Metriacanthosaurus is an unlockable dinosaur in Jurassic World: Evolution. Their couloring is based on the jurassic world website's design.


Metriacanthosaurus fossils are unlocked once the player ___.

Base Stats (at 100% Genome)

Attack 77
Defense 20
Lifespan 80
Resilience 81
Rating 126
Incubation Cost $873,000

Dig Sites

  • Oxford Clay


  • Woodland Pattern
  • Taiga Pattern
  • Rainforest Pattern
  • Coastal Pattern
  • Vivid Pattern


Metriacanthosaurus has 9 Gap ID slots to modify.

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Attack
  3. Attack
  4. Resilience
  5. Habitat
  6. Attack
  7. Stress
  8. Social
  9. Lifespan



Metriacanthosaurus is a medium sized therapod and eat large amounts of meat from any source.
They are normally solitary, but can exist in small social groups and alongside a modest number of dinosaurs from other species.
Their territories should comprise of good sized grassland with some forest cover.


Large Carnivore

Health Requirement

Appetite 78
Metabolism 2.06

Comfort Requirement

Comfort Threshold 50%
Grassland 15,400 m2
Forest 7,300 m2
Wetland 0 m2
Ideal Population 0 - 18
Social Group 0 - 2


Susceptible Hookworms
Immune Braken Poisoning

InGen Database


Era Middle Jurassic
Family Metriacanthosauridae
Genus Metriacanthosaurus
Height 2.0 m
Weight 2 T
Length 8.0 m
Feeder Type Carnivore and Live Bait


Metriacanthosaurus was a large theropod that once hunted across Europe. Its anme means 'moderately spined lizard' in reference to the spines on its vertebrae.
Comparatively little is known about this dinosaur compared to its contemporaries like Allosaurus.


Metriacanthosaurus was originally classified as a species of Megalosaurus from remains found in Oxfort Clay in the UK. In 1964 it was identified as a separate genus.


Oxfort Clay contains a rich variety of remains including marine animals, indicating that Metriacanthosaurus hunted in coastal regions and near waterways.


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