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Lana Molina was a supporting antagonist in the fifth season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Lana was a representative for Biosyn and was one of the investors who came to Mantah Corp Island to meet with Daniel Kon alongside Cyrus and Mr. Gold to see dino fights.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 5[]

"The Final Test"[]

Molina, Cyrus, and Mr. Gold arrive on Mantah Corp Island and are greeted by Kon, When he apologizes for making them wear VR googles on the flight to the island, Molina says she can think of more interesting ways to keep a secret, Kon then brings them to the compound. Molina asks Mr. Gold for his name, then gives him her card. Kon brings his son, Kenji to the party, they then hear Little Eatie roar, and Kon says he's just whetting their appetite for tomorrow, so they continue their conversation and listen to Kenji's stories of how he survived so many dinosaur encounters.

"Battle Lines"[]

While walking to the Redwood forest for the presentation, Molina and Mr. Gold both get annoyed about how long its taking and request easier modes of transportation, Molina tells Kon that she can get her hands on some horses for him. Kash then arrives to join the presentation, so Kenji brings Molina and the other investors through the airlock while Kon talks to him. during the Presentation, Molina got to control the 2 Velociraptors. She caused them to fight against Big Eatie and the Spinosaurus. When the Nublar Six, minus Kenji, came to stop the dino fights, she uses them to kill them. As she continues her attack, Kash comes out and takes away the controller. This gave Sammy Gutierrez and Yasmina Fadoula the opportunity to disrupt the control chip in their heads and free them from the mind control. As Kash got the controller, he scared her off by threatening to turn the raptors on her but was really aiming for Kon. After the conflict, she called and told Kon that her buyer was interested in his tech and wanted to meet on Isla Nublar. She asks Kon what he is gonna do about the campers, reminding him to lock them up so they won't interfere until the deal is finished.

"Evasive Action"[]

Molina accompanied Kon, Kenji, and Mae Turner to Isla Nublar and went to Kon's Penthouse. Kon asked Molina to do something but she cut him off and told him that since she doesn't work for him, she doesn't have to risk her life in the jungle. Molina stayed in the Penthouse while everyone else went to find a dinosaur to show off Kon's tech.

"Shaky Ground"[]

That night, the group returned without a dinosaur, Molina questioned what they are planning to show her client, Mae tried to explained that Kenji got buried in a rockslide but Molina said that Biosyn won't care, they want results. Kenji then arrived with a mind-controlled Toro, Molina backed up ready to run back into the Penthouse.

"Out of the Pack"[]

The next day, Molina's client called her saying he has arrived, she spoke to him while being bothered by 3 Compsognathus, Kenji used Toro to scare off the Compys and unintentionally spooked Molina as well. They then headed off to meet Dodgson. After picking up Dodgson, they head off to find some dinosaurs that Dodgson requests, Molina offers to hold Dodgson's bag for him with the intention of stealing it, but is denied. Later when Kenji won't let Bumpy be chipped, Molina and Dodgson watch in annoyance as the conflict occurs, They get back into the cars and head to the visitor centre where Molina is bothered by Compys again, this time throwing a rock at them. Back at the Penthouse, Molina steals Dodgson's bag but is caught by Kenji, as she and Kenji fight for the bag, Hawkes, Kon, and Dodgson head in their direction, Molina lets go of the bag and makes a run for it. She calls someone to come get her and is attacked and bitten by a Compy, she limbs away as more come and bit her again, knocking her to the ground, Molina starts crawling in a final attempt to escape until she is swarmed and eaten alive by the pack of Compys.


Lana Molina was shown to be a cunning and untrustworthy person, as she made everybody believe that she was sponsoring BioSyn as well as forming a deal with Mantah Corp, when in reality her goal was to steal very valuable information. She may not have liked the outdoors, as she seemed uncomfortable being outside as well as hating and kicking at the Compsognathus that would get near her which provoked the little carnivores to attack and kill her.



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  • Her reaction and death due to the Compies and her remains later being discovered is a reference to Dieter Stark's death in the Lost World.
  • Though she works for BioSyn, she's shown to be a black market dealer and is disloyal to BioSyn, attempting to steal Dodgson's belongings, and possibly has stolen from them before.
  • She is the 5th canonical female to have been killed by a dinosaur and chronologically the 4th, with the others being Zara, Tiff, the female pilot, and the Lockwood bidder.