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  • Dear Bastionmonk, Since your announcement on the 10th of April, that you would be leaving the wiki and would be appointing new admins to help run this site I decided to write this to you. I have not much presence on this site, but I did do some editing before I had this account. My dream since finding this wiki was to become an Admin and help the wiki grow. even though I am aware that since I don't have much to show for being here, I still hope that you can let me become an Admin and assist other users.

    reasons I want to become a Admin 1st.I feel that this wiki is about to go through a change with the release of Jurassic world falling kingdom just around the corner. And when it is released there will be much more information that will need to be added to the wiki. I will want to help put that information into it along with others.

    2nd. When I found this wiki I thought it was the best source of information on Jurassic park subjects. which of course wanted make me join it and make it grow.

    I do hope you take this into consideration, and I will be waiting to hear from you soon. ;)-Carnotaur

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  • Hey BastionMonk, so I am a user of Jurassic Wiki, and I have helped this wikia out a lot with CrashBash, so I was wondering if you could make me an admin to help Crash even more in article writing and vandalism control.

    With thanks, Dinosaurus1.

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  • Greetings members of the Jurassic Park Wiki,

    Many of you have noticed I have not been very active in the last year. I guess many new members do not even know me. I have been a very active bureaucrat since 2010. I loved writing articles and working with other Jurassic fans. However, I have realised I no longer enjoy running a wiki. There are a lot of other things in my life I enjoy now, and I am no longer willing to sacrifice hours and hours a week on this wiki.

    I have noticed that being responsible for this wiki has prevented me from enjoying Jurassic games. Because I am supposed to document and screenshot every mission in Jurassic World: The Game and Jurassic Park: Builder I still haven't finished those games after all those years. Dito for LEGO Jurassic World. I do not like this. So, I have stopped making screenshots or videos and just played those games.

    So, this is my resignation. I will not be active anymore. Maybe I will make a few edits a month when I am in the mood. However, do not count on me to keep articles up to date and keep the community alive. I hope that whoever has been running things for the last few months will continue to do so in my absence.

    I will not abandon this wiki straightaway. I'll try to set up a set of rules and a good Manual of Style and try to appoint new admins/Bureaucrats. Of course, you can still ask me anything or ask for advice.

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  • Hey BastionMonk, I would love to what your plans are for the pages during the premiere month for Fallen Kingdom. Considering that spoilers will be undodgeable after the 7th of June. So, are you guys planning on forming a wiki template to cover any spoilers on each page for characters and the dinosaurs within Fallen Kingdom, so if someone who won't get to see the film on the actual date will NOT be spoiled by the updated pages, it would be awful. I know it is there own choice to go online during premiere month but they should be given the choice with a click of a button. This would be a smart idea. My idea is make a template where there is a button that gives users a choice to see the updated "spoiler filled" or not pages. The NOT spoiler pages will not be updated with any Fallen Kingdom spoilers. The spoiler-filled pages will be the exact opposite . 

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  • The other day, I blocked a user for being extremely rude to me, using unacceptable language multiple times. He appears to have taken extreme offense to this and made it his mission to spam my page and the wiki in general just to spite me. He is also continually creating new sockpuppet accounts to do so.

    Long story short, I could really use some backup in terms of admin, so he can be blocked swiftly when I'm not here. If you're unable to help, maybe give someone else an admin status. AnimalMan is on here a lot, maybe give it to him.

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    • Yeah... more like if I’m an admin, you will just continue. I don’t think I can trust you.

      I already reported you to Fandom again.

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    • Okay, so AnAngryTroll apparently showed remorse for his words and actions on this thread.

      He had a mental health problem in which it causes him to go mad at people under certain situations (as well as Dyslexia, which caused him to think that our messages to him were that of a 7-year old, according on the Zoo Tycoon wikia). I have given him the benefit of the doubt, and I forgave him. He didn't want to be here in the first place, so it really wasn't a loss for him. So, it's over. It's all over. But undoing his edits, reporting his sockpuppets to Fandom, and having CrashBash blocking his sockpuppets has been a major pain. Imagine incidents like this in the future, where the perpetrator really does mean harm. This wiki really needs more admins. Just like the Land Before Time wikia.

      I'd recommend the following people to be promoted as admins.

      • Myself.
      • AnimalMan.
      • Logo8th
      • Hypnobrai
      • Edaphosaurus

      I have everyone accounted for. They would all make great admins, since they each all helped at least do something helpful for the wikia, in spite of the AnAngryTroll incident (well, except for Edaphosaurus, but I think he would make a cool admin).

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  • I understand that two 'can you do this?' questions are already asked on your message wall (one by me about the leak of the line up of the dinos, which I suspect is fake, and the other by Mingaba about the unidentified creatures, but don't you think that it is time for this whole debate on whether the game is canon or not should end?

    Yes, I know about the two doors being smashed by Rexy, and Gerry Harding looking different and all, but there is this blog post by my friend, Dinosaurus1, which sums up in which he suspects that the game might be retconned in JW:FK by a few conditions.

    Can you please end the debate, once and for all, by telling Universal and the JW:FK producers whether this game is canon in some points or not?

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  • Make sure to tell them whether this is real or not, so that we can end the debate once and for all.

    Tumblr p1hchb5gbU1tdnz77o1 1280

    Is this real or not?

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    • I apologize for the weird behavior of mine. It's only that Suchomimus is my favorite dinosaur. Please forgive me for such nonsense.

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    • This easily risks being shut down, so lets stop talking about how this is real or not and wait until BastionMonk arrives, since it looks like its causing arguments.

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  • I would like to ask you to ask the producers what the unidentified dinosaurs are, since it already worked out for Baryonyx in JW:FK and Deinonychus in JW:E.

    • The theropod near the Gyrosphere.

    This thing...

    • The Ankylosaur carcass.
    Unidentified Deceased Ankylosaur

    ...this thing...

    • The ceratopsian on land.
    Mystery Ceratopsian Land

    ...this thing...

    • The theropod bumping the Gallimimus (may be the same as the one near the Gyrosphere, but just in case).
    JWFK Stampede Mystery Theropod

    ...this thing...

    • The ceratopsian in water (probably the same as the land one, but just in case).
    Mystery Ceratopsian Water

    ...this thing...

    • The unidentified stegosaur which passed by the Gyrosphere Owen, Claire, and Franklin are hiding behind, right before Carno bumps the Gyrosphere.
    Mystery Stegosaur

    ...and this thing.

    Oh yeah, and don't forget that leak where, in a Korean interview, Bayona confirmed Giganotosaurus and Kritosaurus, but the translations are messed up, so can you tell the director that these two ARE confirmed? (here's the thread) (here's the confirmation source)

    Can you ask the producers what they are to end the debates, once and for all?

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    • Alright, can we stop with all of the uncomfortableness and wait until BastionMonk arrives and reads this? This risks being shut down, so lets not cause any more trouble.

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  • Since in the last few days, there has been some major debate on the identity of the mystery dinosaurs in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, I've pretty much been forced to delete the pages currently put up for them.

    I feel there needs to be some rules and/or guidelines on what to do in regards to what a dinosaur could be.

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  • IMO it was awesome but I wish it showed a little bit of the suspenseful second half as the trailer made the film look only like a "disaster film".

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    • Teen Titans Forever! wrote: IMO it was awesome but I wish it showed a little bit of the suspenseful second half as the trailer made the film look only like a "disaster film".

      Maybe it is meant to be like that way.

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