The Lockwood Manor is a mansion that was owned by Benjamin Lockwood, located in Northern California. Various species of extinct creatures (excluding the escaped and surviving Mosasaurus) were to be auctioned by Eli Mills and Gunnar Eversol to the highest bidder in the Lockwood Manor Auction. This included a prototype Indoraptor. However, thanks to Owen Grady, an escaped Stygimoloch attacked the auction as well as many of the buyers while the event was ruined. This was followed up by Ken Wheatley opening the cage of the Indoraptor in order to get a tooth from it. However the creature killed him and escaped. It then killed Eversol and three remaining buyers, before rampaging around the mansion.

After the Indoraptor was killed by Owen, Claire Dearing and the Velociraptor Blue, the captive dinosaurs being hit by gas fumes and Lockwood's granddaughter, Maisie released them since she is a clone of Lockwood's daughter. Mills was then killed by the T. rex and the Carnotaurus. The bone sample of the Indominus rex was destroyed when the T. rex stomped on it, rendering it useless and effectively ending all creation of future hybrid dinosaurs. Owen, Claire, Maisie, Franklin Webb and Zia Rodriguez left the manor as Blue went out in the wilderness.

What happened to the manor after the incident is unknown.


Former residents

Animals that were seen auctioned




Behind the scenes

Although the manor is located in California from an in-universe standpoint, the exterior of it was shot in Northumberland at a house called Craigside Manor. ILM employee David Vickery and director of photography Oscar Faura spent two days shooting the mansion from all angles, after which it was scanned into digital form.[2]



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