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Misguided is the sixth episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


Darius must make a difficult choice to save Sammy and Yasmina. Meanwhile, the remaining campers are trying to decide if Hap is a friend... or a foe.

Plot Summary[]

Ben's group[]

Ben relays his story to Brooklynn and Kenji Kon, even as they finish tying up Hap and Ben takes Hap's Tesla Pole as his own. However, Hap surprises them by insisting that he's trying to help them. After they all settle down, Hap reveals that there's a storage unit nearby with vehicles and that the "eco-tourists", really big-game hunters, have their boat at the port by Main Street. The campers are suspicious of Hap however, and keep him tied up as they make their way to the storage unit. There, they're tracked by the Baryonyx trio, so they hurriedly use Brooklynn's keycard to enter and close the door behind them.

Fending off the Baryonyx trio

Hap fending off the Baryonyx trio

Left with limited options, they decided to take a motorcycle and Bumpy as transportation, and to cause an explosion as they exit the storage unit to disorient the Baryonyx trio. They speed off into the night, but the Baryonyx trio reorients on them and gives chase. Ben peels off to try and draw away one of them, but they all stay together, hunting Hap, Brooklynn, and Kenji. Hap quickly surmises that the motorcycle is too slow to lose the dinosaurs, so he has the campers untie him and he begins sending the dinosaurs back with a taser staff. When Hap realizes that there's no use, he yells at the campers to live a good long life, before jumping off the motorcycle to fend off the Baryonyx trio alone, sacrificing himself to save them.

Darius' group[]

Yaz and Sammy begin to see inconsistencies in Mitch and Tiff's story, so they distract Mitch and Tiff while Darius goes into their yurt, hoping to disprove their concerns. However, inside he finds hunting implements and a mounted Sinoceratops head. Mitch enters, totally unconcerned, saying he wants to "preserve the memory of Jurassic World" by hunting dinosaurs. He offers to take Darius and his friends to safety if he just shows him the watering hole, but Darius disagrees, so Mitch takes Darius outside to see his friends captured by Tiffany — hostages to guarantee Darius' cooperation.

Back to Main Street

Darius is leading the hunters back to Main Street

Darius tries to stall as they make their way to the watering hole, and even scares a dinosaur before the hunters can kill it, causing it to rampage right toward them and scatter everyone. Darius, Sammy, and Yaz desperately try to escape, but they're soon recaptured, so Darius gives Yaz a piece of paper and sends her running, the only one to successfully get away. She meets up with Brooklynn, Ben, and Kenji, and reveals the paper to them: it's a map, with Main Street marked.

Characters and Cast[]