Maintenance Shed

Ellie Sattler by the Shed

The Maintenance Building (or Power Shed) is one of many used on Jurassic Park. It houses the power core for Jurassic Park and was seen in the novel as well as the movie (but is referred to by a different name).

In both canons, the maintenance building houses the main power for Jurassic Park. The novel canon depicts it having a small garage (not the same Garage that the vehicles are kept in) which housed a tanker truck. The movie canon simply depicts it as a concrete shed, leading underground. Although not seen, it was destroyed by the volcano in Fallen Kingdom.


The interior has many stairwells and lockers presumably for scientists to keep records. It also holds the main power grid, which after activated, turns on 12 known security systems, including:

It is entirely surrounded by a fence, but this fence is not the same as the Perimeter Fence. Possibly in place to keep out visitors.


  • In the novel, another maintenance building, Maintenance Building 04, has a number. Because of this, this building also most likely has a number (possibly 01 due to its close proximity to the Visitor Center), but it was never mentioned in the novel.
  • Part of the set for this was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki for the films, so it couldn't be filmed any more even though the directors wanted it to have more screen time.
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