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Mitchell,[1] better known as Mitch, was the husband of Tiff, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Tiff) of Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Mitch was a Caucasian man presumably in his 30's. He was of tall stature sporting golden hair and green eyes. His clothing attire consisted of a blue, unbuttoned shirt, fedora and trilobite worn around the neck.


Mitch publicly presents himself as an amenable wildlife photographer and outdoors enthusiast, dressing in 20th century safari garb. He isn't an unintelligent man, genuinely knowing some knowledge in the field of paleontology enough to impress Darius Bowman, whom he formed a small bond with due to this common trait. In private however, he is a amoral and deluded sports hunter.

Unlike previous big game hunters such as Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu, he seems far less interested in the challenge of the hunt than he is at obtaining trophies (like the prepared head of a Sinoceratops) to decorate his "man cave". The only individual he shows any concern for is his wife Tiff, and even then, the two squabble frequently and seem to have a strained relationship. However, despite revealing his colors, Mitch remains amicable to the kids especially Darius who he nicknames "D".

He is far more patient and level-headed along having some morals than his wife, as he was willing to actually help out the campers by offering to take them back to the mainland as long as he and his wife have their cooperation and only turned on them when they refused to help him and his wife's goals, and even then found excuses to keep them alive, mostly because of their usefulness to his and Tiff’s cause. Ultimately, however, he became less and less willing to keep the kids around after they proved to be liabilities, and decided to abandon whatever moral obligation he felt for them.


At some point in his life, he met and married Tiff, due to their shared love of hunting endangered species. The couple were hunting partners and traveled the globe hunting endangered species including lions, tigers, elephants and rhinoceroses.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 2[]

Arriving to the island, the couple employed Hap as a guide. Initially the two appeared as clueless, friendly ecotourists upon finding the campers. When their true nature is exposed and Darius learns of the two being hunters, Mitch threatens him into helping the two, with either killing the group or the dinosaurs on the island; demanding Darius to take them to the watering hole. When the park systems shut down, Darius instead brings the two to Main Street.

However soon after park systems are recovered by the campers led by Brooklynn, their tablet receives power and the two give up pursuing Darius now having no use for a guide. Making their way to The Watering Hole Tiff and her husband Mitch find themselves inside the Carnotaurus Paddock, Tiff receives a shock from the electric fence following her unsuccessful attempt to climb out. There, he watched Tiff shot and killed Grim the Baryonyx after almost being attacked.

Arriving at the watering hole he watched as Tiff attempts to shoot the Velociraptor Blue but is held back by Darius and the remaining campers. Mitch and his wife Tiff are soon forced to flee from the stampeding dinosaurs. The two are pursued by Rexy, and in the ensuing chaos Mitch becomes ensnared in his own trap. Unable to untie the knot Tiff leaves her husband for dead, who soon after meets his death at Rexy's jaws in revenge for sticking his cattle prod up her nose.

Season 3[]

The campers find Mitch and Tiff's boat. Both he and Tiff are shown in a flashback stopping Darius and Sammy from running away, when Yasmina is thinking about her friendship with Sammy while the latter is on the verge of death due to being poisoned by the Scorpius rex. The campers are eventually able to get off the island, using his and Tiff's boat.

Season 4[]

In season 4, Tiff and Mitch's yacht continues to serve as the campers' escape vessel. When Sammy went to check their room on their yacht in search of the stowaway Compy, she found it filled with photos of Tiff and Mitch's travels, some of which depicted the two in less than appealing poses with each other, much to her disgust.




  • Mitch is the first person to be eaten on-screen by a Rexy on Isla Nublar since Billy Yoder or Nima Cruz from the Telltale game.
  • His clothing and outfit style resembles Alan Grant from the first film.
  • Like Roland Tembo he sets his sights on a Tyrannosaur. Although he settles for a Doe instead of a Buck. Despite this Mitch was certainly more villainous and petty then Tembo since he hunted dinosaurs without permission from InGen and planned to abandoned the campers on the island (Although he did gave them a chance to taken back) so they not could tell anyone about his and Tiff's poaching of the dinosaurs making him more akin to Ken Wheatley.