"That's a herbivore. Nasutoceratops."
Kadasha talking about the Nasutoceratops to her family.(src)

Nasutoceratops was a centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur found in Utah, USA during the Late Cretaceous period around 77-75 million years ago.

It had a short yet thick snout and large horns above its eyes that extended almost to the end of its beak-like mouth. The horns are the longest brow-horns of all members of the centrosaurine sub-family but rather than growing straight out their horns would grow to the side and then out, similar to a bull's horns.

It shared its habitat with Parasaurolophus, Ornithomimus, and Teratophoneus, a six-meter long tyrannosaur related to Albertosaurus, which may had been a massive threat to it. 

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Battle at Big Rock

At an indeterminate point, at least two adult Nasutoceratops appeared in the wild after the events at the Lockwood Manor. Over the course of the next year, they became a breeding pair, with their infant being the first dinosaur born on U.S. soil. The female and her infant were seen foraging at one of the Big Rock National Park's camping ground, only to be attacked by a hungry Allosaurus. After a brief scuffle, the male Nasutoceratops came in to protect his family and escaped with them.

The Nasutoceratops clones are similar to their real life counterparts, with the only differences being shrink wrapped frill holes, sharper frill horns, semi-elephant-like feet, and oversized bodies. Males are larger than females and have longer thicker horns, a taller and slimer frill (not unlike its cousin Chasmosaurus), and sharper nose armor. The coloration of the clones are dusty bluish brown with red patterns on their backs as well as their frills. They also have blacks tips on their white horns.




Jurassic Park: Builder

see Nasutoceratops/Builder

Nasutoceratops is one of the available dinosaurs in the game. It was not initially available in this game but was released as a part of version 4.3.8 and was first revealed as part of a special Halloween promotion for 2014.

Jurassic World: The Game

see Nasutoceratops/JW: TG

Nasutoceratops is a creatable dinosaur in Jurassic World: The Game. Since September 30th 2015, a fully maxed Nasutoceratops could be mixed with Pachycephalosaurus to make a Pachyceratops.

Jurassic World: Evolution

see Nasutoceratops/JW: E

Nasutoceratops appears in the 1.9 update for Jurassic World: Evolution. The base color is similar to the Battle at Big Rock variant.

Jurassic World: Alive

see Nasutoceratops/JW: A

Nasutoceratops appears as a rare in Jurassic World: Alive, being based on the Battle at Big Rock variant. <gallery> FB_IMG_1567275523641.jpg FB_IMG_1567206015341.jpg

Jurassic World: Dino Rivals toyline

The Nasutoceratops was released as part of the Dino Rivals toy-line. It is part of the "Dual Attack" line, which is a line of dinosaurs with two action gimmicks. This is the first time it has ever physically appeared in any Jurassic Park toy set.


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