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"Prometheus got gored. So will you, you rapacious rat bastard!"
—Ian Malcolm(src)

Dr. Lewis Dodgson is the main antagonist of the Jurassic Park franchise, serving as the overarching antagonist of Jurassic Park and Season 5 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and the main antagonist of Jurassic World: Dominion.

He was the scientist that hired Dennis Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos from Jurassic Park. He makes his return 29 years later as the CEO of Biosyn with mysterious ambitions.


Jurassic Park[]


Jurassic Park - "Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here!" Scene - HD

In Jurassic Park, Dodgson meets Dennis Nedry at an outdoor food court in San Jose, Costa Rica, where Dennis is enjoying some cuisine. Dodgson comes to the cafe in a taxi, but leaves the back door open to the visible annoyance of the driver, which suggests an impolite attitude, lackadaisical behavior, or a combination of both. He tries to look inconspicuous by wearing a hat and sunglasses.

When Nedry recognizes Dodgson, he shouts his name and waves. Dodgson tells him he shouldn't use his real name. Nedry finds this amusing, then shouting Dodgson's name loudly and repeatedly. No one notices with the exception of a couple of restaurant patrons who glance over at Nedry, seemingly annoyed that he is making a spectacle of himself but take no notice of Dodgson. Nedry then arrogantly remarks that no one cares and ridicules Dodgson for acting like he is in a secret agent movie.

Dodgson delivers Nedry half of the money, $750,000, which he is going to pay him for stealing some of the dinosaur embryos. He gives Dennis a modified Barbasol can with a faux bottom, which can be retracted to reveal a place to store the embryos, with a thirty-six-hour coolant period. He also demonstrates to Dennis that the can is still able to pass as an actual can of shaving cream; it can produce the cream.

Dodgson agrees to cover the cost of Dennis' bill for his recent meal, in return for his full cooperation.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

"Out of the Pack"[]

Dodgson, now the Head of Research at Biosyn, arrives on Isla Nublar where Kenji Kon gives him a demonstration of Mantah Corp's mind control chips using Toro. Taking control himself, Dodgson notes that Toro has clearly been through a lot, but "he'll do fine." When Mae Turner asks what he means, Dodgson explains that Biosyn put a lot of money into dinosaurs, but they were left looking like fools when Jurassic World crashed and burned. They need to prove to the world that dinosaurs aren't the bad investment, Masrani and John Hammond were. Daniel Kon is sure that when the world sees a mighty Carnotaurus eating right out of Dodgson's hand, he'll prove his point. However, Dodgson has a wish list of dinosaurs that they must first capture and prove the mind control chips work on before they have a deal including a Dimorphodon, a Carnotaurus and an herbivore of some kind that's not too frightening for the kids. However, Kenji is slightly disturbed to see a Velociraptor on the list, but he knows where Blue likes to hang out. Dodgson is dubious about taking orders from Kenji, but Daniel points out how well his son knows both the island and the dinosaurs.

In the jungle, Dodgson witnesses Kenji's reunion with Bumpy the Ankylosaurus and reluctantly agrees to Kenji's please to find another dinosaur to capture. Kenji leads the group to the ruins of the old Visitor Center, but they find no sign of Blue. Kenji warns them to be on their guard as this is Blue's territory and she knows where to hide and where to hunt. Dodgson is surprised to learn that there's only one Velociraptor on the island and asks about the others that Owen Grady was working with. Kenji tells him that they're gone, pointing out that raptors are pack animals and that Blue wouldn't be alone if there was more. Dodgson demands that they find her then and not waste any more of his time. Hawkes begins making noise in a successful effort to draw Blue out, but Blue flees into the jungle chased by the group.

Dodgson CCS5 Barbasol

Dodgson finally finds the embryos Nedry stole for him during the Jurassic Park incident

While pausing after hearing a noise, Dodgson crouches on the ground and touches what turns out to be the old Barbasol can that he gave to Dennis Nedry now half-buried in the sand. Finding the embryos inside, Dodgson comments that he really could've used it 25 years ago before the group is attacked by a pack of Dilophosaurus. Dodgson narrowly avoids getting hit by the venom of one and becomes cornered by another one behind a tree before Daniel scares it off with a flare. However, they succeed in capturing and mind controlling Limbo and a Dimorphodon. Pleased with the outcome, Dodgson begins discussing with Daniel the terms of their deal for the mind control chips. However, Lana Molina attempts to escape with Dodgson's bag containing the Barbasol can and Biosyn's entire prospectus. Molina is stopped by Kenji and then eaten alive by Compys, much to Dodgson's relief as the things in his bag would fetch a fortune on the black market. Dodgson promises to double Daniel's asking price if he will deliver the assets and mind control chips to Biosyn in two weeks instead of three and Daniel accepts the deal.

"Clean Break"[]

Dodgson watches the loading up of the captured dinosaurs for transport to Mantah Corp Island and admits that he's impressed with Daniel Kon's work. Daniel promises that he'll have the assets and mind control chips ready for him in two weeks, but for the price that he's quoted Daniel, Dodgson demands DNA samples from some of the dinosaurs as well. Dodgson doesn't see the point of control chips if Biosyn doesn't also have the dinosaurs to use them on and Daniel promises to get him the DNA samples as well before they leave. Dodgson thanks Daniel, noting that you never know when someone's gonna turn around and stab you in the back. As he passes Kenji, Dodgson compliments Kenji on his loyalty. Dodgson then boards a plane and leaves the island.

However, since all of the dinosaurs were later released from the mind control by Kenji and the other campers after Kenji had realized his father's true nature by enslaving Bumpy, despite promising Kenji that he wouldn't and Daniel was arrested Dodgson never got the control chips or any dinosaurs delivered to him.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

In the near 30 years since the events of the first film, Dodgson became the CEO of Biosyn Genetics, which still spells a rivalry with InGen.[1] Dodgson first appears as a seemingly friendly figure that comes out to personally greet Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant when they arrive at Biosyn after being invited there by his hired consultant, Ian Malcolm. Leaving them in the care of his trusted employee, Ramsay Cole, Dodgson goes down to his laboratory in Biosyn's lower sublevel to speak with his chief scientist, Henry Wu, whom he had hired after the events at the Lockwood Manor.

Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Dodgson had prehistoric locusts engineered by Dr. Wu to spread genetic modifications to crops. Wu, who was concerned after everything he had been through and perturbed by the insects' rapid breeding and failure to die off, grew frustrated with Dodgson's immorality and irresponsibility, but Dodgson assured Wu that they could fix the problem once they had obtained Maisie Lockwood and the juvenile Velociraptor, Beta, that they could solve the problem.

Lewis Dodgson - JWD

To that end, Dodgson had Maisie and Beta captured, causing Owen Grady and Claire Dearing to enter the frame. Dodgson successfully had her transported to Biosyn via his underling, Soyona Santos, where she was met by Dr. Wu, but Dodgson became paranoid that Wu, who treated her as a person rather than a science experiment of unparalleled success, began showing her classified information relating to her mother, Charlotte Lockwood. When Maisie escapes after releasing Beta, Dodgson begins trying to find her, and discovers that Alan and Ellie have discovered his locusts. Not wanting to be caught and arrested for his crimes, Dodgson stops the hyperloop train to prevent their escape, leaving them stranded in the Dimetrodon habitat, and orders Claire and Owen to be killed by unleashing the local pterosaurs on them.

Dodgson then burns the locusts to destroy the evidence, causing the insects to escape their enclosure and set fire to the sanctuary, whereupon he is confronted by Malcolm, who calls him out for his bioterrorism and convinces his staff not to listen to his ideas. As the Biosyn staff evacuates and rescues the dinosaurs, Dodgson prepares to make a getaway and start anew with Ramsay and the old Barbasol can, presumably containing embryos in case of an emergency where Dodgson needed to start over. However, Ramsay, the true spy in his ranks, reveals that he was the one who gave Ian the information on Dodgson's misdeeds, and had grown disgusted with Dodgson and his methods.

Confronting dodgson

A Dilo spits venom at Dodgson

Dodgson uses a hyperloop car to attempt to escape, only for it to break down when Claire and Ellie deactivate the primary systems. Exiting the train car, Dodgson tries to run down the tunnel, only to run into a group of Dilophosaurus, causing Dodgson to drop the Barbasol can and his other personal belongings. Dodgson tries to hide in the hyperloop car, but the Dilophosaurus sneaks in and as he tries to defend himself, Dodgson meets the same end as his former spy Dennis did nearly thirty years before. The Dilophosaurus trio bombard Dodgson with their paralyzing venom and maul him to death.



  • In a drastic deviation from the book, Dodgson did not return in the second film, and is instead being written out and replaced with a completely original antagonist, Peter Ludlow. This is due to Biosyn being omitted and the main antagonists and story being switched to InGen-leading mercenaries to capture dinosaurs for a theme park in San Diego.
  • In one of the first scripts for Jurassic Park, Lewis Dodgson had been replaced by a new character named William "Bill" Baker.[2]
  • His name is derived from Charles Dodgson, who wrote under the pseudonym "Lewis Carroll".[3] Carroll is most famed for writing the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.
  • Dodgson is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous villains in the Jurassic Park franchise alongside the IDW version of Peter Ludlow, Irene Corts, and the Computer Interface, as all four of them have an endgame goal that would result in a massive number of casualties. He commissioned the Giant Locusts that if left unchecked would have led to worldwide ecological collapse. He is even worse than Vic Hoskins, Eli Mills, Ken Wheatley, Kash D. Langford, and Daniel Kon, who were all also pretty bad and destructive.
  • Dodgson in his Jurassic World: Dominion appearance somewhat resembles Apple CEO Tim Cook.
  • In the extended version of Dominion, when Dodgson tries to delete research files about Hexapod Allies on his computer, an error message shows up on the computer, stating he doesn't have permission to do it remotely and he should go to the main server. Once he arrives at the server, he is approached by Ramsay, who asks him if he sent a rescue team for Grant and Sattler whose hyperloop stopped at the Amber Mines. Ramsay notices he's deleting research files about Biosyn's secret project. He goes on explaining the project's original goal, but it eventually failed, endangering the world's food supply and independent farmers. Dodgson replies that the solution is Maisie and using her to change the locusts' DNA. He then leaves with a hard drive. On the theatrical release, however, Dodgson browses news about locusts spreading worldwide and manages to delete the research files remotely on his computer.


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