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"We're gonna stall! Cut it now!"
—Lead Mercenary(src)

The Lead Mercenary was the leader of Eli Mills' mercenaries.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

The mercenaries attempt to retrieve a bone from the Indominus rex at the bottom of the Jurassic World Lagoon during a raging thunderstorm. He rode in the helicopter with the pilot. After retrieving the I. rex bone sent to the surface by the sub, the helicopter returned for Jack, the team's man on the ground responsible for opening and closing the lagoon gates.

As the helicopter touched down, the team leader noticed something enormous - Isla Nublar's resident Tyrannosaurus rex - moving through the trees towards an oblivious Jack. Due to the combination of the noise from the chopper and the storm, Jack didn't hear his fellow mercs yelling for him to run. By the time he finally noticed the dinosaur, the pilot had to fly up to avoid being attacked by the T. rex on the ground.

The leader ordered one of the men riding in back to throw Jack a rescue ladder. This almost cost them all their lives as the dinosaur grabbed it while Jack was trying to climb up. Choosing to sacrifice one of his men to save the entire aircraft (and the bone), the leader coldly ordered the ladder cut. Before one of the mercs could comply, however, the section of the ladder the T. rex held in her mouth snapped loose. Freed, the helicopter flew off over the lagoon with Jack still hanging onto the ladder. Everyone cheered - and then the Mosasaurus leaped out of the water and ate the unfortunate mercenary.

Despite the loss of Jack (as well as the sub and both men aboard), the leader reported success over the radio and informed "the boss" that they were coming home with the bone.


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