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Leptoceratops lean horned face is a small ascendant horned dinosaur from the family Leptoceratopsidae from the Late Cretaceous North America. As a small herbivore it was probably hunted by a range of small and medium sized carnivores.

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Jurassic Park Franchise

Leptoceratops was featured in the Jurassic Park Institute now available to browse on Dinopedia.


Jurassic Park inspired games

Leptoceratops appears in The Lost World: Jurassic Park when the player plays as the Compsognathus. It can be found in the first two levels, High Ridge and Rainforest where it guards the DNA. Due to its large size, compared to the player, it can do a large amount of damage to the player although successfully killing it does reward you with a lot of health. The main attack of the Leptoceratops is a bucking-goring motion making head on attacks difficult although an attack from behind can do a large amount of damage. It is believed that Leptoceratops could stand and run on its hind legs as well as walk on all fours as it does in the game. The coloration is a bright turquoise with dark blue patterns on its eyes, neck, elbows and knees, alongside a creamy brown underbelly.