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  • I was checking out my fight polls and you just kept going on with saying that my fights are pointless and should not be considered a proper poll or way to make a fight poll.

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  • Hey, I don't think posting any blog unrelated is acceptable. For me, I think it's unacceptable and should not be allowed on this wiki. I don't care much about social issues to be honest and I keep my distance from it. I'm giving you notice.

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    Carnotaur closed this thread because:
    01:28, March 18, 2020
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    • Owerslachlan wrote:
      exactly Battleship man this a wiki for jurassic park nothing else

      Then explain this -

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    • Again, that is simply on a message wall, a subjective side of the wiki. Not the main part of the fandom, where we post topics on the franchise. Not everything posted on here can be strictly JP/JW related.

      I apologize if BattleshipMan has caused some misunderstanding that the admin team on here isn’t as good as we are.

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  • Stop asking about what the failtroll means about "beauty of the internet" and don't converse with him. Please.

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  • Please stop going on about the whole "beauty of the internet" thing, it doesn't matter and I already told you it doesn't matter.

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