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  • You were the most recent person to edit this page, so I decided to ask you about this.

    Under the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom section it states "While not in the film, there were surviving Pachycephalosaurus populations on Isla Nublar.", since no pachycephalosaurus appeared in the film and no references on this creatures conservation status have been provided by the DPG, would it be safe to assume this species has fallen (back) into extinction?

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  • FB IMG 1590099933278

    Includes our main characters and Toro the Carnotaurus

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    • MrSpikesss wrote:

      Dinosaurus1 wrote:

      MrSpikesss wrote:

      Dinosaurus1 wrote:

      MrSpikesss wrote: Some people producing this have said that the humans do blend with the dinosaurs, and the humans are NOT the final design. We've known that the humans were going to be cartoony, so why is it such a big problem now? Also the fact that the humans CGI models don't have any shading, and are pretty much raw, unpolished models in this card. These models are not a good look at the final product.

      This. However, making the humans cartoony will make the show literally look like a show made for the younger audience (and reinforce the “animation is for kids” trope) when the real case could be balancing both age demographics. I do want more mature stuff akin to the JP/JW films, but I have hopes for this having some mature stuff in it.
      Yes of course! I would love to see more muture cntent from this franchise. I just don't think that some of the critiscism is fair.
      Me too.

      Also, about Bumpy, he kind of looks a little stylized compared to Toro, now that I look at his CGI model. Almost like he’s smiling in the main poster, but I think his figure is more adorable looking (or maybe he could look very much like his round and innocent looking figure in the show and we’re looking at him from the wrong angle, but he still looks really good compared to the teens). If they made his left top horn shorter, then maybe that would help, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see how he looks in the trailer when it releases.

      Well, Ankylosaur beaks do have a certain curve, its like when you look at a T. rex head-on, it looks derpy, but from the side, T. rex's look very formidable.

      I heard about T. rex faces from the front looking derpy (although I don’t think that’s the case), but it could be what we’re looking at with Bumpy here. So yeah, I guess.

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    • Well, the animation of the humans on the posters are not very good. That type of animation would draw away viewers. Hopefully, they will try to improve that. But either way, I don't really care about that show.

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  • This user is making continual and extremely poor edits to the wiki. They keep creating pages for animals that, as far as I've seen, have yet to be confirmed at all, the articles they create are of terrible quality and they refuse to listen to advice.

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  • Everyone, you need to read this regarding Fandom Staff during COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • LEGO-Jurassic-World-75939-Dr-Wus-Laboratory-600x296

    75939 Dr Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaur Breakout


    75940 Gallimimus and Pteranodon Breakout


    75941 Indominous Rex vs. Ankylosaurus


    2nd image of 75941 Indominous Rex vs. Ankylosaurus set


    75942 Velociraptor Biplane Rescue Mission

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  • Hello I was wondering if you'd permit me to use the image of the Indoraptor standing atop the ceratopsian skull you posted, the image is perfect for a fanfic I'm writing but I won't use it without your consent.

    regardless of your answer mate, I thank you for taking the time to read this message.

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    • Just a tip, you don’t need to ask permission for images here, from what I know.

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    • Really? I didn't think it would be to much of a problem if I did, but I wanted to respect the fanfic rules and the fandom as a whole, but even if the people I ask don't answer you don't think they'll mind?

      also thank upyou for the tip.

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    • No, they shouldn’t mind. And no prob.

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  • Why was the new trivia format of Fallen Kingdom changed back to how it was before? The format prior was a mess and I made it simpler to read and organized related facts to each other rather than keeping trivia typed two years ago.

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    • Sorry you had to go through with that, JL. Unfortunately, Kelly just can't take the hint - he's been told by several wikia admins to stop and he just won't. Try not to let it bother you - the admins here will see to things like that.

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    • Thanks Crash :)

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  • Hi Animalman57,

    I noticed that you re edited Deinosuchus, from a maximum size of 12 meters (39ft) to 8-10 meters (26-33ft). Now the 8-10 meter range is the average estimated size,  fragmentary remains suggest it's likely the largest individulas would've reached 12 meters and 8.5 tonnes (around 9.4 short tons) in weight, I think we shouldn't just exclude the maximum estimated size of Deinosuchus atogether and instead edit its page to look something like this,

    Length: 8-12 meters (26-39 ft)

    Weight: 2.8-9.4 tons (these are US tons) 

    Here is some more infomation

    Anyway thank you for reading and please let me know what you think

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  • Why did you delete my labyrinthodontia page

    And then when I remade it you deleted it again

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    • As I said when I gave an explanation for deleting the page, a while ago, we all agreed not to make a main page for Labyrinthodontia. Why? Beats me, but just following what had been decided.

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    • Sorry I didn't understand the explanation. And it makes sense as Labyrinthodontia isn't a real creature, just a general labyrinthodont.

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    • Graham Ewin wrote: Sorry I didn't understand the explanation. And it makes sense as Labyrinthodontia isn't a real creature, just a general labyrinthodont.

      Like I said, I'm not in full agreement with not having a main Labyrinthodontia page, but I'm following what was said. Besides, you didn't need to add the creature but in the title. Just Labyrinthodontia would've worked fine.

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    • I was going to add a page about the group Labyrinthodontia afterwards

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  • Hello fellow DPG members,

    This update is focused on Tournament changes, Alliance Championships & Alliance Roles. From Distracting Shield mechanics to various ability updates, these changes are aimed at enhancing the player experience.

    Here’s what we’re excited to bring you in the coming update:

    Changes to Tournaments Alliance Championships Alliance Roles New Active Abilities New Passive Abilities New Creatures Ability Updates Creature Updates Misc. Bug Fixes & Known Issues


    We heard player feedback about Tournaments and how harsh they can be for new players who get thrown into the pit and defeated by experienced players. This release brings 2 changes which we believe will mitigate this experience:

    Lock Tournament until Arena 5 (Badlands)

    Starting in 1.13, new players will need to reach Arena #5 (Badlands) before being able to participate in Tournaments. Once unlocked, Tournaments will remain accessible even if they drop to Arena #4 or below.

    Existing players (who played in 1.12 or before) will not have this new lock: we didn’t want to suddenly block players if they had access before.

    Entry medals

    To avoid matching experienced players with new players, we will give starting medals to all players who join a Tournament based on the current Arena they are in.

    Entry Medals are given when players register for the Tournament, but they must complete at least 1 battle for their score to be registered in the Tournament Leaderboard (and for player contribution to be counted in the upcoming Alliance Championships described below)

    Arena Starting medals 0 100 1 160 2 220 3 280 4 340 5 400 6 460 7 520 8 580 9 640 10 700 11 760 12 820 13 880 We balanced these numbers with 2 objectives in mind:

    Avoid matching players who are in vastly different arenas, so that matches are more fair for everyone. Make sure these numbers aren’t so big at higher arenas that we’re rewarding too many medals to advanced players. In the following weeks, we will monitor how these Entry Medals are affecting the balance of the game and the matchmaking system and will adjust, if needed.

    High Score

    Players will now be ranked in the Tournament Leaderboard based on their High Score. The rewards of each Tournament will still be based on their rank in the Leaderboard at the end of the Tournament.

    We hope this will encourage players to continue playing to increase their final score, even if they encounter a losing streak.

    Free entry in Tournaments

    Players might have noticed that we recently started to have Tournaments with no cost of entry. We plan to continue this trend. We believe this will allow more players to attempt Tournaments and see how far they can progress.


    Alliance Championships are an exciting new feature that builds on top of our existing Tournaments. Each month will bring a new Championship along with the potential for exclusive rewards. Alongside your Alliance members, earn Alliance Points by participating in Tournaments. The more Alliance Points collected at the end of the Championship, the better the reward the Alliance receives!

    Championships Schedule

    Championships start on the first Monday of every month. When a Championship ends, players have 1 week to collect their Championship Reward.

    The first Alliance Championship will start on the first Monday of April: April 6.

    To help players plan their Championships, the game will now display a list of Upcoming and Past Tournaments when tapping the Tournament button in the Battle screen.

    Earning Alliance Points in Tournaments

    Alliance members can earn Alliance Points by improving their Tournament Medals High Score. Every time a player’s High Score increases, their Alliance Points will increase by that same amount. For example, if a player’s best Medal score was 100 and then they increased it to 130, they will be rewarded with 30 Alliance Points at the end of that Tournament battle. Alliance Points are awarded to the player’s current alliance at the time they are earned.

    All active Tournaments during a Championship will be an opportunity to earn Alliance Points. Months with more weeks than usual are an opportunity for Alliances to receive more Alliance Points than usual, and therefore better rewards!

    Entry Medals described in the previous section do count towards earning Alliance Points, but players must complete at least 1 Tournament battle for them to do so.

    Alliance Points are shared with your Alliance

    Alliance Points (APs) accumulated are shared with Alliance Members. Players can see how many APs they have earned in the Championship Screen (which is accessed from the Tournaments button), along with the contribution of every other member of their Alliance. Every player’s contribution counts!

    Participation Bonus

    Every takedown that players perform in a Tournament battle, regardless of whether they won or not, will increase a meter visible in the Tournament screen. When the meter is full, they will receive a base amount of Alliance Points.

    The participation bonus can be earned once for each Tournament. Each Tournament will require a different number of takedowns to complete and will in turn provide a different amount of Alliance Points.

    Note that if players are not in an Alliance when they fill their meter, their participation Alliance Points reward is not lost. If they join an Alliance and then complete 1 Tournament battle, the Alliance Points participation bonus will be provided and shared with the Alliance.

    Creatures defeated in other areas of the game (such as Strike Events, regular PvP, Campaign Missions, etc.) are not counted for the Participation Bonus; only creatures defeated in Tournament battles.

    Tournament Multiplier

    Certain Tournaments will count for more Alliance Points than normal. These Tournaments are identifiable in the List of Tournaments with a “X2” or “X3” in the top left corner. So, for example, if players finish a “X2” Tournament and their highest score is 500 Medals, they will have contributed 1000 APs to their Alliance.

    This multiplier will affect all Alliance Points earned in this Tournament, including the Participation Bonus . When a multiplier is in effect, players will notice the Participation Bonus AP reward is in a different color.

    Entry Medals given in a Tournament that has a multiplier will also be multiplied.


    When a Championship ends, the Alliance receives a Championship Incubator. The quality of the reward depends on how many APs the Alliance earned during that month’s Championship.

    Every member of the Alliance can collect the reward individually (like Alliance Mission rewards). It is not “split” among members.

    Each Championship will feature different Creatures as a guaranteed reward.

    Note that Championship Incubator rewards do scale by player level.

    Alliance Championship Leaderboards

    Each Alliance Championship will also have a Leaderboard showing the ranking and number of Alliance Points earned during the championship. This information is provided to help players evaluate their Alliance’s performance.

    There is no reward associated with that Leaderboard.


    If a player cannot contribute Alliance Points because they have not unlocked the Tournament feature yet, they will be shown as “Not qualified” in the list of Contributors. If players are not in an Alliance when they earn Alliance Points, these points are lost. This includes the new Entry Medals described above. Players need to ensure they’re part of an Alliance if they wish to benefit from the Championship feature! If players leave their Alliance and join a new one, the points earned in their old Alliance do not carry over. Alliance Points contributed by players who have since left the Alliance are displayed in the list of Contributors as a total under “Non-Members”, which is found at the bottom of the list. Known Issues

    The UI of Alliance Championships does not refresh automatically if players stay on that screen. Simply exit the Championship screen and reopen it to see the new scores. Note that the data only refreshes once per minute.


    New Roles for Alliance members have been added with different purposes and powers. Alliance Leaders can assign these roles to their members so that they can help manage the Alliance. A player’s role is displayed below their name in the Alliance’s List of Members.

    Co-Leader: Similar to a Leader, a Co-Leader can rename the Alliance, edit its description and picture, view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance, and kick anybody (except the Leader) out of the Alliance. They can also promote other members up to the Co-Leader rank and can also demote other Co-Leaders. Co-Leaders cannot disband the Alliance. Because this role is quite powerful, Leaders should be careful who they promote. Make sure that player is trustworthy!

    Officer: Officers can view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance and kick players below their rank (Members and Veterans) out of the Alliance. They cannot promote/demote anybody and cannot affect Leaders and Co-Leaders, making this role a “safer” one to give to another player who would like to help moderate the Alliance.

    Veteran: Veterans don’t have any additional powers compared to regular members. This role can be used by Leader/Co-Leaders to recognize the outstanding contribution of a member.

    For reference, here are the existing roles and powers:

    Leader: Leaders are the owner of the Alliance. They can rename the Alliance, edit its description and picture, view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance, and kick anybody out of the Alliance. They can also promote/demote any other members to any rank. Leaders cannot leave the Alliance, but can transfer the ownership of the Alliance to a non-Leader and then they become a regular Member after the process, at which point they are allowed to leave the Alliance if they want. Finally, Leaders have the power to disband the Alliance entirely which removes all Members of all rankings from it.

    Member: Member is the default role which any player has when they join an Alliance. This role cannot affect other players in the Alliance.

    Promotion and Demotion

    To promote or demote players of their Alliance, Leaders and Co-Leaders can go to the Alliance’s List of Members and tap on a player’s name to see Promotion and Demotion options. Promotions and demotions can be attributed in linear sequence: Member ↔ Veteran ↔ Officer ↔ Co-Leader ->Transfer ownership. When Championships become live in April, the Championship’s List of Contributors will also allow Leaders to promote/demote other players directly from that screen. This screen in particular should be very useful for Leaders to see who is most active or inactive in the Alliance Championship, by showing the Alliance Points contribution and the “last online” status.

    Please note: After transferring ownership of the Alliance, the ex-Leader becomes a Member (not a Co-Leader). The new Leader can promote the ex-Leader up to Officer or Co-Leader if desired.

    Known issues:

    When promoting/demoting a lot of players very quickly, it’s possible that the server will limit players and the game will display an error. If this happens, simply wait at least a minute and try again.



    Reduce your opponent’s damage by 50% for 2 turns. 50% Shields for 2 turns. Attack 1x.

    Cooldown: 2.

    Editor’s note: This ability has been added to the list of abilities that distract and to the list of shields for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions.


    Cleanse distraction. Reduce opponent’s speed by 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x. Cooldown: 1.

    Editor’s note: This ability has been added to the list of superiority abilities for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions.


    Immune to Vulnerable

    This creature cannot be inflicted with vulnerable status.



    Archaeotherium - Common | Fierce, Self-Increasing, Definite, Anti-Tank

    The ancient beast has enough HP to remain on the field while it increases its attack and speed with Mutual Fury, reaching Velociraptor-levels of speed once made furious. With a bit of armor thanks to its thick skin, Archaeotherium’s attacks will get through since its basic attack is Definite Strike. The ancient beast is stubborn: it is Immune to Stuns. With good critical hit chance and Erlidominus-levels of attack, Archaeotherium is sure to be a useful member of a Common Tournament team! Facing this boar-like adversary? Nullification, Deceleration, and Distraction abilities are your best bet.

    Eucladoceros Epic | Resilient, Fast, Tank, Shields, Speed Control

    With a panache that could win fashion contests, the well-branched antler Eucladoceros uses its Shielded Decelerating Strike to keep up its defense while maintaining speed superiority. Speaking of which, it has the new Superiority Impact, which lets it trade shields for more damage, and rid itself of distractions. Its charming fur mane gives it a bit of armor. Like its cousin Megaloceros, Eucladoceros is Immune to Deceleration, can cycle back with Swap in Heal, and interposes its panache in order to Dig In. Facing Eucladoceros? You can’t decelerate it. While it attempts to strut its stuff, show it that Defense Shattering and Definite attacks definitely get through!

    Meiolania Rare | Resilient, Armored, Tank, Vulnerability, Self-Healing

    Don’t let this turtle’s small size fool you: Meiolania has a hard shell and a mean streak. With average HP and 50% armor, the small roamer uses Superior Vulnerability and Devastation as a combo to deal tremendous amounts of damage to unarmored and unshielded targets. It can also use Regeneration to punish opponents that cannot pierce its armor to remain a healthy adversary over multiple rounds of combat. Meiolania is Immune to Damage over Time and Immune to Vulnerable.


    Keratoporcus Legendary Hybrid | Resilient, Furious, Anti-Tank, Tank

    The keratinous horn of the Woolly Rhinoceros manifests on the boar-like frame of Archaeotherium. Its glacier-defying fur gives it even more armored protection and renders it Immune to Damage over Time, while featuring a bulk of HP that rivals many Ankylosauridae. With Decelerating Strike, Mutual Fury, Definite Rampage, and Lethal Wound, Keratoporcus can bring the pain to any tank while resisting against pouncers thanks to its Immunity to Distractions. The added bulk of rhinoceros DNA slows it down a bit, so it cannot hope to outspeed the usual speedsters with Mutual Fury. Facing the horned boar? While it can’t be distracted or bled, using a high speed creature with rending attacks, stuns, deceleration and nullification abilities will help.

    Mammolania Unique Superhybrid | Resilient, Self-Increasing, Anti-Tank, Tank

    This triple-cenozoic Superhybrid combines the damage-increasing basic attack of its Mammotherium ancestry with the defensive strengths of its Meiolania parent. With Persistent Ferocious Strike, Dig In, Bellow, and Definite Rampage, Mammolania has the attack and bulk of HP to remain on the field while its 30% armor slows down any overzealous attacker’s endeavours. Mammolania has 115 speed and is Immune to Damage over Time and Immune to Distraction.

    Testacornibus Unique Superhybrid | Resilient, Fast, Tank, Superiority, Vulnerability, Distraction, Shields

    Carbotoceratops joins forces with the well-branched antler Eucladoceros in the Superhybrid Testacornibus. It is Immune to Damage Over Time and Immune to Deceleration, and features the powerful Swap in Heal. It features the long-lasting and quite-potent defensive ability Distracting Shield. With Superior Vulnerability and Superiority Impact, Testacornibus can keep its opponent’s speed down while ensuring that it keeps its damage at an optimal level. As usual, Devastation is there for a setup-and-takedown with the vulnerability and the triple damage! Testacornibus features a normal attack value of 1000, has a high speed of 127, and boasts a solid 40% armor. Facing this nightmarish opponent? Don’t let it cycle out. With Swap Prevention abilities, you can ensure that this Superhybrid never leaves the field (thus preventing it from triggering its Swap in Heal). Obviously, fully-Immune creatures that have access to Armor Piercing and/or Defense Shattering abilities will be able to face Testacornibus head-on and win.


    Cautious Strike

    No longer cleanses.

    Damage over Time 33%

    Abilities that dealt 33% Damage over Time (such as Lethal Wound) now deal 33.4% in order to ensure that on the third turn the affected creature is taken out (instead of having a few hit points left). This also improves the Spinoconstrictor VS Indoraptor GEN2 match up.

    Superior Vulnerability

    Works for the next turn only, not the current turn.

    Note that a Vulnerability duration counts down at the end of next turn (regardless of who has the initiative/priority).


    Immune to Vulnerable

    The following creatures become Immune to Vulnerable. Creature attributes were tweaked to reflect this change, please refer to Attribute Balancing, below.

    Amargocephalus Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus GEN2 Ankyntrosaurus Carbonemys Carbotoceratops Euoplocephalus Nodosaurus Scolosaurus Tragodistis ATTRIBUTE BALANCING

    The ongoing transformation of balancing in the battle arena should improve the battle experience. It’s important to us that the transition is as smooth as it is advantageous to the game. With this in mind the following creatures have received some attribute modifications.


    JWA20_AttributeBalancing-B Amargocephalus, Ankylosaurus, Ankylosaurus GEN2, Euoplocephalus, Nodosaurus, Tragodistis, Scolosaurus

    Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. Creature attributes were tweaked to reflect this change, please refer to Attribute Balancing, above.

    Purussaurus, Purussaurus GEN2, and Carnotaurus keep Vulnerability Strike.


    Counter Attack becomes Decelerating Counter Attack.


    Alliance Improvement: When a player joins an Alliance after being invited directly, the welcome message in the chat will now display the name of the person who invited the player, when possible. It should be noted that it isn’t displayed when a player requests to join and is then accepted by an Alliance member.


    There are over 400 bugs fixed in this release. Here are the most major fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

    Players are freezing or crashing after Battles or opening Incubators The lock when attempting to log onto a facebook account on IOS 10 devices. Vulnerable creatures do not take 1.5x damage from Rending attacks, Rending counter-attacks or Swap-in Savagery. Popup for re-subscribing to VIP shows the VIP Incubator as a reward Known Issues

    Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators These issues are still being invested to be fixed

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