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Lockwood Manor, also known as the Lockwood Estate, is a mansion that was owned by Sir Benjamin Lockwood, located in Northern California. It is the former home of Sir Benjamin as well as Maisie Lockwood, Eli Mills, and Iris. According to Dinotracker.com, coordinates for the manor are 41°14'30.0"N, 124°04'24.4"W, which is Orick, California.[1]

Lockwood Manor is a major setting featured in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


The origins of the Lockwood Manor are not known. What is concretely known is that the home became occupied by Sir Benjamin Lockwood, a wealthy philanthropist and heir to the Lockwood Family fortune. It is not known whether he moved into the Manor or had it built, but by at least the 1980s, Sir Benjamin had taken residency here along with his housekeeper Iris and his daughter Charlotte.

Before the 1980s, Sir Benjamin and his longtime friend John Hammond became business partners and mutually shared a dream of bringing extinct dinosaurs to life. To that end, Hammond and Lockwood used their respective fortunes to fund the creation of the technology to extract DNA from amber. A laboratory was designed and built in Lockwood Manor's subbasement to this end. It is presumed that Henry Wu was also hired at this time to master the technology which would bring the dinosaurs back to life via genetic engineering and extracting dinosaur DNA from fossilized amber. It was there at Lockwood Manor that they eventually succeeded and the first dinosaur DNA from amber was extracted. Hammond and Dr. Wu cloned baby elephants, before moving on to dinosaurs.[2]

The operation was then moved to larger facilities on two islands off the coast of Costa Rica. Lockwood and Hammond backed the creation of a new genetics group, InGen, to hire scientists and continue the work on a larger scale. The first was Site B on Isla Sorna where the dinosaurs were created and bred and released into open wilderness. This was done so the scientists could study the dinosaurs as natural animals. The second site was Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar (after abandoning Jurassic Park: San Diego) where a theme park was built in order to support the massive costs of the technology to create the dinosaurs. The subbasement laboratory was left behind.

Lockwood's daughter was able to visit Jurassic Park sometime before its destruction and downfall in 1993. This operation set back InGen and Hammond and Lockwood's dream. Hammond however was changed by what happened and believed in no longer tampering with nature any longer.

In 2009, Lockwood's daughter Charlotte died from a genetic disease. Before her death, she tried to have a child via cloning. Hammond discovered this, but Lockwood defended her and the two men had a falling out in which Hammond said she was doing an "unholy thing". They never made up and in 1998 Hammond passed away. Years later in 2006, her attempts finally succeeded and Maisie was born. Iris raised this Maisie at Lockwood Manor as Lockwood's health began to decline.[3]

At some point right after graduating college, Lockwood hired Eli Mills who was "young and idealistic" to help run and manage his vast fortune as Lockwood was becoming unable to walk and bed ridden. Mills would do so loyally but as the years passed his ambition grew to securing power for the Lockwood Estate by accepting exploiting dinosaurs and began rebuilding the subbasement and its lab to house dinosaurs and begin new genetics work.

After Jurassic World[]

Lockwood continued to live at Lockwood Manor with Maisie and Iris and Eli Mills. In 2015, the fully operational theme park Jurassic World was brought down by a genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus rex. The Park was then abandoned and the dinosaurs along with it. By 2018, the once dormant volcano Mt. Sibo began to become volatile and was expected to erupt as such a mass that the fall out would likely kill all of the dinosaurs left on the island. Feeling responsibility towards the animals, Lockwood and Eli Mills began plans to secure the dinosaurs on the island and bring them to sanctuary.

Unknown to Lockwood, Mills had been secretly planning to sell the dinosaurs and used Lockwood's fortune to retrofit the subbasement underneath Lockwood Manor. Mills also brought back Henry Wu who had lost his job and was sheltered at Lockwood Manor away from the authorities for creating the Indominus. Mills had Wu create a new hybrid dinosaur which was born at Lockwood Manor and kept hidden away in the subbasement: the Indoraptor.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Claire Dearing is invited to Lockwood Manor to meet with Sir Benjamin and Eli Mills who reveal Lockwood's plan to rescue the dinosaurs and give them sanctuary away from humankind. Claire briefly spots Maisie eavesdropping on their conversation before she is told by Mills of what her purpose is on the expedition.

Later on, Maisie pulls a joke on Iris in Lockwood's museum parlor. After that she is brought to Lockwood himself where he tells her of how similar she is to her mother and that her mother would've saved the dinosaurs if she could. After the eruption of Mt. Sibo, Gunnar Eversol visits the Manor to speak with Eli Mills. Part of the conversation is overheard by Maisie and the two men continue to talk in the subbasement where Mills reveals his true goal to weaponize dinosaurs with the start being the Indoraptor.

Maisie initially tells Sir Benjamin of what she overheard. He dismissed her claims, but agrees to investigate the next day. She later goes to explore the subbasement herself and finds the lab of Henry Wu and computers with old footage of Owen Grady training the Velociraptor Blue. Maisie then hides as Henry Wu and Mills appear arguing about Blue being critically wounded and her importance. Maisie's hiding eventually leads her to the animal pens below where she stands before the Indoraptor's cage. The animal strokes her hair while reaching out before roaring in frustration to reach her. She's found by Mills who brings her back to her room in order for her to not reveal the creature.

Mills himself is called to Sir Benjamin's room where Sir Benjamin reveals that he has learned the truth of what he has actually been doing with the fortune. While Mills argued that he was trying to further expand the fortune for Lockwood, Lockwood hears none of it and orders him to turn himself in. However, Mills instead suffocates Lockwood to death and proceeds with his plan to sell the dinosaurs. As the guests arrive, Mills and Ken Wheatley put Owen Grady and Claire Dearing in the animal pens below to keep them from stopping the auction (as they survived Mt. Sibo and snuck aboard the Arcadia which brought the dinosaurs to Lockwood's). The two were later freed when Owen tricked a caged Stygimoloch into breaking the walls and their locked door. The two then joined Maisie who had made it down to the subbasement after finding Lockwood's body and the trio proceeded to find a way out.

Various species of extinct creatures were sold by Mills and Eversol to the highest bidder in the Lockwood Manor Auction. This included the Indoraptor much to Dr. Wu's frustration. Owen, Claire, and Maisie arrived just as the bidding for the Indoraptor began and Owen decided to put a stop to the auction. Initially trying to cut out the power, Owen changed plans when he reunited with the Stygimoloch and sent the animal to the auction room via elevator where the dinosaur proceeded to ram at guests and security alike. Owen also arrived and fought off armed guards with his bare hands as they shot up the room causing even more panic and chaos as the enraged and humiliated Mills fled. This was followed up by Ken Wheatley opening the cage of the Indoraptor in order to get a tooth from it (after being secured in place by Owen to prevent his buyer from taking him). However the creature tricked and killed Wheatley and escaped. It then killed Eversol and three remaining buyers, before rampaging around the mansion killing many security guards. The enraged Mills and two mercenaries cornered Owen, Claire and Maisie and sadistically revealed that Maisie is clone of Lockwood's daughter. Before Mills can order the mercenaries to kill Owen and Claire, the Indoraptor ambushed the men and killed them, causing Owen, Claire and Maisie to escape as Mills retreated in another direction.

Meanwhile, Franklin Webb - a Dinosaur Protection Group member who also arrived on the Arcadia - masqueraded as a lab assistant for Dr. Wu as the scientists began evacuating. He managed to find his colleague Zia Rodriguez who was handcuffed to the velociraptor Blue. As Wu argued with Zia, Franklin attacked Wu with a sedative that was meant to knock out Wu but instead knocked out the scientists. He then freed his friend before Zia freed Blue in order to fend off two security guards. Blue proceeded to fight the two men but caused one of them to fire their machine gun at tanks of toxic chemicals causing an explosion. Zia and Franklin then tried to save the dinosaurs still left in their pens by fixing the ventilation system.

The Indoraptor proceeded to stalk Owen, Claire, and Maisie throughout the Manor and even injured Claire's leg. The chase then led to Maisie's room and then to the rooftops as Blue arrived to defend her human master and fought the hybrid. On the rooftops, Owen and Claire tried to trick the Indoraptor into falling through the glass roof / ceiling down to the Museum Parlor below. But the animal survived only for it to then be stuck down by Blue and then was impaled by a ceratopsian skull horns, thus ending its reign of terror at Lockwood Manor.

Owen, Claire, and Maisie reunited with Franklin and Zia in the subbasement where Zia revealed the dinosaurs were likely going to die due to the ventilation system being too damaged to save them. Claire released the dinosaurs from their pens and nearly let them loose into the wild but then stopped herself as she realized she could stop blaming herself for their troubles. Maisie would then release the dinosaurs anyway stating that "they're alive, like me", that the fact they are merely living creatures who simply wanted to live was enough reason to do so. The dinosaurs then raced out of Lockwood Manor and triumphantly entered the brand new world.

Outside of the Manor, Mills and two of his men were nearly trampled by the escaping dinosaurs. However Mills got out from underneath his vehicle only to be then attacked and eaten by Rexy who let out a triumphant roar before setting off into the wild and stopping and destroying the rib-bone of the Indominus rex, permanently ending the hybrid problem. Owen, Claire, Maisie, Franklin, and Zia left the manor through the front door and briefly reunited with Blue. But the raptor chose not to return to captivity with Owen and set out into the wild with the rest of the dinosaurs.

What happened to the manor after the incident is unknown. Due to the destruction caused by the Indoraptor, the deaths of Lockwood and Mills, and Maisie getting adopted by Owen and Claire, it’s likely that the manor was abandoned.

Rooms and facilities[]

Museum parlor[]

Lockwood Library Banner

Down the front hall way from the front entrance is a small mini Museum Parlor adorned with large dinosaur dioramas built in large display, similar to real world museum displays or Disneyland. There is also several fossils of prehistoric life ranging from a ceratopsian dinosaur that is the center feature and the fossil of a Smilodon.

The Parlor also has a second level accessible by spiraled metal stairs. The second level has a small library adorned with books Lockwood likely collected over his life and possibly related to the prehistoric past. There is also a backdoor which can get back to the first floor but leads into the diorama displays.

In the climax of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom  the parlor is heavily featured when the Indoraptor stalks Owen, Claire, and Maisie after escaping its cage. It breaks through one of the dioramas attacking the trio before taking off after Maisie.


The subbasement is, as its name implies, a subbasement beneath the actual buildings of Lockwood Manor. It has a large garage connected to it and a second entrance which is a big tunnel leading out of the subbasement where the animal pens are.

Jwfk triceratops ii by gojirafan1994 dcg2lg9-pre

A Triceratops with her infant in a cage at the Manor's subbasement

The actual subbasement has a series of animal pens designed like the ones in modern zoos and are able to house a variety of dinosaurs ranging from small to medium and even large dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Apatosaurus (albeit cramped up). The animal pens are designed with steel gated bars and can lead the animals onto a moving floor system that can move a series of other cages. The mechanism is designed in such away to be able to carry the animal in its cage to other parts of the Manor such as the auctioneer room and to carrier vehicles in the garage.

Above the animal pens is the actual laboratory which is accessible by elevator. The laboratory has spiral staircases allowing for access to the animal pens below. The Lab was upgraded sometime before 2015 and 2018 and has modern equipment and computers for the genetics work. A side control room is where one can monitor all the systems including the electrical power of the Manor and has a security feed with camera footage of other parts of the Manor.

The Subbasement is also the birthplace of the Indoraptor and where the creature lived its entire life until its last living day. It was kept in a closed off pen that was cloaked in darkness. A planned scene in an early draft of Fallen Kingdom explained how the Indoraptor had attacked and eaten the last person who attempted to change the light which is why it lives in darkness.

Auctioneer room[]

The auctioneer room is a large and spacious room with tall ceilings accessible by the elevator. It's original use was as the estate's luxury garage[4].

Ankylosaurus at auction

The Room was used to host the various guests from all over the world to attend Mills' dinosaur auction. The floor of the room was fitted with a contraption that allowed for the cages holding dinosaurs from the subbasement to be pulled in for viewing by the guests. Mills managed to sell several of the dinosaurs to various guests and even managed to sell the Indoraptor to a Russian bidder before Owen Grady and the Stygimoloch ambushed the auction, which ruined the event and caused most of the bidders & mercenaries to evacuate in a panic. 

Later on, the Auctioneer Room was the site of Ken Wheatley's death when the hunter tried taking a tooth off of the Indoraptor. The animal then slaughtered Wheatley and escaped its cage it was abandoned in and proceeded to kill Eversoll and three remaining auction guests at the elevator.

Mills' office[]

Eli Mills' office is seen when Claire first arrives at Lockwood Manor to discuss the rescue mission of the dinosaurs. His office looks like any ordinary office or study. Mills' desk however is advanced technology similar to what was seen at the Jurassic World theme park with a computerized touch screen. Mills used this for business work and could access and drag digitized files and images. It was this screen that he used to monitor the progress of the Isla Nublar operation.

Lockwood's bedroom[]


Lockwood's bedroom is the room in which he sleeps and is hooked up to machines monitoring his health on a daily basis. As he is now bedridden and unable to walk, he spends the most time in this room in bed reading or looking over his scrapbook of Maisie. This room bears a lot in common with the bedroom of John Hammond in his own Estate when he too was ailing.

It is in this room where Sir Benjamin confronts Eli Mills over his betrayal and orders Mills to turn himself into the police. Mills however further betrays Lockwood and tells him what he did was truly an "unholy thing" before suffocating Lockwood with a pillow and killing him. Maisie later stumbles upon Lockwood's dead body here before Mills returns with Iris and pronounces him dead.

Maisie's bedroom[]


The Indoraptor at Maisie's bedroom

Maisie's bedroom is where she sleeps and is adorned much like any child's room. She is shown to be in possession of a variety of toys such as stuffed animals, dolls, plastic horses, and some plastic and stuffed dinosaurs. Her floor has a red rug on it for her to sit on and play with her toys and she has a large bed (for a small child). There is also shelves of books and toys shown on the walls. Hanging over her ceiling and to her bed canopy is lights similar to Christmas lights. Maisie also has a balcony accessible through a glass door which she uses to climb from the sides of the house to the rooftops.

Maisie is locked in her room by Eli Mills when he finds her in the subbasement so as to not reveal what she saw. After the Indoraptor escapes during the auction, Maisie flees to her room when the Indoraptor becomes fixated on her as prey and later it enters her room from her balcony window. The Indoraptor reaches out over her to eat her but is shot by Owen before he can. However, the Indoraptor is unfazed and then fights with Blue the Velociraptor, which allows Owen and Maisie to escape her bedroom through the outside balcony.


Animals brought from Isla Nublar[]




Behind the scenes[]

The exterior of Lockwood Manor was shot in Northumberland, England at Cragside Manor. ILM employee David Vickery and director of photography Oscar Faura spent two days shooting the mansion from all angles, after which it was scanned into digital form.[5] The entirety of the inside of Lockwood Manor was shot on soundstages at Pinewood Studios.[6]



  • As Lockwood's true last blood living relative, Maisie Lockwood technically would be the inheritor of the Lockwood Estate and the Manor. However, her status as a clone puts this into question and she leaves the Manor behind to join Claire and Owen instead, leaving the fate of the Manor and the Estate unknown.
  • Lockwood Manor being an English styled Mansion likely is a hold over from an early version of Fallen Kingdom which initially saw the later events take place in the United Kingdom.
  • In behind the scenes footage, director J. A. Bayona explained that the Indoraptor at Lockwood Manor took on the role of a classic monster in a horror film similar to the Wolfman, Frankenstein, and most famously and inspiring, Dracula/Nosferatu. The scene of the Indoraptor entering Maisie's bedroom is even shot like a similar scene in Nosferatu to invoke the horror feel.
  • The dinosaurs in the dioramas were confirmed again by Jack Ewins on his YouTube channel to be statues, not taxidermy.[7]
  • It is possible that some prehistoric creatures like Suchomimus, Peloroplites, Troodon, Ceratosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus lux, Monolophosaurus, Teratophoneus, and Pachycephalosaurus were taken to the mainland off-screen.