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The MBX Tanker is a Jurassic World maintenance tanker. It was included as part of Matchbox's Jurassic World toy line.

Exactly which vehicle the tanker is based on in the film is a little difficult to determine (similar to the Rescue Truck). There is a Kenworth T-800 truck seen outside of Paddock 11, but it is a six-wheeled truck versus the MBX Tanker's four. Another, four-wheeled tanker that more closely resembles it is seen parked outside the Costa Rican hangar used for refugees at the end of the film, however it lacks the Jurassic World logo. It does bear a resemblance to the GMC HM-Series tanker Dr. Alan Grant and Eric Kirby hide in in Jurassic Park III.

Although it says "MBX Tanker" on the vehicle's card art, on the bottom it is identified simply as "Utility Truck."

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