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Malusaurus was a fictional dinosaur that was, at one point during development, intended to be the main antagonist dinosaur of what would eventually become Jurassic World (Then known as Jurassic Park IV). The Malusaurus was going to be a species of dinosaur discovered in China during the opening of the movie.[1] It was later replaced by the hybrid species "Diabolus rex", which would eventually become the Indominus rex.


  • The Jurassic Park IV draft that Malusaurus was featured in featured Owen and Claire, though they were known as Vance and Whitney, respectively.[1]
  • The spine of Malusaurus' resemble those of Acrocanthosaurus.
  • The Malusaurus was pitched in 2012, when Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were hired to write a Jurassic Park IV script,[2] which was subsequently taken over by Colin Trevorrow, who would soon change the title to Jurassic World and change the script drastically.
  • If the Malusaurus draft of the script was to be the final iteration of the screenplay, it would be the only fictional species of dinosaur in the movie series to not be a hybrid, that was not a variant, but a separate genus entirely.

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