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Lee was an Asset Containment Unit trooper at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar in 2015.


Jurassic World[]

During the Jurassic World Incident, Lee was part of a team consisting of himself, Katashi Hamada, Craig and Meyers. They were sent in, along with another team lead by Austin, to recapture the Indominus rex after it escaped containment and killed 2 workers.

Upon arriving at the hybrid's last recorded location, they discovered it had torn out its tracking-implant. While Hamada was inspecting the implant, the team was startled when the hybrid revealed it was camouflaging behind the trees and seized Hamada. The operatives managed to temporarily stun the animal, causing it to drop Hamada though inadvertently electrocuting him as well. However, they were unable to save Hamada, as he was crushed underfoot by the hybrid and killed instantly.

During the hybrid's ensuing assault on the group, Lee, Craig, Meyers and Cooper attempted to subdue the Indominus by using their cattle-prods and taser-rifles. However, their efforts failed when Craig and Cooper were killed by the hybrid. Austin proceeded to fire a net-launcher at the creature, briefly subduing it. However, in its struggles to tear the net off, it knocked over a tree, which crushed a fleeing Lee and killed him.