Mills' Men were two mercenaries who planned to accompany Eli Mills in his Chrysler Town & Country and escape with the Indominus rex bone sample. One had a shaved head and a beard, the other had a full head of hair. As they were preparing to load the van, a stampede of dinosaurs came rushing out of the rear loading area of Lockwood Manor. The man with hair was seized by a Pteranodon who flew him into the air, then dropped him to his death onto the Chrysler's hood, denting it and shattering the windshield, much to Mills' surprise and horror.

The second mercenary, the man with the shaved head, lingered uncertainly, dooming himself as the full force of the dinosaur stampede unleashed by Maisie Lockwood came charging out of the tunnel leading to the luxury car garage converted into an auction house and laboratory where they'd been imprisoned. The merc turned to run, but fell and was trampled by the escaping dinosaurs.

Behind the Scenes

  • Only one actor was credited for this two-person role of the film's final two mercenaries, Gil Kolirin. The second mercenary was played by an uncredited Kamil Lemieszewski, who also apparently played one of the bidders at the Lockwood Manor Auction.
  • Gil Kolirin's character is misidentified as "Mill's Man." It should be Mills' Man.
  • Kolirin's character is sometimes mistaken for the InGen Contractor (who is actually portrayed by Michael Papajohn and does not appear in Fallen Kingdom).


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