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Mantah Corp is a bioengineering and a genetic-oriented company that is the main antagonistic faction of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The company is often seen sending spies to attempt to acquire InGen’s and Masrani Global's research and technology for their own uses. According to Darius Bowman, Mantah Corp is a rival to Biosyn as well, confirming that it is a separate entity from Biosyn.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, Daniel Kon implies that Mantah Corp collapsed after its illegal activities were exposed, commenting that the Nublar Six had "brought down" the company and Ben mentions that the Kon family lost their fortune after Daniel's arrest.


Pre-1982: Founding of Mantah Corp[]

At the moment little is known about Mantah Corp’s creation, including its country of origin or the people involved with founding it. Since Mantah is a parent company, not a holding company, it was probably founded first and acquired or founded its subsidiaries at a later date. The company’s name is a play on words, referencing the “manticore,” a fearsome hybrid animal with origins in ancient Persian mythology. Manticores are depicted as having human heads, while the rest of the body resembles a lion’s; it usually has quills like a porcupine or the tail of a scorpion. The word “manticore” literally translates to “man-eater.”

1982-1997: De-extinction tech race[]

Mantah Corp has made use of corporate spies for much of its history. Through one of these criminal acts, it discovered that a rival company, International Genetic Technologies, was pursuing a seemingly-impossible goal: de-extinction, the act of bringing extinct species back to life. InGen’s goals were astonishingly lofty. Their scientists aimed not only to resurrect extinct species, but to reach farther back in time than experts thought possible. InGen was using Mesozoic-aged amber to obtain fragmentary ancient DNA samples of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. Mantah Corp began pursuing this avenue of research as well, competing with not only InGen but other companies such as BioSyn Genetics to be the first to accomplish, perfect, and profit from de-extinction.

InGen was the first to succeed at the first step, creating a de-extinct life form. An artificial ovum was test-fertilized in 1984, and ancient DNA was first extracted in 1985. Actually collecting enough ancient DNA to build a complete genome was a time-consuming and expensive process, but in 1986, InGen hired geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, who developed creative ways to speed up the process and save money. His secrets were heavily guarded, but they involved the use of modern species as donors to replace decayed segments of ancient genomes. InGen cloned its first dinosaur in 1986 as well.

But it was still a long time before de-extinction would turn InGen a profit. Mantah Corp struggled to keep up, as did BioSyn and the other contestants in the tech race. InGen knew that corporate spies were a threat and kept its practices hidden at remote locations. It was building a facility called Jurassic Park in San Diego to house de-extinct animals in the early 1980s, but abandoned it in 1985 as to build on the Costa Rican island of Isla Nublar instead. InGen’s CEO, John Hammond, is said to have relocated because an island location would be grander in scale, but it also meant that corporate spies would have a harder time sneaking in. Research was being conducted elsewhere; the dinosaurs arriving to Isla Nublar by boat were already maturing. It is not known if Mantah Corp, or any of InGen’s rivals, knew where the dinosaurs were being bred.

The first dinosaurs came to Isla Nublar in 1988, by which time Jurassic Park was well under way with plans to open its gates in the early 1990s. InGen, with its head start and the innovative work of Dr. Wu, was winning the tech race. But the Park was experiencing setbacks, some of them quite severe. These included financial, technological, human resources, and biological problems. Finally, an accident occurred in early June 1993 that resulted in the death of a worker, and construction on the Park was halted. A couple weeks later, on June 11, InGen lost contact with Isla Nublar during a tropical storm, and during the power outage an incident occurred resulting in several deaths. Serious damage to the Park meant it would never open. InGen attempted deconstruction, but after numerous injuries to hired workers, this was stopped as well.

Such a blow to InGen was fortuitous for Mantah Corp, but it had been no accident. While InGen’s senior staff were busy attempting to do damage control after the death of the worker, BioSyn had attempted to steal trade secrets by bribing a disgruntled employee. The plan had gone wrong, killing BioSyn’s corporate spy along with the other victims and failing to recover assets that would give BioSyn a jump forward in the tech race. Now, with InGen in chaos and BioSyn having flubbed their efforts to catch up, it seemed as though Mantah Corp had a chance to get ahead.

InGen was down, but not out. Internal struggles slowed it, with Hammond wanting to preserve the dinosaurs’ new habitat and leave them be. Most of the company disagreed, despite their respect for Hammond, since keeping the dinosaurs a protected secret and doing nothing to profit from them was not beneficial to the company. In late 1996, John Hammond was fired, with the company’s Chairman of the Board, Peter Ludlow his nephew, preparing to take his place. Meanwhile, Dr. Wu continued his research; by May, he had pioneered yet another new field in biotechnology. He and his geneticists successfully combined several genera of flowering plants to create an entirely new genus and species, Karacosis wutansis. No such thing had ever been done before; Wu himself had only just imagined the possibility a couple years ago. This was publicly announced, so even if Mantah Corp had stopped routinely spying on InGen after the 1993 incident, they knew about this for certain.

Ludlow took full control of InGen in late May and enacted a plan to complete and open Jurassic Park’s original San Diego location, but this was sabotaged by Hammond. The result was another disaster for InGen: a male Tyrannosaurus rex was accidentally released into San Diego after being captured, dramatically revealing to the public that de-extinction was more than just rumor and conspiracy theory. The dinosaur was recaptured and returned to the place it had been taken from, an island called Isla Sorna where InGen had originally bred its dinosaurs. That secret was now in the open, too.

1997-2005: Rivalry with Masrani Global begins[]

After the San Diego Incident, the United States government placed heavy restrictions on de-extinction through the Gene Guard Act, which was developed by Hammond, several InGen senior staff, and the U.S. House Committee on Science. While the law was primarily meant to restrict InGen from furthering its research, it also applied to other companies such as Mantah Corp. Hammond himself passed away at the end of 1997 after the bill passed, and the United Nations took up patrolling around Isla Sorna to deter trespassers. Shortly thereafter, the struggling InGen was at rock bottom and forced to sell out. Bidding on the company and all the assets that came with it began in 1998. The strongest contestant was Masrani Global Corporation, an India-based multinational conglomerate holding company whose founder Sanjay Masrani had been a close friend of Hammond. Sanjay Masrani’s son, Simon Masrani, was now the corporation’s CEO. Also in the running was Tatsuo Technology. With such powerful companies in the running, Mantah Corp would have had little chance at winning, and ultimately Masrani Global acquired InGen as a subsidiary.

From this point on, Mantah Corp and Masrani Global were bitter rivals. Masrani Global had achieved, simply through having money and connections, what Mantah had attempted for a decade. If Mantah Corp resumed the use of corporate spies at this point, they would have learned that Masrani Global was directing InGen toward building a new park, once more on Isla Nublar; plans were underway as early as 1998, less than four months after the buyout. InGen violated the Gene Guard Act to further its research, though Simon Masrani may not have been aware of this. The new park, called Jurassic World, was publicly announced in 2002 with a planned opening date in 2005. A year after this, a Masrani Global representative convinced the United States Congress to amend the Gene Guard Act, relaxing restrictions on de-extinction research. Mantah Corp, and InGen’s other rivals, could resume their research legally too.

Before 2015[]

Sometime before 2015, Mantah Corp was formed under president Daniel Kon, who purchased an island to house the main facility, creating multiple controlled enclosures of multiple biomes in order to hide their operation. Here they would both smuggle animals over from Isla Sorna and clone new animals, intending to use them in blood sport entertainment that the elite would pay to watch. Kash D. Langford would eventually be hired as an island technician and supervisor, creating drones and robots known as BRADs to accomplish the latter task, and Mae Turner to study and care for the animals located there.

When the Gutierrez family ranch sought a loan of money, the company requested that the family send their daughter, Sammy Gutierrez, to be a corporate spy on Jurassic World, in exchange for the money or whatever they had worked on for years it would be seized. Although the family denied his request, Sammy chose to accept his request to Camp Cretaceous to prevent his family from going into debt.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Participating in Camp Cretaceous as a spy, Sammy is tasked with stealing confidential information from the research lab, stealing dinosaur skin samples, and loading it into an RC drone with Dr. Wu's files. Sammy sneaks into Wu's personal office, steals a flash drive containing sensitive information, and runs into Brooklynn in the back rooms, telling her he got lost on the way to the bathroom. When Brooklynn is editing a video, she catches Sammy in the act taking samples of the Sinoceratops, to which Sammy steals her phone to delete the video. When Brooklynn notices her destroyed phone (cracked from falling from a zip line) falling out of Sammy's pocket, she tells the group about her efforts with Mantah Corp. Yasmina, who befriended her, felt guilty for defending her.

Season 2[]

Brooklynn speculate Mantah Corp's involvement in the creation of both the Indominus rex and the Scorpios rex, but find nothing.

Season 3[]

A Mantah Corp drone arrives at Isla Nublar, after receiving a distress signal that the campers sent, only to be attacked and destroyed by the Scorpios rex. Sammy later tries to figure out why Mantah Corp sent her to Jurassic World.

Season 4[]

After the campers attempted to leave Isla Nublar and get attacked by the recently escaped Mosasaurus, they ended up stranded on Mantah Corp's island. There they meet Mae, who is initially skeptical of their tale of being stranded on Nublar for so long, but gain her trust as they help save the animals put under strange tests by Mantah Corp and said tests make her realize she hasn't been told the truth behind the operation. Fed up with these new tests she confronts her boss Kash, whom after a brief argument sets the BRADs to kill her, and although she is wounded by a pair of Velociraptors kept in the same area, the campers help her survive the incident whilst Kash finds her raptor torn clothing. By the next day, Kash dragged both a Kentrosaurus named Pierce and a Tyrannosaurus named Big Eatie in order for the island's first test fight. The Campers attempt to stop the fight and keep Kash away, but fail and Darius is captured, but manages to convince Kash that the dinosaurs are too valuable to simply have killed in a test fight. After Darius forced him to realize how fragile the BRADs are, Kash created an upgraded BRAD-X and set one to foil Darius' frequent escape attempts.

With Mae out of the way, Kash began looking into her research and her attempts to communicate with dinosaurs using their own sounds and how their emotions are read, giving him an idea on how to work chips into controlling the animals against his bosses orders. This ends in failure though, as it failed to control any animals beyond a simple forced stay and the campers keeping many of the animals from becoming effective test subjects, including a group of baby dinosaurs they let out of their pens. While the search was going on, the first capture and shipment of animals from Isla Nublar was successfully operated, with a group of Pteranodon complicating plans on recapturing the escaped animals. The plan ultimately ended with Kash being locked in Mae's old home. Kash quickly escaped his captors however, and forms a trap alongside his boss Daniel Kon which successfully captures the campers.

Season 5[]

After revealing himself as the president and tricking Kenji by telling him that he became head of Mantah Corp after the fall of Jurassic World, Kenji helped his father work in the company for the good of the dinosaurs, however the rest of the group does not trust in Mr. Kon and more when they discovered the truth about Daniel, and decide to continue defeating Mantah Corp. But this only ends up worsening their friendship with Kenji, who is being manipulated by his father and locks them up, although they managed to get out later. While the Kon were on Isla Nublar capturing dinosaurs, the children took the opportunity to delete and destroy the files and mind control chips, at the same time that Kenji begins to realize the nature of his father and the mistake he made by locking up his friends, and finally reconciled with them.

The "Nublar Six" managed to finally defeat Mantah Corp and trick Daniel into believing that the core connecting the entire island was about to explode. Following their defeat and Daniel Kon in prison, the children, with the help of Dr. Mae Turner, later transformed the island into a dinosaur sanctuary instead of a battlefield, keeping it a secret from the rest of the world.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]

It's revealed that at some point after the Dinosaur Outbreak, the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife eventually discovered the existence of Mantah Corp Island and seized the dinosaurs after an investigation, but the Nublar Six, aside from Darius, managed to smuggle Bumpy off first.

One of Ben Pincus' conspiracy theories from the Dark Jurassic website is about Mantah Corp having a secret underwater base.

Having been released from prison into a halfway house in the five and a half years since the Mantah Corp Incident, Daniel Kon mentions that the Nublar Six had brought down Mantah Corp when they had exposed his crimes. Daniel tries to get Kenji to help him build a new company in exchange for information about Brooklynn, stating that he's been having trouble finding investors after being disgraced, but Kenji ultimately refuses.


see Mantah Corp Employees

Artificial Intelligence[]



  • Mantah Corp are comparable to Jurassic Park's Biosyn, in that they are both genetics companies that rival the owners of the dinosaur theme parks (InGen and Masrani Global, respectively), engage in corporate espionage and morally dubious business practices, and have attempted to engage the services of an individual affiliated with the park to steal crucial research for them.
  • The company's name is likely an allusion to the mythical manticore. A mythical creature, it is a chimera made up of several different animals including a lion, a human, and a scorpion. This is also likely a nod to Mantah Corp and InGen being companies that work in creating creatures made from the genetic information of different animals. In addition to the company's name being an allusion to the manticore, the company logo looks like a lion's head, and manticores are part lion. The company logo also looks like the head of a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.