Mosasaurus, the type species of the family, as depicted in Jurassic World.

Mosasaurs are a group of successful predatorial marine reptiles that lived throughout the duration of the Late Cretaceous period. Like Dimetrodon, Pterosaurs, and other marine reptiles Mosasaurs are commonly mistaken for dinosaurs but they are actually distantly related.

The ancestry of Mosasaurs is disputed. It was originally thought that the aquatic reptiles originated from snakes, but recent studies show that the lizard Aigialosaurus was most likely the precursor of mosasaurs. The closest living relatives of the Mosasaurs are varanoid lizards.

Before 2015, nearly all of the mosasaurs depicted in the Jurassic Park Franchise moved in an eel-like motion and had a variety of skin colors. It wasn't until research on a specimen of the mosasaur Platecarpus that revealed that they had a tail fluke and had a color scheme identical to sharks and leatherback turtles.

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Mosasaurs That Have Appeared in the Jurassic Park Franchise


Behind the scenes

Jurassic Park 3 - 44

Jurassic Park III Mosasaur breeding tank by Ricardo Delgado.

It is unclear how Mosasaurs are recreated in the franchise. As Dr. Gerry Harding said in Jurassic Park: The Game, a mosquito can't exactly suck the blood of a creature that spends its entire life underwater. In Jurassic Park: Builder aquatic reptiles cloned from DNA in frozen aquatic parasites that had fed on reptiles. But that method is impossible in real-life. It is possible that mosquitoes fed on reptiles that was surfacing for air, or from a beached carcass. However, mosquitoes only populate stagnant humid areas rather than coasts. It's more likely that a reptile swam into fresh water in the manner of a bull shark and found itself in a swamp. In the archived message "IRON STORES found in the archive of the Masrani backdoor featured on, Dr. Henry Wu writes that traceable DNA fragments were found by a prototype InGen iron analyzer on a fossilized mosasaur skeleton, providing another probable way on how mosasaurs are created in the franchise.

During the development of Jurassic Park III there was an idea for a Mosasaur breeding tank.[1] It was included in the first draft of the script, but was removed in later versions of the script.[2]

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