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Dr. Mae Turner is a character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. She is a Behavioural Paleoneurobiologist researching dinosaur behavior on Mantah Corp's island.


Hired by Mantah Corp

Prior to June 2016, Mae was employed by Mantah Corp under Kash D. Langford in a clandestine program on their private Island.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 4

Turning Dr. Turner

Mae is observing the Mother T. rex Big Eatie and the daughter T. rex Little Eatie playing, but becomes shocked when she sees the six campers from Camp Cretaceous. While initally doubting their story, she then realizes that it would be crazy for them to make up that they were stranded on Isla Nublar after the Jurassic World Incident. After telling the kids there is no way to call anyone off the island, she allows them to stay at her place, but not before warning them not to go to a specific area. After discovering that Mae works for Mantah Corp, Brooklynn, Kenji, Ben and Yaz check out the place she said not to go to, while Darius and Sammy stay back and ask questions. After getting an alert about an unrecognized form, Mae, Darius and Sammy run to the spot and Mae stops a BRAD from finding and killing the other 4. She tells them that the BRAD is meant to secure the island, but did not know that it did that. After heading back to Mae's place, Sammy explains their situation and why they do not trust Mantah Corp. Mae goes outside to monitor Big Eatie and Little Eatie's eating habits, with Sammy and Darius following her, much to her concern. However, the two dinos get out of control and attack each other, much to the confusion of the trio. After Mae has a BRAD knock them out, Sammy finds something in their food. The three head back and Mae is shocked to learn that a BRAD entered her place and almost hurt the others, as the BRADs were not permtited to go in the caves. Now, trusting Sammy about Mantah Corp, Mae decides to find out what Mantah Corp is doing to the dinos.

Rude Awakening

Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive and tells this to the group. She then tells them that there is a supply plane that comes every two weeks. The group devises a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. While noticing the two Rexes still being hurt, Mae puts in a request for a MED Brad to tend to them. While the group is chased by Big Eatie then a group of BRADs, the latter disobey her orders not to harm the kids, they manage to escape into a cold and snowy biome, where Mae finds a wounded Pierce (Kentrosaurus). Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. Despite saving Pierce, the six are unable to reach the plan, which prompts them to go back to Mae's.

The Long Game

Darius and Ben help Mae with Pierce. After getting him outside and regrouping with Brooklynn and Kenji, Brooklynn and Kenji reveal that Little Eatie is still hurt, which makes Mae confused why the BRADs did not come. She believes that someone is overriding her orders, and that person to be her boss Kash. She goes to confront him but is followed by his BRADs, which make her worried. While a Velociraptor tries to attack her, Kash appears and reminds her that the drones protect them, with the drones surrounding the Velociraptor and another. Mae confronts Kash, which promots Kash to show her her journal of research that he took from her place, much to her shock. Mae realizies that Kash's intention is not to make this island a research facility. Angry at his deception, Mae tells him she won't let him harm her dinosaurs. Kash then turns the BRADs against her and orders them to kill her. While Mae is saved by the other campers who helped destory the BRADs, Mae is then attacked and wounded by a Velociraptor. Luckily Sammy fends off the raptors, and the six take Mae to a place where they won't be found. Meanwhile, Kash finds Mae's jacket on the ground and assumes she's dead.

Mission Critical

Ben tends to Mae, while the others look for a way to get Kash's phone so they can call for help. While Ben tries to help Mae, he hurts her in the process, which causes Mae to react by punching him in the face, though she does apologize.

Staying Alive

Mae is horrified to learn that Darius was captured by Kash. She tells the rest of the group about a platform that leads to the Med bay, and they go there to find Darius.

Technical Difficulties

Mae is shocked to learn from the five that Kash set a BRAD-X loose on Darius. When the campers tell her that Brooklynn shut down and reprogrammed the BRAD-X to communicate with Darius, Mae is impressed.

Taking Control

Mae is shown with the 5, when Ben comes up with a plan to trap Kash. After Darius and Ben trap Kash and reunite with the group, Mae is happy to see Darius. She calls the 6 campers incredible and hugs Darius.

Who's the Boss?

Mae and Ben head to the Medbay so Mae can remove the control chip from Firecracker. Mae and Ben argue over how to bond with dinosaurs, with Ben not liking Mae saying how science and facts allows you to know about dinosaurs. Mae successfully removes the chip from Firecracker, much to Ben's happiness. Darius and Kenji later tell Mae and Ben that Kash is free and is with his boss (President of Mantah Corp). Mae states she never met the president and asks if he is just as bad is Kash. When Darius says his plan is to take Pierce to a new biome and use him as food, Mae states that the new biome was under construction but must have finished. Mae and Ben head to rescue Pierce. After they rescue Pierce, Mae takes Pierce to the platform, while Ben destroys some BRADs, but is pursued by more. Mae encourages Ben to get on the platform, which he does, and it rises. After getting back up, the three are reunited with Darius and Kenji who are being pursued by a pack of Dilophosaurus. Fortunately, they are all saved by Brooklynn, Sammy and Yaz, who scared off the Dilophosaurus with a snowmobile. They are then approached by a group of BRAD-X, which scares Mae and the campers. Kash then arrives, along with the president of Mantah Corp, who is revealed to be Kenji's dad.


Mae geniunely cares about the dinosaurs and is highly empathetic to both dinosaurs and humans. She is initially unaware of Mantah Corp's and Kash's actions. After meeting the 6 campers, she treats them well and tries to help them get off the island, proving to be a hospitable and friendly host while also an intelligent scientist. However, when she witnesses the T-Rexes food being spiked and causing them to aggressively attack each other, Mae realizes what is really going on and becomes determined to oust Mantah Corp. She has a clear hatred of Kash, who she initially didn't see as much of a threat and more of an annoyance, but after witnessing his crimes and his willingness to commit immoral actions such as siccing his BRADs on children and forcing the dinosaurs to fight each other, she acknowledges his cowardice and lack of humanity, showing her clear morality. She does care about the campers and wants to help them the best she can, proving to be one of their first adult allies after Dave and Roxie.



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  • She may be Welsh, as she stated that her middle name is Enfys, which is Welsh for "rainbow".
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