviary glass by accident after Indominus uses a tree for a shield.
  • A Dimorphodon doesn't try to attack Owen Grady. Instead, a Dimorphodon tries to attack Zach and Gray, but is knocked out by Claire Dearing, instead of being killed.
  • The InGen soldiers are not killed by the Velociraptors but were saved by Owen and Barry.
  • Charlie is not killed by the soldiers' mortar, while Delta and Echo are not killed by the Indominus rex.
  • Delta is not temporarily distracted with a hologram of a Dilophosaurus. Instead, all the raptors are trying to eat a hologram of a whole chicken or turkey.
  • The scene with the dying Apatosaurus is cut out from the game.
  • The Ankylosaurus survives the attack of the Indominus rex and manages to beat her with help from Zach and Gray.
  • Both Owen and Barry ride on Barry's ATV instead of Owen riding on his motorcycle, which was stolen by Delta after the raptor's attack on the soldiers.
  • If the player performs certain action commands correctly, Blue will not come to aid Rexy in the fight against the Indominus, as Rexy will push the Indominus to the Mosasaur Lagoon on her own. However, in the cutscene where the Mosasaur swallows the Indominus, Blue will always be seen no matter if Blue comes to aid Rexy or not.
  • Dr. Wu's escape happens after the escape of everyone else instead of before.
  • The helicopter that Wu and the hybrids use to escape Isla Nublar is a Boeing Vertol CH-47 Chinook (234LR as the law enforcement/fire variant) of an unknown registration rather than CR-1017.
  • The scene in which Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents was cut from the game.
  • The final shot in which Rexy roars from the helicopter pad was cut from the game.

Cameos from other Universal Movies[]

  • When Peter Ludlow is explaining his plan to InGen, E.T. and Eliot can be seen flying past the moon, a nod to a scene from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • When the T. rex gets loose on the dock, a familiar looking boat is seen out at sea. Jaws fans would realize it as the Orca, and on the boat are the characters from Jaws, Brody, Matt Hooper and Captain Quint. When Brody sees the T. rex on the dock, he says his quote from the Jaws film, "We're gonna need a bigger boat."
  • In the beginning of Jurassic Park III, at the dig site, the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future is seen being dug up in the background.
  • The main character of Back to the Future, Marty Mcfly, is seen hidden amongst the scared victims of the Pteranodon attack of Jurassic World.
  • The name TK-421 appears on the license plate at the garage's neon sign at the Communications Center.



  • Liam O'Brien - Voice Director


Picture Achievement/Trophy Name Description
Welcome to Jurassic Park Complete Prologue
The Calm Before the Storm Complete Welcome to Jurassic Park
Objects in the Mirror Complete Park Shutdown
We're Being Hunted Complete Restoring Power
Decided Not to Endorse Your Park Complete The Visitor Center
That's How it All Starts... Complete Isla Sorna
Mommy's Very Angry Complete InGen Arrival
Don't Go into the Long Grass Complete The Hunted
What About the Others? Complete Communications Center
Just Follow the Screams Complete San Diego
Not on InGen's List Complete Landing Site
Nobody Move a Muscle Complete The Spinosaurus
Is This How You Make Dinosaurs? Complete Breeding Facility
Family Reunion Complete Eric Kirby
Going Home Complete The Bird Cage
The Park is Open Complete Welcome to Jurassic World
Full Jurassic World Experience Complete Gyrosphere Valley
Are You Following the Dinosaur? Complete Out of Bounds
A New Alpha Complete Under Attack
We Need More Teeth Complete Main Street Showdown
65 Million Bricks in the Making Complete all story levels
Something Has Survived Obtain True Survivor in any level
We're Out of a Job… Collect all Minikits in any level
…Don't You Mean Extinct? Collect all Minikits in the game
Went and Made a New Dinosaur Create a custom dinosaur
All I Got Was This T-Shirt Create a custom character
Spared No Expense Collect 65,000,000 studs
Bingo! Dino DNA! Collect an Amber Brick
The Legacy of John Hammond Collect all Amber Bricks
Send the Helicopters Rescue all Workers in Peril
What Lysine Contingency? Heal all sick dinosaurs
Must Go Faster Complete all races
Observe and Document Complete all photographs
Next Time it'll Be Flawless! Achieve 100% Completion
One Big Pile of Bricks Collect all Red Bricks
Helping Hand Heal a sick dinosaur
Survival Expert Obtain ''True Survivor'' on all levels
Reason to Fear Man Defeat 50 Compy goons
We Want to Be Thrilled Place a custom Dinosaur in a Paddock
The Concept of Attraction Enable Stud Magnet Red Brick
Not Machine Compatible Try to use a hacker terminal as Alan Grant
Pack Hunter Set both Free Play characters as Raptors
Anybody Want a Soda? As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character
Remember to Wash Your Hands Complete a Dropping rummage
Do-You-Think-He-Saurus? Sneak past a Dinosaur using Camouflage
Clever Goal As a Velociraptor, score a goal in the Jurassic World Petting Zoo
Hello John! Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him)
Building Blocks of Life Build a LEGO object using Mr. DNA
The Human Piece of Toast Give Timmy a shock
Life Finds a Way (PS3/PS4 only) Collect all of the Trophies


see LEGO Jurassic World (game)/Media for more




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