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"Your Jurassic World adventure is sure to begin and end on Main Street!"

Main Street was a street that stretched from the Jurassic World Lagoon to the Innovation Center. The monorail took visitors from the Ferry Landing directly to the Monorail Station Innovation Center.[1] Therefore, for all new visitors of Jurassic World, Main street is the first part of the park they will see after arriving on the island. Main Street, in turn, is a nexus to the rest of the park.

Most tourist facilities in the park are located on the Main Street. The Samsung Innovation Center, Tyrannosaurus rex Kingdom, Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience and Gentle Giants Petting Zoo are located at or near the Main street. Furthermore, the street has 37 shops, 12 sit-down restaurants and 8 cafes.[1]


In 2015, during the Jurassic World Incident, Main Street was the focal point of the evacuation but was attacked by many escaped pterosaurs, resulting in several gruesome injuries and deaths. Later, it was the site of a major battle between several Velociraptors, the park's T. rex, and the genetically-modified hybrid Indominus rex. In the chaos, two of the raptors were killed and much of Main Street was badly damaged, including the Margaritaville restaurant and the Spinosaurus skeleton, before the hybrid was snatched by the Mosasaurus and dragged into the Lagoon to its death.

In the immediate aftermath of the Isla Nublar incident the stranded Camp Cretaceous survivor group raided Main street for supplies and to locate and activate the Distress Beacon that had been hidden on the street for anyone left behind in the event of the Park suffering a major disaster and evacuation. Although they succeeded in achieving their goals, they soon discovered that the Rexy the Tyrannosaurus rex had made a nest in her old paddock just off the street, claiming both as her territory. Because of the T. rex's occupation, the campers were forced to withdraw deeper into the island and eventually return to the location of the former camp.

By this point at least one advertising standee featuring Vlogger Brooklynn could be found on the street. Upon discovering it Sammy Gutierrez expressed a desire to take it with them but it had to be abandoned after being used as a distraction for the T. rex.

One year later in 2016, Main Street was used as a temporary campsite for a group of mercenaries sent to retrieve the I. rex skeleton from the Lagoon. The Tyrannosaurus appeared and attacked one of the mercenaries, Jack. She chased him down Main Street, past Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience, knocking abandoned vehicles out of the way, until he managed to grab a dangling rescue ladder from a helicopter flying above.

In 2018, the joint Dinosaur Protection Group/mercenary rescue team arriving to find Blue drove their Caiman armored cars and truck down Main Street near the Innovation Center on their way to the island's power plant. Ken Wheatley commented that it seemed as though Owen Grady and Claire Dearing had bad memories of the place. "Some of 'em were good," Owen admitted. The convoy had to stop due to a passing Brachiosaurus, which amazed Dr. Zia Rodriguez, before they drove on to the power plant. After Mt. Sibo's eruption, the main street was probably destroyed by lava.

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There was a scene where the Indominus rex is in the Main Street when it encounters a T. rex animatronic and she bites the animatronic's head off but it was cut when the script was being written, due to Steven Spielberg pointing out that people might interpret the scene as saying CGI is much better than animatronics.[2]

The skeleton of the Spinosaurus was originally storyboarded to be a reconstruction.[3]