Microraptor was a genus of microraptorine dromaeosaur theropod dinosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous in what is now China, around 120 million years ago. Microraptor was a small dinosaur with a length of 0.8 m. Micoraptor, like other microraptorine dromaeosaurs posseses wings on the forelimbs as well as large pennaceous flight feathers on the hindlimbs, giving it a strange four winged appearance. In March 2012, Quanguo Li et al. determined the plumage coloration of Microraptor based on the new specimen BMNHC PH881, which also showed several other features previously unknown in Microraptor. By analyzing the fossilized melanosomes (pigment cells) in the fossil with scanning electron microscope techniques, the researchers compared their arrangements to those of modern birds. In Microraptor, these cells were shaped in a manner consistent with black, glossy coloration in modern birds. These rod-shaped, narrow melanosomes were arranged in stacked layers, much like those of a modern Common starling, and indicated iridescence in the plumage of Microraptor. Though the researchers state that the true function of the iridescence is yet unknown, it has been suggested that the tiny dromaeosaur was using its glossy coat as a form of communication or sexual display, much as in modern iridescent birds.

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LEGO Jurassic World

Microraptor is mentioned in one of the facts given by Mr. DNA over the game's loading screens.

Jurassic Park Arcade

Microraptor appears as an enemy in the game.


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