In the chapter Nedry, as the title suggests, centers on Dennis Nedry, following his departure from the Visitor Center trying to find the East Dock and his personal thoughts.


Dennis Nedry opens and closes the gate to Jurassic Park then puts his Jeep to accelerate, hurrying to reach the East Dock to meet Lewis Dodgson. His Jeep's speed and his rush to reach the Dock has become a problem once he takes the wrong road with a concrete wall standing at 2 meters (6 ft) at the end of it. Before he could crash into the large wall Dennis slams on the breaks just in time, narrowly avoiding his death. He gets out of his vehicle and goes into the surrounding jungle where he discovers that he is in the Jungle River Cruise. By this point, he has run out of time, meaning his plan has failed.

Disappointed by the failure of his plan, Nedry decides to return to his Jeep so he can return to the Visitor Center where he will repair Jurassic Park's systems that he disabled. But things take a turn for the worse for Dennis Nedry when he discovers that the hooting of what he thought was simply an owl is actually a Dilophosaurus that is hunting him. He runs as fast he could to the Jeep, only to see the Dilophosaurus waiting for him 40 feet away from him. The Dilophosaur does nothing at first, but then proceeds to spit its venom three times at Nedry.

The third strike successfully hits Nedry in his eyes, blinding him. As he falls victim to the venom the Dilophosaurus proceeds to maul his abdomen, exposing his intestines, before it proceeds to put his head in its jaws.

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