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The Malta Skirmish was an incident that occurred in Malta after Barry Sembène and some of his men attempted to thwart a smuggling operation while Claire Dearing and Owen Grady were searching for their kidnapped daughter Maisie Lockwood.


Following the dinosaur breakout in 2018, Owen, Claire, and Maisie now live in isolation along with Blue and her newly hatched baby named Beta in Sierra Nevada. Maisie, annoyed with living in private due to the world believing she is a clone, regularly sneaks off to the nearby town despite Owen and Claire’s warnings.

Owen who regularly helps dinosaurs by rounding them up is watched by Rainn Delacourt, who is employed by Soyona Santos and ultimately Biosyn genetics who need Beta and Maisie for research purposes, knowing that the way to find them is by following Grady, who leads Rainn and his henchmen to Owen’s and Claire’s cabin. Rainn informs Santos that Maisie and Beta are there.

Some time later Rainn sets a trap for Beta and spots Maisie attempting to leave, Blue and Beta then spring the trap and Beta gets caught in it, Rainn and his men arrive in a pickup and rammed Blue down a hill which Blue is unable to up from to get her Baby. The thugs grab Beta and drive off. However, Owen spots them with Rainn trying to shoot him but only hitting a tree. Meanwhile on the bridge Maisie is approached by Biosyn employees and is captured. Owen then runs back to the cabin and gets his rifle and informs Claire of the situation which he tells her in their car. However, Blue appears distressed, and Owen realises that Beta has been taken as well. Grady attempts to calm her down; however, Blue claws Owen on the arm and leaves, with Grady promising to get Beta back to her.

Owen and Claire then get into their car and drive off with Claire telling Owen she knows someone at the CIA Dangerous Species Division, where Franklin Webb now is employed. Webb receives a call from Claire and states to her she is a subject of interest, Webb then asked where she and Grady are and is told they are outside. Franklin speaks to the couple and tells them that the man who shot at Owen is Rainn Delacourt and informs them many former Jurassic World employees were recited to the CIA, including Barry, who is undercover in Soyona’s operations. Also, Webb says that there is a deal going down in Malta, and Franklin also tells the pair not to mess anything up.


After being captured by Rainn Delacourt, Maisie is transferred to Biosyn HQ, but on the airfield she is noticed by pilot Kayla Watts who questions one of Soyona’s guys, who says it’s none of her concern.

After learning from Franklin Webb about Barry’s undercover operation, Owen and Claire arrive in Malta and are greeted by their old friend. Claire asks Barry why he didn’t choose a simple life to which Barry replies he did start up his own business which only lasted three weeks. Barry then gives the two of them an earpiece to listen in, but not to do anything. The trio then proceed to the black market and pay a man on the door who lets them in.

Once inside, Barry and Owen position themselves on the rooftop and Claire stays inside ready for what’s next. Owen and Barry watch Sonya and Rainn do a deal. When the deal is nearly complete, the agents spring into action and a shootout occurs between Santos’ men and the agents which results in a few casualties, Santos and Delacourt then escape with Owen giving chase to Rainn. This leads them into the market. Rainn tries to slow Owen down by shooting the cage doors of a Carnotaurus and Allosaurus, which causes havoc in the Market. The two dinos eat some of the market’s attendees, Owen is able to tackle Rainn into a fighting pit, Rainn attempts to stab Owen; however, Owen's fighting skills prevents Rainn from doing this.

Rain is ultimately pinned down and his hands bitten by a juvenile Carnotaurus and a Lystrosaurus. Owen then interrogates Delacourt, who reveals that Santos has Maisie, then a juvenile Baryonyx who was chained up escape and kills Delacourt. Owen then tells Claire to pursue Santos.

Meanwhile, the intelligence agents have eyes on a lorry carrying the Atrociraptors and blow its tires causing the vehicle to crash in a boat docking area which makes the cages fall off, spreading them everywhere. Barry and the agents surround the lorry and hold the driver at gunpoint. However, Santos arrives on scene and demands the driver to release the raptors. The driver then complies and releases the predators. Claire spots Santos and pursues her.

At the same time the raptors kill all the agents apart from Barry, who is able to hide in a boat. Claire chases Santos in a family’s house and engages in a fight with her, with Santos attempting to stab her with a kitchen knife. However, Claire electrocutes her with a taser she got off one of the raptor’s cages. Claire interrogates Santos about Maisie, and she reveals that Biosyn has her. Before Claire can do anything, unknown to her, Santos calls Tiger in the room. It chases Claire out the room and along the rooftops Claire is able to hang on some railings and falls into the back of a van which Kayla Watts is in and Watts is able to drive to safety but chased by two of the raptors. Claire is able use to a pole to briefly knock out Tiger.

Meanwhile, Owen arrives where Barry is hiding from the raptors and helps Barry lure Red back in her cage. Santos arrives and Barry arrests her at gunpoint. However, she is able to use her laser to tag Owen for the raptors to chase and kill. Owen finds a bike and heads to the location Claire told him about which is an airfield.

Claire and Kayla are able to lose the raptors and head to the airfield. Watts starts up the plane and begins taxiing for takeoff, Owen arrives at the airfield but is still chased by two of the raptors. However, Panthera falls whist on the runway. Owen is able to board the back of the plane, but Ghost is able to get in the aircraft as well, but the bike falls on her, both of them fall in to the ocean, presumably killing Ghost. Owen, Claire, and Kayla then head to Biosyn HQ.


Following the incident, Santos is able to contact Biosyn and warn them that Maisie’s parents will arrive at their HQ. After Santos’ arrest, the Black market presumably becomes inactive.

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