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The long grass is a small area on Isla Sorna that is covered by elephant grass. It is near the Worker Village for the InGen employees.


1997 Isla Sorna Incident

It is the site of many InGen Hunters' deaths to Velociraptors, who use the area as primary hunting grounds for the pride that live near the abandoned Worker Village. The field overlooks the Village from slippery cliffs that drop down into the valley where the town is located. The raptors use the large expanses of tall grass to advantage, using them as cover while they stalk any hapless prey that wanders into it. It was in this area where the majority of the Hunters were slaughtered following the panic that overtook them when the adult male and female Tyrannosaurus attacked their temporary camp; the female Tyrannosaurus had given up chasing
them, instead focusing her attention on the waterfall where Dr. Robert Burke met his demise, before she reached the field. Ultimately, many of the Hunters who entered the field, including Ajay Sidhu, met their grisly ends to the Velociraptors, who killed and presumably ate them. Sidhu had tried to warn the Hunters to “don't go into the long grass,” because his past experiences as a big game hunter told him that predators usually used long grass to hide, which the raptors, in fact, did. In the end, it was the deaths of Sidhu and the other hunters that spared Ian Malcolm, Kelly Curtis, Sarah Harding, and Nick Van Owen from the same fate; not only did Van Owen discovering Sidhu’s abandoned pack prompt the group to stop for a moment and allow Malcolm to realize that raptors were in the area, but the raptors were likely preoccupied devouring their victims.

Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey

The long grass is not seen but is mentioned by Simon Tunney, as a place worthily enough to avoid, whether he knows the Raptors are there or not.


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