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"I had to. They're alive, like me."
—Maisie, after saving the Nublar dinosaurs(src)

Maisie Lockwood is the cloned daughter of the late Charlotte Lockwood, the granddaughter of the late Benjamin Lockwood, and the adoptive daughter of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. Maisie was raised for much of her life at Lockwood Manor; before the Dinosaur Outbreak and her subsequent adoption; by Owen and Claire.

Maisie is a major character and portrayed; by Isabella Sermon in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World: Dominion.



Maisie was born in 2008; which means she was born 10 years; before the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. She was created; by Charlotte Lockwood from her own DNA and carried to term like a normal pregnancy, only; without the use of a father. Charlotte was a gifted geneticist and the daughter of InGen, and Jurassic Park founder, Benjamin Lockwood, growing up around the technology to clone the DNA of extinct animals. She created Maisie; by building upon her grandfather's technology and the work of Henry Wu and had succeeded.

Sometime after Maisie's birth, Charlotte had contracted a genetic disease that; would also affect Maisie. But; with her experience as a geneticist, she managed to not only create a cure for the disease; but completely eradicate it from Maisie's body. But sadly this was not able to save Charlotte's life.

After the passing of Charlotte, Benjamin and his housekeeper Iris took guardianship of Maisie, and raised her at Lockwood Manor in Northern California. In both his grief and to protect Maisie from groups like InGen or Biosyn, the true nature of her birth as Charlotte's genetic clone was hidden from her. Maisie also grew around Eli Mills - a businessman entrusted in safeguarding the Lockwood Fortune - as a supervising figure.

Like Maisie's mother, Charlotte, she had an interest in dinosaurs and, with Jurassic Park. Although she would ask much about her mother, Benjamin kept his secrets, regarding Charlotte.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

Maisie Lockwood is introduced at the beginning of the film eavesdropping on Claire Dearing's meeting with Sir Benjamin and Eli Mills. Maisie runs off when Claire spots her and Claire asks Eli about her. Eli reveals to Claire that Maisie is Lockwood's granddaughter and that he had a daughter but perished in a car accident. Thus Maisie and Sir Benjamin are very close.

Later on, after scaring Iris in Lockwood's Museum Parlor, Maisie is brought to Sir Benjamin's room to talk to him. In their conversation about dinosaurs and Maisie's sense of humor (in it being similar to her mother's), Maisie asks if she looks like her. Iris shows a look of concern but Sir Benjamin simply tells Maisie that she does indeed look like her. Maisie then asks if her mother ever visited Jurassic Park to which Sir Benjamin reveals that she did "a long time ago". He also says that like the Dinosaur Protection Group, Maisie's mother would have gone back to save them all.

Some time after this (likely a day or a few days later) Maisie walks in on Eli Mills speaking to Ken Wheatley over the phone (who was on Isla Nublar). Maisie tried speaking to Mills about the dinosaurs only for Eli to yell angrily at her. Horrified at his burst of anger, Eli quickly told Maisie he was on an important phone call and would meet her at the Museum Parlor to talk to her. Maisie then went there.

Later on, Maisie would eavesdrop on Mills meeting with businessman/auctioneer Gunnar Eversol at the parlor. She hid and observed the two speak about selling the dinosaurs from Nublar rather than take them to a sanctuary as Sir Benjamin intended. Maisie would go warn her grandfather about this later on in the evening only for Sir Benjamin to openly dismiss her warnings. However, Sir Benjamin would later follow up on what Maisie said.

The next day, Maisie enters the secret underground laboratory (having seen the access code to take the elevator) and sees footage of Owen Grady taming Blue and the other Velociraptors when they were younger. Towards the end of the video, Maisie hears Mills talking to Henry Wu and attempts to hide. Once she approaches the Indoraptor cell, the hybrid tries to grab Maisie with his arm, scaring the girl and making Mills discover her. A terrified Maisie asks Mills what that animal is only for Mills to lock her in her bedroom and warning Iris to keep her there so as to not interfere with his plans.

By knocking the key out of the keyhole and pulling it under the door with a rug, Maisie managed to break out of her room, and after going to a balcony, climbed the outside of the house to Lockwood's room. To her sadness, her grandfather was dead. After hiding in a nearby dumbwaiter to avoid Mills, Maisie got all the way down to the lab, where she witness Claire and Owen breaking out of the cage they were trap in. At first, Maisie ran away from Claire and Owen as she headed back to the dumbwaiter. However, recognizing Claire as the woman who talked with her grandfather about saving the dinosaurs and Owen as the man in the raptor video, Maisie warmed up to them as she came down from the dumbwaiter. When Claire asked about her grandfather, Maisie broke down and ran to Owen for comfort as she told them that Lockwood was dead. Maisie then goes with Claire and Owen.

After walking through the underground, they get to Eversol's auction from behind some grates, where they see the Indoraptor being brought in. In response to Claire asking about the beast, Maisie replies that they - Dr. Wu and Eli - made it and points out Wu to the two. She and Claire watched as Owen and Stiggy, the Stygimoloch, disrupted and ruined the auction, preventing the Indoraptor from being sold to the Russian buyer.

As the three tried to get out of the Mansion Maisie, Claire, and Owen get cornered by Mills and two mercenaries. Mills, angered over them ruining his plans, demands that Maisie comes with him, but she refuse to go with him as she would rather stay with Claire and Owen. Mills reveals that Maisie is actually a clone herself because Sir Benjamin Lockwood wanted his daughter back, which horrifies Maisie. The confrontation is interrupted when the mercenaries are attacked and killed by the Indoraptor. They proceed to run from the Indoraptor in the great hall. After Zia Rodriguez and Franklin Webb accidently turned the lights in the parlor back on (in an attempt to reboot the basement's power system), Maisie fled after the Indoraptor attacked them inside a diorama.

Maisie barely manages to get away via a dumbwaiter and pulls herself up to her bedroom and hides under the covers. The Indoraptor however climbs up the Manor walls and into her bedroom upside down. It slowly approached her and reached one arm out over before being shot at by Owen. Though the bullets didn't harm the animal it was enough of a distraction before Blue the velociraptor arrived to fight it off. Owen then helped Maisie climb out the terrace and onto the roof as the dinosaurs brawl continued. They were chased onto the sunroof above the parlor where Maisie nearly slipped off but was saved by Owen. The Indoraptor crawled on all fours to try and get to them but was slow due to the weather and the sensitivity of the glass roof.

This was when Claire arrived with the laser tracking gun to distract the animal and trick it. Owen helped by leaping at the animal where it then broke through the glass roof but managed to hold on. As Maisie and the other two watched in horror, a recovered Blue tackled the Indoraptor through the roof where it was gored by a ceratopsian skull, killing it for good.

Shortly after, Zia and Franklin arrived to tell the others about the situation in the sub-basement where toxic gas was being released that could kill all the captive dinosaurs. While a guilt ridden Claire nearly released all the dinosaurs, she ultimately stopped herself as she came to terms with her own self blame and actions. Maisie however couldn't stand to see the dinosaurs suffer and released them. Her reasoning that "They're alive. Like me." The animals then were finally free to claim the wider wilds of the world as their new kingdom. The T. rex amongst them, even killing Eli Mills.

Maisie then watched as Owen and Blue reunited one last time before the Velociraptor fled into the wilderness. With no where else to go and both her guardians gone, Owen and Claire decided to take Maisie with them as they became both her new parents while she became their daughter.

Off the Grid[]

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The Yosemite Six[]

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Jurassic World: Dominion[]

For the next four years, Maisie, now 14 years old, has been raised by Owen and Claire in an isolated cabin in an attempt to protect her from people who might want her because of her status as a clone, which has her feeling frustrated with her parents/guardians' overprotectiveness but knows they're just looking out for her. Although she got to know and spent time with her adoptive parents, Maisie felt that; Claire and Owen weren't her real ones; but it maybe; due to missing her grandfather and Iris as they were her family; before losing them.

But Maisie was struggling to know who she is and wanted answers about her biological mother, but her adopted parents couldn't give her any because they don't know Charlotte well. Also, due to living in isolation, Maisie would go into town out of frustration sometimes, although she also did so to explore the outside world, due to living in a mansion for most of her life. One day, Maisie finds out that Blue was living nearby and had a child of her own. Maisie bonds with Blue's offspring but her mother came and almost attacked her in defense, but Owen came to calm her down.

Henry Wu and Maisie at Biosyn lab

Wu reveals to Maisie her true origin

After Owen left to be sure no one was around, Maisie wanted to follow her father, but he told her to stay. However, Maisie decided to follow her father anyway but gets kidnapped by Biosyn and taken to their research facility. While there, Maisie discovered that they kidnapped Blue's offspring as well and decided to name her Beta. Also, through Henry Wu, Maisie found out that her biological mother was able to produce her without a mate and died from a genetic illness. Hearing this, Maisie asked Henry if she also had the illness, but he told her that her biological mother saved her by altering her DNA. Understanding her grandfather's intentions of protecting her biological mother and herself, and now knowing who she is, Maisie decided to escape back to her adopted parents and released Beta.

After heading to one of the floors, Maisie heard screaming and saw two people coming out of one of the rooms. Maisie recognized the two as Dr. Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant from Jurassic Park as she asked them what they were doing in Biosyn. When Ellie asked her the same question, Maisie introduces herself to her and Alan as she tells them that her grandfather knew John Hammond. Maisie figured out that Ellie and Alan don't work for Biosyn as she goes with them to escape the building. Through the help of Ramsay Cole, Maisie, Ellie and Alan escape through a hyperloop.

During the ride on the hyperloop, Maisie was told by Ellie that she knew her biological mother as she tells her about Charlotte. Hearing that Charlotte wanted to give the life that she didn't had while she was growing up, Maisie realized that she got that chance through Claire and Owen, and are her real parents. However, after the hyperloop stopped, Maisie, Ellie and Alan decided to leave instead of waiting for it to run again, as they found themselves in a large mine. Maisie asked Ellie and Alan if they're together, which they denied, but admit that they're still friends. However, Maisie figured out that Ellie and Alan had feelings for each other.

Then, Maisie, Ellie and Alan were attacked by Dimetrodon as they headed for a gate that could get them out of the mine, but it was locked. However, through the help of Ian Malcolm, Maisie, Ellie and Alan were able to get out of there then left in a car that their friend brought. Unfortunately, Maisie, Ian, Ellie and Alan see that the Lewis Dodgson, the head of Biosyn, was trying to destroy the evidences through burning a group of insect. After falling down a hill inside the car they were in, Maisie sees her parents, who set out to rescue her and Beta, as she gets out of the car and embraced her family. When her parents see Ellie, Alan and Ian, Maisie told Owen and Claire that they not only helped her escape but also saved her.

The group hiding from the Giga

But Maisie and the group were almost attacked by a Giganotosaurus at a research outpost, but escaped from it. Maisie accompanied her father and Alan in finding Beta. After finding Beta, Maisie used what her father taught her about handling raptors to help Owen knock her out in order to bring her back to Blue. Maisie and the group meet up with Henry as he tells that he can fix the mistake Biosyn has made. Seeing the group's uncertainties about trusting Henry, Maisie assured her parents and friends that they can because her biological mother would. After escaping Biosyn, Maisie and her parents bring Beta back to Blue, then said goodbye to them. Maisie and her parents were last seen sitting at a camp fire making s'mores together as a reconciled family.

Personality and traits[]

Maisie was playful and enjoyed pretending to be a dinosaur, as she would scare Iris just for fun. Due to not knowing her biological mother, Charlotte Lockwood, Maisie at times would get curious about her and wanted answers, as her grandfather, Sir Benjamin Lockwood, gave her half-truths about her. Also, Maisie seemed to have a happy life with her grandfather, Iris, and Eli as they were the only people she trusted. However, Maisie began to find out Eli's true colors as she overheard him talking to someone about selling the dinosaurs instead of rescuing and tried to tell her grandfather but he didn't believe her. Due to no one believing her, Maisie decided to find out what Eli was up to on her own.

After the death of Maisie's grandfather, she was heartbroken that she lost the only family she had and Eli dismissed Iris. Unfortunately, Maisie's depressed state became worse when she found out that she was clone of her deceased mother and Eli never cared about her as a person, only someone who can be use for experiments and money. But Maisie cheered up when she bonded with Claire and Owen as they don't care if she was a clone or not. Through their kindness and selflessness, Maisie accepted being taken in by Owen and Claire as they adopted her as their daughter.

As a teenager, Maisie went through an identity crisis as she wanted to discover who she is and how she came to be. Due to Maisie living in isolation for most of her life, she secretly took trips into town to explore the outside world without telling her adopted parents, who fear losing her but they found out about them and tried to get her to open up to them. Also, Maisie picked up her adopted parents traits as she has Owen's enjoyment of outdoor living and survival skills, and Claire's devotion and her old cold attitude. Maisie also has her adoptive parents tendency to make snark comments. Although she cares about Owen and Claire, Maisie felt like they weren't her real parents and only saw them as her care takers, and believed that they felt the same way about her.

But after being kidnapped by Biosyn and Henry Wu told Maisie the truth about her origins, she discovered how she came to be and see how much her biological family cared about her. Also, through Ellie's help and being told as to why her biological mother created her, Maisie realized how badly she had treated Claire and Owen, as she comes to the realization that her adoptive parents did consider her their daughter. Seeing that Claire and Owen came to get her, Maisie embraced them as her real parents and reconciled with them. Through those events, Maisie felt closer with her parents and comes to appreciate what she has.

Maisie loves dinosaurs as she sees them as living creatures and even emphasizes with them. Although she cares about dinosaurs, Maisie developed a fear of Velociraptors ever since the events with the Indoraptor. However, she bonded with Blue's child as she named her Beta and was the only person she trusted, even helping her escape from Biosyn and helped her father get her so they can bring her back to her mother. Also, Maisie seems to have empathy abilities as she became a good judge of character, as she quickly realized that Ellie and Alan have feelings for each other, and that Dr. Wu was truly remorseful for his actions.


Maisie Lockwood is a Caucasian young girl, currently standing 4'10", with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. Her physical appearance is identical to her mother as an adolescent as seen in photographs of a young Charlotte Lockwood.

In Fallen Kingdom, she wore a red hooded shirt, blue pants, and red converse. Her hair was usually long and free but at times kept up in a ponytail. In Dominion, growing older, she wore a green cotton jacket, green-black beanie, a black shirt, a red hoodie, blue pants, and red converse. Her windbreaker jacket had various patches including one of a lion. Later, she wore a blue leather jacket along with her blue pants in the end of the film.


Charlotte Lockwood[]

Charlotte loved her daughter dearly and created Maisie out of a desire to have a child and be a mother. As she was unable to concieve she sought a means via cloning her DNA to make a near exact copy of herself and also carrying a baby to term. Charlotte even created a means of eradicating a deadly disease from Maisie's body before she died. Maisie would grow up curious about her mother and what her exact relationship was to her.

The revelation by Eli Mills leading Maisie to view herself as "not a real person" and just Charlotte's clone giving her mental trouble. But it was through Henry Wu and Ellie Sattler that she learned not only that she was truly Charlotte's daughter but that Charlotte greatly cared for her as a mother and saw her value as a human being.

Sir Benjamin Lockwood[]

Maisie cared a lot for her grandfather, Sir Benjamin, who raised her the best he could given his illness and advancing age. The two got a long quite well as Maisie shared his interest in dinosaurs which reminded him of Charlotte. Sir Benjamin cared for Maisie deeply as he did for his daughter. He also wanted to ensure her true origins as a genetic clone of Charlotte were kept hidden which was why she was isolated from the wider world. Upon his death at the hands of Eli Mills, Maisie was distraught and shed many tears, only being consoled when Owen and Claire took her in.

Iris Carroll[]

Iris as the housekeeper of the Lockwood Estate raised Maisie and her "Mother" before her. She is somewhat stern with Maisie and tries to implore her to be a proper young girl (even showing annoyance at Maisie pronouncing words in general American English rather than "Queen's English"). Iris is also quite protective of Maisie but did not argue with Eli Mills when ordered to leave Lockwood Manor and Maisie behind.

Eli Mills[]

Eli Mills likely has known Maisie all of her life due to being hired straight out of college by Sir Benjamin. Before the major events of Fallen Kingdom, it appears Mills and Maisie got along well enough. When Mills burst out in anger at Maisie for intruding on his phone call, Mills appeared to be genuinely remorseful for scaring her. When Maisie discovered his secret operation, she saw the different side of Mills and tried to warn her grandfather about it. Then when he saw her sneaking around the sub-basement and locked her in her room, she saw the cruel side of Mills and became afraid of him.

Later, after the auction is taken down, Mills angrily tries to take back Maisie from Owen and Claire. While this could have been; due to controlling the Lockwood fortune, Eli sadistically and openly says that; he knows what Maisie "actually is". Thus; implying him knowing the truth about her meant he was better equipped for caring for her. But Eli did not hesitate to runaway from Maisie after the Indoraptor suddenly attacked his guards.

Owen Grady[]

While sneaking around, investigating the secret lab below the Lockwood Manor, Maisie sees the video of Owen Grady researching the four raptors (Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo) she saw his compassion through the footages. Later, she met up with Owen and Claire back under the manor. While scared of them at first, Maisie recognized Owen, talked about seeing his footage and puts her trust in him. She develops an attachment to Owen as he and Claire protected her from the Indoraptor and Mills mercenaries. Even when Owen learned the truth that she is a clone of Lockwood's late daughter, he, along with Claire, accepted Maisie as a person regardless of her origins.

After the dinosaurs were set free and having no where to go, Maisie was taken in by Owen and Claire as they adopt her as their daughter. Maisie seems close with her adoptive father and looks up to him. Also, Maisie picked up her father's traits as she enjoyed doing outdoor activities and was taught various skills to survive. In addition, Maisie would go out of her way to help her father in anyway she can and learned survivals skills through him. After getting kidnapped by Biosyn, the first thing Maisie had in mind when she realized what they want with her was getting back to her father and mother. Upon reuniting with her father, Maisie was happy to see Owen again. Maisie quickly picked up her father's skills in handling raptors.

Claire Dearing[]

Claire and Maisie

Claire holding Maisie out of caring.

Earlier, Maisie witnessed Claire Dearing speaking to her grandfather about saving the dinosaurs from the volcanic eruption in Isla Nublar. Days later, she met up with Claire and Owen under the manor. While scared of them at first, Maisie realized that Claire was the woman she saw days ago and knew that she can be trusted. The two quickly become attached, with Claire and Owen protecting Maisie from Mills' mercenaries and the Indoraptor. Even when Claire learned that she is the clone of Lockwood's late daughter, she, along with Owen, accepted Maisie as a person regardless of her origins.

After the dinosaur were set free and having no where to go, Maisie was taken in by Claire and Owen as they adopt her as their daughter. Maisie does get along with her adoptive mother but gets annoyed when she would get overprotective of her, although she understands that she was just looking out for her. Maisie felt that Claire didn't care about her very much and wasn't considering her as her mother, even telling her just that. However, Maisie regretted for saying that to her adoptive mother, especially when she got kidnapped by Biosyn. Through Ellie's help, Maisie realized that Claire was the real mother she has always wanted and that she truly does care about her. After reuniting with her mother, Maisie reconciled with Claire and was happy that she came for her.


Although Maisie had no actual relationship with Blue at first, she had learned that Blue is a completely different kind of Velociraptor that would never attack or kill any person, and is nothing compared to those who came before her.

In the lab of Lockwood Manor, Maisie watches one of Owen's 2013 baby Raptor training videos on Blue and Delta, and understands Blue's connective bond with Owen, causing her to have genuine respect for her. It's possible that Owen will show Maisie everything she needs to know about Blue and how to build a relationship with her when they see the Velociraptor again.

Henry Wu[]

Henry Wu and Maisie had not properly interacted or spoke to each other until her capture at the hands of BioSyn. Understanding her anger and distrust of him, as the creator of the Indoraptor, Henry chose his words and demeanor carefully and decided to tell Maisie the whole truth about her situation. He also revealed how he knew Charlotte and considered her a better geneticist than even he was (an especially high compliment given his achievments).

Wu had no ultierior intentions for Maisie as a scientist and only sought to help her out of respect to Charlotte and as a kind human. This impression was enough so that; Maisie willingly let him take samples of her blood; in order to stop the global locust plague. After reuniting after Maisie's escape, Maisie vouched for Wu; when Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm voiced their mistrust of the scientist.

Kayla Watts[]

Kayla first met Maisie when the two were at the Malta Airfield. Kayla having delivered Beta seperately from Maisie who was brought on a private plane as planned by Soyona Santos. Kayla asked who Maisie was, she was told to ignore the girl and accept her payment. Not wanting trouble from her employeers, Kayla headed off to the Amber Clave Market where she bumped into Claire who was searching for Maisie. Although Kayla recognized Maisie and felt guilt on her concious, she told Claire she couldn't get involved.

But Kayla changed her mind; when spotting Claire being chased; by one of Santos' Attrociraptors and saved her and Owen. Now agreeing to help the two get to BioSyn and rescue Maisie as she realized that; she could've done something sooner. Upon reuniting the parents with her daughter, Maisie recognized Kayla and held no ill will to the pilot. Later on, Kayla would help save Maisie's life with a flare to distract the Giganotosaurus, allowing the girl and her parents to get to the BioSyn chopper and finally get out of harms way.

Ellie Sattler[]

Maisie was familiar; with Ellie Sattler, likely from public knowledge of the Jurassic Park incident, from stories from her grandfather, and her interest in dinosaurs. She first met the paleobotanist when bumping into Ellie and Alan Grant in the BioSyn sublevels before making their escape. It was during the tram ride that Ellie told Maisie that; she knew her mom and had met her years before she was born at a conference.

It was also through Ellie that; Maisie learned Charlotte created her not entirely out of scientific curiosity but because she wanted a daughter of her own, to grow up and live a full life. Later, Maisie questioned Ellie about having kids and was confused that she and Alan weren't married.

Ellie continued to act as Maisie's protector as they fled from Dimetrodons, drove through falling flaming locusts, and tried evading the Giganotosaurus. Claire even thanking Ellie personally when she was finally reunited with her daughter. Ellie even running out when Maisie and her parents were nearly crushed to death by the Giganotosaurus and rushing her to the BioSyn chopper.

Alan Grant[]

Maisie was familiar; with Alan Grant, likely from public knowledge of the Jurassic Park incident, from stories from her grandfather, and her own interest in dinosaurs. She first met Alan when bumping into him and Ellie Sattler in the BioSyn sub-levels before making their escape together. Although Alan was once awkward around kids, he took a protective role towards Maisie to make sure she was safe. Maisie would later question if he had kids to which he replied no. This only confusing the girl that Ellie had two but not with Alan.

Later, after reuniting with her parents and escaping the Giganotosaurus, Maisie insisted than Alan help her and Owen find and capture Beta, Blue the velociraptor's daughter, since he was a raptor expert. The three would go on to do so, with Alan co-operating and showing amazement at Maisie able to distract the raptor with signal commands.

Ian Malcolm[]

Maisie first met Ian Malcolm; when he arrived at the Amber Mines security gate and drove them through the BioSyn Valley. She was likely familiar; with the Chaotician; due to his celebrity personality in addition to his books and involvement in the Jurassic Park incident.


Maisie and Beta's relationship can be seen as a reflection of their parents', Owen and Blue. Maisie was able to bond; with Beta quite quickly and; when she was kidnapped, she seemed to be more concerned about Beta than anything else. This relationship grew; when Maisie learned that; they were both asexually born. Maisie was also able to keep Beta under control; by using some of her father's raptor training; with Blue.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Maisie Lockwood was portrayed by English child actress Isabella Sermon. Fallen Kingdom was Sermon's first major film role and first major starring role. The first hints at the character of Maisie were with the early casting calls in 2016 which described needing "a nine to ten year old girl" who could film dramatic scenes. Sermon was also likely chosen due to Maisie's heritage being English (in spite of being born in the United States).
  • It was rumored and believed the character would be named "Lucy". Eventually Isabella Sermon was revealed to have gotten the part. The first promotional image for Fallen Kingdom in 2017 featured an image of Sermon as Maisie standing in Lockwood's Museum. (This being a quick shot of Maisie standing in the elevator). Sermon's scenes were filmed in the U.K. on sets at Pinewood Studios and entirely took place at Lockwood Manor.
  • Although no major news outlet announced it, Sermon was always intended to return in Jurassic World: Dominion. Definitive proof of her return was first shown via Colin Trevorrow's Twitter and Instagram where he posted photos of Sermon on set in Canada.


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  • Maisie is the first human character in the franchise who is a clone.
  • According to writer and producer Colin Trevorrow, Maisie was born 9 years before the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.[1] This would make people believe that her year of birth was 2009.
    • However, the script for Dominion later stated that she is 14 years old, and considering that Dominon takes place in 2022, this would make her official year of birth 2008.
      • While originally believed that Charlotte died years before Maisie's birth, due to it hinted that this was what led to the fallout between Sir Benjamin Lockwood and John Hammond, this is revealed as not the case with Dominion's reveal that Charlotte gave birth to Maisie.
  • Following Sir Benjamin Lockwood's unfortunate death at the hands of Eli Mills; Maisie has likely inherited his estate and money; since the world believes that she is his granddaughter, unaware that she is actually a clone of his late daughter, Charlotte Lockwood.
    • Jurassic World: Dominion reveals that Maisie's clone status is public and she has to go into hiding, so it's more than likely that she didn't inherit her grandfather's fortune.
  • It has been debated that Maisie actually saved the world by freeing the dinosaurs which leads to the T. rex of Isla Nublar eating Eli Mills and destroying the I. rex bone, because if she didn't, Mills would have escaped with the bone and create more hybrid dinosaurs; which are more dangerous than the existing dinosaurs.
  • There's a theory that Maisie may be part dinosaur, since she was cloned and due to some of her mannerisms; but Colin Trevorrow's confirmation that human and dinosaur DNA will not be mixed, and has not been in the past; this theory is debunked.[2]
  • The idea for the character was that Maisie Lockwood will be named Lucy Lockwood, but was discarded during the pre-production.
  • In one of Maisie Lockwood's childhood photos, she is seen wearing a pink dress mid-twirl; meaning she may have been a ballerina, although this is not confirmed.
  • Maisie is very similar to the Pokémon character Amber.
    • They are both cloned by their fathers; who lost their original daughters from a car accident. Although in Maisie's case, it turned out over time that this story was fake. In fact, she was not created by her grandfather, but by Charlotte, and her "mother" did not die in a car accident, but of a genetic disease.
  • Maisie is the only child character so far to never set foot on Isla Sorna or Isla Nublar.
  • The scene of Maisie feeding Beta some toast acts as a mirror of Cathy Bowman feeding a Compsognathus roast beef sandwich in the beginning of The Lost World.


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