In the chapter Lex Tim Murphy discovers his sister Lex and she further finds Dr. Alan Grant. The chapter also reveals the whereabouts of Ed Regis who was last seen in the chapter "The Main Road" and how Dr. Grant survived Rexy's attack from the same chapter.


Tim Murphy finds his sister Lex Murphy coiled inside a large drainage pipe under the road that is a meter long, constantly banging her head against the pipe due to intense fear. Tim tries to convince his sister to get out of the pipe, but Lex refuses to leave her place of hiding. However, after hearing that the adults were on their way to rescue her and her brother she begins calling out to Dr. Alan Grant saying that he saw him sometime before while she was hiding in the pipe. To their luck, Dr. Grant finds them after hearing Lex's calls.

Concurrent to the events above Ed Regis is hiding between two rocks. Though he feels safe, he also feels guilty for leaving the Murphy children to the Tyrannosaurus rex, considering his abandonment of the children he was tasked to take care as selfish. After removing several leeches from his body, he hears Lex's cries to Dr. Alan Grant, which gives him the indication that the people he was with and the overall area is safe. But when Lex's yells end, Ed Regis decides to travel to the camp instead, fearing that the Tyrannosaurus might be still in the area.

Ultimately Dr. Grant and the children decide to wait for Jurassic Park personnel to rescue them instead of traveling to the Visitor Center alone due to the looming threat of the free roaming Tyrannosaurs. Upon agreeing to this decision, the small group hears Ed coughing down the road. The group watches Regis as he is eventually attacked by the Juvenile Tyrannosaur which leads to his death. Disgusted by Ed's death, Tim removes his night vision goggles, accidently getting the attention of the young T. rex due to the metallic sound the goggles made when they hit the ground. With the Tyrannosaur now alerted Dr. Grant and the Murphy children proceed to run away.

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