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N293G en route to the island.

InGen Helicopter #N293G was an Agusta A-109A helicopter made to transport tourists to Jurassic Park. It was used to ferry John Hammond from the Costa Rican mainland to Isla Nublar along with his guests Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm and Donald Gennaro. After landing and dropping the five of them off, it flew away. Follow the escape of the dinosaurs and the restoration of power, Hammond was able to get in touch with the mainland, and N293G returned to the island to pick them up, minus Gennaro (who'd been killed) but plus Hammond's grandchildren Tim and Lex Murphy. It then flew away into the sunset on its wait back to the mainland as Grant stared wistfully at a flock of pelicans flying alongside the chopper.

It also appeared at the end of Part 1 in Jurassic Park: The Game flying over the Visitor's Center.


  • The N293G is not to be confused with with the N522RS helicopter that brought John Hammond to Grant's dig site, which is a Bell 206L LongRanger.
  • Its registration is North American despite being based in Costa Rica.
  • Registration "N293G" originally belonged to Niihau Helicopters in Hawaii, for the same type of aircraft, but was later deregistered, and now is owned by Ashfloyd LLC, belonging to an Ashfloyd Hummingbird, a UAV with a possible link to Google Wing.