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Mr. Gold was a minor antagonist in season 5 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Mr. Gold was one of the investors who came to Mantah Corp Island to meet with Daniel Kon alongside Cyrus and Lana Molina to see dino fights.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 5[]

"The Final Test"[]

Mr. Gold, Molina, and Cyrus arrive on Mantah Corp Island and are greeted by Kon, Mr. Gold asks why he took their phones, Kon says he can find a way to keep them entertained without their phones, Kon then brings them to the compound. Molina asks for his name, to which he says she can him "Mr. Gold", she then gives him her card. When Kon brings his son, Kenji to the party, Mr. Gold quickly catches on that they are family and states he can't see the relation. They then hear Little Eatie roar, and Kon says he's just whetting their appetite for tomorrow, so they continue their conversation and listen to Kenji's stories of how he survived so many dinosaur encounters.

"Battle Lines"[]

While walking to the Redwood forest for the presentation, Mr. Gold and Molina both get annoyed about how long its taking and request easier modes of transportation. Kash then arrives to join the presentation, so Kenji brings Mr. Gold and the other investors through the airlock while Kon talks to him. During the Presentation, Mr. Gold took control of Big Eatie. He caused her to fight against the Spinosaurus and 2 Velociraptors. When the Nublar Six, minus Kenji, came to stop the dino fights, he used Big Eatie to chase after them. This gave Darius Bowman and Brooklynn the opportunity to disrupt the control chip in her head and free her from his mind control. After she escaped, Big Eatie ran off, stepping on and crushing Mr. Gold.


Mr. Gold seemed to be calm and well-mannered compared to the other investors and was impressed by Kenji's appearance, but was reluctant to reveal his name to Lana Molina, suggesting he's an unsavory person.

He seemed to worry a lot about his assets and sought to protect them, and he was very interested in the potential the dinosaurs had.

He proved to be a heartless person as he attempted to kill children simply because he wanted to.



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  • Mr. Gold and Cyrus were the first victims being killed indirectly with known dinosaur risks by the Nublar Six's actions (barring Kenji who was not in the know this time.)
  • It's unknown who he worked for, but it's possible he dealed with highly valuable and possibly illegal objects, as his comments and reluctance to reveal his name implied he may be a smuggler.
  • It is unknown if "Mr. Gold" was his actual name or only a pseudonym.