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Mantah Corp. Island makes its appearance in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4, where it is used by Mantah Corp and its president Daniel Kon.


Mantah Corp. Island has five biomes built onto it; Desert, Redwood Forest, Tropical Rainforest/Jungle, Snow/Tundra and Tropical Swamp. All interconnecting these areas is a facility that has multiple floors and halls, including a viewing panel on the Forest Biome, a medbay (where a Stegosaurus was present), and a nursery, where a baby Brachiosaurus (Firecracker), two baby Spinoceratops (Angel and Rebel), and a Ceratosaurus were present. The main control compound and many of the other operations buildings are located on the surface of the Tropical Rainforest/Jungle biome, while the medical bay is located directly below the Tropical Swamp biome. A field research office is located within the Redwood Forest biome.


Redwood Forest

Tropical Swamp

Tropical Rainforest/Jungle



Image of the facility from Kash's computer

There are no species known to be in the Snow/Tundra Biome permanentely, although the hybrids Angel and Rebel were suited for the environment, as Pierce the Kentrosaurus happened to wander from the Desert Biome.

The newer and green Velociraptor, Smilodon, and the Kentrosaurus were confirmed to be cloned by Mantah Corp, with some Tyrannosaurus rex and the Spinosaurus being from Isla Sorna.

People Involved


These biomes were made so that Kash would use them to have dinosaurs fight as a means of advancing Mantah Corp, evidenced by his contact with the investors who were coming. Kash also used Mae's research to control dinosaurs via chips implanted in their heads.