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The Mercenaries in Tunnel were two mercenaries acting as security at Lockwood Manor. They accompanied Eli Mills when he confronted Owen Grady and Claire Dearing following the failure of the Lockwood Manor Auction. Mills, insisting he had custody of Maisie Lockwood, who was accompanying the two, demanded she come to him, and revealed she was actually a clone of Lockwood's Daughter.

If the mercenaries were surprised by this revelation, they did not show it, owing to their professionalism.

What no one knew was that in the meantime, the Indoraptor had escaped. Before the argument over who got to take Maisie with them could go any further, the hybrid rushed in from the mercenaries' right, tackling one, slamming him into the other, and dragging both men screaming away down a hallway, while the screams of the two men can be heard as they are mauled to death by the Indoraptor.

Behind the Scenes

  • Only one of these two mercenaries was credited, Doug Robson, who portrays the balding one with very short hair and beard stubble. The identity of the second tunnel mercenary's actor is stunt performer Paul Howell, who was uncredited.
  • Originally, only Robson's character was supposed to confront Owen, Claire and Maisie. The trailer depicts him confronting the trio alone and being killed by the Indoraptor with no sign of Mills or the second mercenary. It's likely the scene was changed in reshoots.


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