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Nick Kilgore[1]was a worker at the Indominus rex Paddock.


Jurassic World

Nick Kilgore entered the paddock along with Velociraptor handler Owen Grady and the paddock's supervisor, Nicholas Letting, when the Indominus rex was suspected of climbing out of its paddock. Kilgore, Letting, and Owen inspected the scratch marks that the Indominus made on the wall of the paddock. Supervisor Letting and Owen were discussing the Indominus while Kilgore inspected the scratches when the control room's monitor broadcasted over the radio that the Indominus was actually in the paddock. Letting, Kilgore and Owen ran for the door, but Letting noticed something Owen and Kilgore didn't; the Indominus was hiding in the trees in front of the door, and so he ran to the back exit, where he used his keycode to open the door. Meanwhile, Kilgore and Owen were running for the door, when the I. rex stepped into view. Realizing their error with shock, the two ran for the back exit where Nick went. However, the Indominus grabbed Kilgore with its massive clawed hand. In the control room, the workers listened in horror as Kilgore was ripped apart. When Nicholas Letting looked back over his shoulder as the door opened, he saw the Indominus tear Kilgore's leg from his dead body before devouring his remains, effectively making him the Indominus rex's first victim. [2]

LEGO Jurassic World

Nick Kilgore is named Ellis[3] and first appears in the game as a playable character in the level "Welcome to Jurassic World". When he, Owen and Nick are told that Indominus rex is still in the paddock, he becomes nervous and says he bets they're going to be eaten. Attempting to reassure him, Owen says, "I'll take that bet!" When Indominus attacks the three, she lunges at Ellis who ends up perched on her snout. Despite not getting eaten, he yells at Owen, "You owe me five bucks!" and then Indominus flings him away over the paddock wall.

As a playable character, he can use his electric prod to power generators.

Behind the scenes

Kilgore's ID Badge

Kilgore's name comes from the ID badge worn by actor Eddie J. Fernandez. He isn't identified in either the film's dialogue or credits (Fernandez went uncredited), and the junior novelization simply refers to him as an anonymous worker. LEGO Jurassic World originally gave him the name "Ellis", which was also used in the in-game encyclopedia for Jurassic World: Evolution.

In the junior novelization he is swallowed whole rather than crunched and eaten in multiple bites.


  1. His nametag in Jurassic World identifies him as "Nick Kilgore."
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