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Meyers was an Asset Containment Unit trooper at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar during the 2015 Isla Nublar Incident. She is one of only two named survivors of the ACU teams which attempted to subdue the Indominus rex, the other being Austin, although a few more troopers escaped with them.


Meyers was the sole female member of the Asset Containment Unit team that was dispatched to recapture the Indominus rex, personally handing a shock prod to Commander Katashi Hamada.

After arriving at the asset's last recorded location, she watched as Hamada inspected the creature's tracking implant, which she had clawed out, and was startled when the animal emerged from the foliage with camouflaged scales. She and her teammates shot the Indominus with stunners, making it drop Hamada though accidentally electrocuting him as well, but they failed to save him as he was crushed under its foot.

During the Indominus ensuing attack, Meyers, Craig and Lee attempted to subdue the creature with their taser prods and rifles, but they only made it disoriented and, though her two teammates were killed, Meyers managed to avoid suffering a similar fate. When the creature managed to free itself from the net that Austin had fired at it, Meyers and another trooper attempted to strike it from behind but were thrown back into the foliage after it struck them with its tail. After it killed and devoured Spears, the remaining ACU unit lost all hope of capturing the creature and scattered in terror, with Meyers running through the jungle away from the infuriated dinosaur.

Later that day, she reappeared at Main Street along with Austin, having survived the attack. She presumably assisted with the effort to subdue the attacking pterosaurs.