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Little Eatie is a female Tyrannosaurus rex, and a supporting character in the fourth and fifth seasons of the animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Like every female Tyrannosaur in the franchise, but unlike her mother, Little Eatie's skin is brown in color, and she sports black-gray stripes that goes along the dorsal region of her body, and down her arms and legs. Little Eatie also sports old scars of unknown origins, most likely from her and Big Eatie's previous play-fightings, and gain fresh new scars from her and her mother's fight after they eat the tainted meats orchestrated by Mantah Corp; however, these scars have now healed by the start of Season 5.


Early life[]

Little Eatie and her mother, Big Eatie, are one of the many dinosaurs that were taken from Isla Sorna, and they are currently residing in the forest biome on Mantah Corp's island being studied by Behavioural Paleoneurobiologist Dr. Mae Turner.

Season 4[]

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

One day, Little Eatie comes across her mother, who was originally chasing the campers from Camp Cretaceous, which resulted in the two tyrannosaurs supposedly fighting each other. The campers and Mae watched the fight nearby and out of sight, until Little Eatie and Big Eatie suddenly become docile and nuzzle each other, revealing that they are actually playing, which Darius remembers from their species' face-biting behavior. Mae then takes the campers to her living quarters to leave the tyrannosaurs alone.

Little Eatie and Big Eatie would later be summoned for Mae, Darius and Sammy to observe them feeding together. However, unbeknownst to the trio of observing humans or the mother-daughter dinosaur pair, the meats that the tyrannosaurs were going to eat was tampered by one of the BRADs adding some cube-shaped drugs on to its feeding platform. Upon eating the tainted meats, Little Eatie and Big Eatie begin to fight each other as a result of the drug increasing their aggression levels and making them dull to pain. Mae ordered one of the BRADs to intervene and it successfully tranquilized the tyrannosaurs with knock-out gas. As Little Eatie and Big Eatie fall under sedation, Mae requested another BRAD to provide the tyrannosaurs first aid, while she examines one of the cube-shaped drugs that was found amongst the meats by Sammy and tries to figure out Mantah Corp's true intention for the dinosaurs she's been studying.

"Rude Awakening"[]

After analyzing the functions of Mantah Corp's cube-shaped drugs, Mae and the campers plan to undo the company's further mistreatment of the dinosaurs by having a supply plane deliver a fresh new batch of food to the island, all while the campers would sneak onboard the plane to get home. Mae, Ben and Kenji are on look-out duty to make sure the tyrannosaurs remain asleep, while Sammy and Brooklynn gets rid of the drugged meats, and Darius and Yasmina disables the feeding platform. During look-out duty, Kenji's cold woke the tyrannosaurs up, but Little Eatie is still too hurt to get on her feet, leaving Big Eatie to get some meat for her nourishment.

"The Long Game"[]

Little Eatie is later seen laying down, still hurt and in bad condition. Kenji and Brooklynn observes Big Eatie bringing a slab of fresh meat to nurse Little Eatie back to good health, but Little Eatie is too injured to eat, due to Mae's order to have one of the BRADs provide first-aid never being given. Big Eatie then lays down next to Little Eatie, as Brooklynn and Kenji watch Big Eatie trying to help her child and wonder who would want to harm her daughter. The two then leave to inform Mae of the situation as the two tyrannosaurs rest.

"Mission Critical"[]

By this time, Little Eatie is in a very poor state to the point she is unable to get up. A BRAD would appear and scan both tyrannosaurs to test out their combat capability. The BRAD would conclude that Little Eatie is unsuited for the test due to her severely poor health, while Big Eatie, who is still in good health, would be the perfect candidate. The BRAD and some drones would proceed to separate Big Eatie from Little Eatie, but despite the mother T. rex destroying the robot and briefly reuniting with her daughter, the drones still forced the former away from the latter, who fruitlessly calls for her mother once more before she falls unconscious.

Season 5[]

Little Eatie reunited with her mother after she get freed from mind controlling, they joined the group of the free dinosaurs along with Velociraptors in battling Mantah Corp and their mind controlled dinosaurs. Little Eatie battled the Spinosaurus and got slapped. After knocking the Dimorphodon over, she get knocked over by Toro. Little Eatie got saved by her mother, Big Eatie. After a fight with Spinosaurus, she got taken down. Little Eatie thought her mother died and became sad.

Later, Big Eatie once again faced the Spinosaurus and knocked the Spinosaurus over. Once Little Eatie arrived, she would eventually face and killed the mercenary Hawkes probably as an act of revenge for what he and his boss did to her mother. As Little Eatie joined the fight, the Spinosaurus retreated.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Little Eatie's fate after Mantah Corp Island was discovered and the dinosaurs were taken by the DPW is so far unknown.


  • It is unknown who her father is, as he is not mentioned by anyone in the series, he could possibly have escaped being captured by Mantah Corp and is residing on Isla Sorna, or he may have died of old age.
  • From Seasons 4 to 5, Little Eatie and her mother replaced Rexy as the series' prominent T. rex characters.


Season 4[]

Season 5[]



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