The chapter New York has two story lines. One story tells how the specimen of Guitierrez is analysed, and what the results are. The other line shows events in the Bobby Carter's hospital. The reader gets a stronger feeling that the creatures are very alien.


Doctor Richard Stone, head of the Tropical Disease Laboratory of Colombia University Medical Center, viewed the biological speciments sent to Dr. Simpsons lab. Simpson was not there to conduct the dissection, due to a business trip. The tests came up with high doses of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can cause dramatic allergic reactions. Stone didn't bother to note the finds in his fax to Martin Guitierrez in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, in hospital of Bahía Anasco, a newborn child is killed by green lizards, and when they ran off, they had left several three-toed footprints, like birds.

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