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Madison is a tourist seen in Dr. Alan Grant's dig site in Utah.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Dig site girls extended cut

Madison and her friend are tourists in Grant's dig site. While he explains that palaeontology is science and there is truth on the fossils, the two girls are looking down to their phones. Afterwards, the two girls laugh, and Madison reads an Instagram post stating that a T. rex had a small brain. Grant refutes her, saying that the T. rex was smarter than initially thought. The girl points the phone with an Instagram post depicting a T. rex sighting and states that it seemed "random" to dig up fossils while there are living dinosaurs since the '90s.[1]


  1. While the scene where the girls are looking down to their phones is seen in the theatrical release, it cuts the dialogue. However, the full scene was included on the extended edition of Dominion.