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The Marine Facility was an attraction of Jurassic Park. It featured the Mosasaur Tylosaurus, a species of an extinct marine reptile. It was planned to open to the public in Phase II.

The Marine Facility only appears in Jurassic Park: The Game.


On the Tour the Island site there was a blue "InGen" icon on the northern part of the island, next to the North Dock. The icon linked to classified information, the information is locked by a password. The icon links to video footage from two security cameras.

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Before tourists would travel down to the subsurface level of the attraction, they pass through the entrance hall. The entrance is set up as a little museum. Tourists are educated about the evolution of marine live from the Paleozoic to the Mesozoic Eras.

The museum features:

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Fish supplies

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INGEN Field Journal 14

Laura Sorkin wrote in her Journal that Hammond cut half of her research funding for 'urgent needs'. A year later Sorkin saw that the funding was used to build the Marine Facility, she thought that Dr. Wu may have created a Plesiosaur as the main attraction. Later, she later saw that it housed a Mosasaur.

The Tour the Island website revealed when the attraction was planned to open:

Currently scheduled to be opened to visitors 6 months after 
the main park, the marine facility will offer more revenue 
generation opportunities. Phase II PR and marketing 
campaigns are ready for approval. The Mosasaur will provide 
the star attraction as Jurassic Park’s 
‘Devil from the deep’.[1]

InGen had hired or was about to hire marine specialists for this attraction:

Newly hired marine animal behaviorists and redesigned safety protocols will 
assure a thrilling and family friendly marine spectacular.[1]

InGen Incident

The Facility was never shut down during the InGen Incident, most likely because Dennis Nedry felt that it wouldn't need to be turned off. Because of this, power to the aquarium remained untouched. Later in the game, the facility is damaged by the rampaging Tylosaurus and was presumably destroyed during the napalm bombing.


  • Concept art of this environment was shown in the Telltale Insider Forums as exclusive art. It was labeled: "jp_envMarineFacilityPublicArea".
  • The Mosasaur (identified as a Tylosaurus) is one of the first non-dinosaurian creature to be displayed in the Marine Aquarium (since no other creature, except Horseshoe Crab, that is shown in the Jurassic Park: The Game). The Mosasaur itself was never explained in any of the Jurassic Park films.
  • A map of Isla Sorna is seen in the rotunda. It's an easter egg put in by Telltale Games.


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