Types of Land Cruisers

There were 2 types of Land Cruisers: the electric Land Cruisers (Park Drive) and the gas-powered Jeeps. (The Jeeps)

  • Jeep Wranglers (1992-1993 model) - ID Numbers: 10, 12, 18, 29 - for Jurassic Park Employees
    • The Jeeps were painted with a diagonal red stripe because for some reason it discouraged the triceratops from charging the car (novel).
  • Ford Explorers XLT (1992-1993 model)- ID Numbers: 04, 05, - for Jurassic Park Visitors (film)
    • The Electric Land Cruisers which followed tracks and visited each of the dinosaur enclosures on its self-guided tour.
  • Toyota Land Cruisers (1988-1989 model)- ID Numbers: BB4, BB5, - for Jurassic Park Visitors (novel)

In Operation Genesis

Land Cruisers are the main part of the Safari Adventure and take your visitors into dinosaur paddocks and you are able to take control of this vehicle. The vehicle can also be used to rescue visitors that were stranded during a previous explosion they can also by cheat have a rifle in case something happens. If you know how to do it you can change the appearance of it as well. The first appearance looks a bit like the one in the first film with the glass roof and the number. The second appearance makes it look like a Ford Explorer. Be careful: Land Cruisers can be destroyed by irritable dinosaurs!!

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