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Minecraft Jurassic World is a DLC for Minecraft bedrock edition released on August 18, 2020 on all platforms worldwide. The DLC can be bought in downloaded in the in-game Minecraft store, either by real money or by Minecoins (an in-game currency purchasable in the Minecraft store).

Added Features[]

Once bought, the DLC adds a special map players can play in; a faithful recreation of Jurassic World. The park has two states: open and closed. When closed, the player can regroup and build up their dinosaur collection. When open, the player has to resolve issues with the theme park for as long as they can, without the park having to shut down. The open mode has many different types of disasters, such as raging storms and asset breakouts. The player must attempt to get as high a score as possible.

This DLC adds 60 dinosaurs, including added skins and hybrids. Each base dinosaur has a bioluminescent skin and a color skin. The player can ride in park vehicles, tranquilize and transport dinosaurs, collect dinosaur samples and add their own attractions.


Summoned Through the Command Console[]

List of Prehistoric Creatures[]


Note: List does not contain bioluminescent and color skins.

Making a Dinosaur[]

  1. Collect fossils: Once equipped an extraction tool given by park rangers, head over to the Amber Mines or the Dig Site. Once found a fossil or amber, destroy it with the extraction tool to earn the DNA sample.
  2. Head over to the Lab. Once the Station 1 scientist tells you they have infinite amounts of the fossil you just collected, head to Station 2 to extract the fossils. Get the three different colored vials. Put the green, red, and blue vials at the bottom of the extractor and your DNA material at the top and wait for the process to finish.
  3. Obtaining an embryo requires three red vials, two green vials, and one blue vial. Put your DNA and your different vials anywhere in the machine's crafting area and receive your embryo. Note: Different historical dinosaurs require different vials, but different hybrids require different amounts of vials and sometimes do not need one or two vial colors, but all dinosaurs require six vials.
  4. To give your embryo an eggshell, move to the next station, which will have ostrich eggs already prepared. Put your embryo in the top slot, and wait for results.
  5. You now have an egg, which can be hatched in the test area, sedated, and moved into an enclosure of your choice.

Dinosaur Recipes[]

Historical Dinosaurs[]

Dinosaur Red DNA Blue DNA Green DNA
Apatosaurus 3x Apatosaurus DNA 2x Huge DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Brachiosaurus 3x Brachiosaurus DNA 2x Huge DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Dilophosaurus 3x Dilophosaurus DNA 2x Small DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Gallimimus 3x Gallimimus DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Parasaurolophus 3x Parasaurolophus DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Triceratops 3x Triceratops DNA 2x Large DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Tyrannosaurus rex 3x Tyrannosaurus rex DNA 2x Large DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Velociraptor 3x Velociraptor DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Compsognathus 3x Compsognathus DNA 2x Small DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Pteranodon 3x Pteranodon DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Stegosaurus 3x Stegosaurus DNA 2x Large DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Ankylosaurus 3x Ankylosaurus DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Herbivore DNA
Spinosaurus 3x Spinosaurus DNA 2x Large DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Dimorphodon 3x Dimorphodon DNA 2x Small DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Carnotaurus 3x Carnotaurus DNA 2x Medium DNA 1x Carnivore DNA
Stygimoloch 3x Stygimoloch DNA 2x Small DNA 1x Herbivore DNA

Color Variant Hybrids[]

These variants are the same as the historical dinosaurs, just replace the 1x Green DNA with 1x Cuttlefish DNA (bioluminescent) or 1x Tree frog DNA (colorful).

Advanced Hybrids[]

Dinosaur Red DNA Blue DNA Green DNA
Indoraptor 2x Velociraptor DNA
2x Tyrannosaurus rex DNA
2x Cuttlefish DNA
Indominus rex 3x Tyrannosaurus rex DNA
2x Cuttlefish DNA
1x Tree frog DNA
Stygi liberi 3x Stygimoloch DNA
2x Triceratops/Ankylosaurus DNA
1x Camel DNA
Symmachosophus 3x Parasaurolophus DNA
2x Gallimimus/Velociraptor/Stygimoloch DNA
1x Herbivore DNA
Armiger rex 3x Tyrannosaurus rex DNA
2x Stygimoloch/Ankylosaurus DNA
1x Turtle DNA
Claridon 3x Dimorphodon DNA
2x Tropical bird DNA
1x Stygimoloch/Parasaurolophus DNA
Venatorus 3x Spinosaurus DNA
2x Stegosaurus/Apatosaurus/Carnotaurus DNA
1x Velociraptor/Dilophosaurus DNA
Pluma raptor 3x Velociraptor DNA
2x Tropical bird DNA
1x Stygimoloch/Dilophosaurus DNA
Placidusaur 3x Stygimoloch/Parasaurolophus DNA
2x Turtle DNA
1x Herbivore DNA
Fascino nathus 3x Compsognathus DNA
2x Tree frog/Cuttlefish DNA
1x Dimorphodon/Dilophosaurus DNA
Iacusaurus 3x Brachiosaurus DNA
2x Camel DNA
1x Apatosaurus/Parasaurolophus DNA


  • ATV
  • Black ATV
  • Jurassic Truck
  • Helicopter
  • Gyrosphere


  • The Mosasaurus is not an actual mob in-game, instead, it is a model that can be spawned in with a string of code. The creature swims laps in circles and eventually feeds on a shark. The feeding machine spawns in with the creature. Since the Mosasaurus is not a mob, it cannot hurt you, nor can you hurt it.
  • Despite this, there is an in-game code where one of the disasters is the Lagoon Gate opening, and the Mosasaur getting out. It is unknown if this is cut, or just really unlikely to occur.
  • When digging straight down in the Control Room, the player will find a large testing area made of bedrock under the ground that can only be accessed in creative mode. The area contains many strings of command blocks, NPC, skin and dinosaur tests. It also houses a caged Indoraptor.
  • Among the other raptor's in the raptor pen, only Blue is docile towards the player.
  • Atop Mt. Sibo is a chest, which contains four flint and steel, a ring of obsidian surrounding it, two rings of lava buckets and then another ring of obsidian. Using these, the player can simulate its eruption in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with fire and lava streaming down the mountain.
  • In one of the docks, has a large room filled with crates. The crates are filled with random items with the sign "lost and found". In one of the crates, is the Barbasol Can seen in Jurassic Park (film), which unlocks the DNA for Dilophosaurus.
    • This is a clever reference to the scene in Jurassic Park where Dennis Nerdy gets attacked.
  • Around the island are quick builds which the player can choose what to put in the spot.
  • The Colourful Variants of the Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Dimorphodon, Stegosaurus and Triceratops resemble their counterparts in the Dino-Rivals toyline.
  • So far, this is the only game with a fairly accurate Jurassic World representation. Main issue being the shape of the island and removal of certain attractions.