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Nipponosaurus was a genus of duck-billed dinosaur that lived in Japan during the Late Cretaceous epoch. Nipponosaurus could reach a length of 4 meters. Although its name means "Japanese lizard", it is not found in the Japanese mainland or islands. It was discovered on the now Russian island of Sakhalin. However when Nipponosaurus was discovered in 1936, the island was controlled by the Japanese Empire. Since then it was largely ignored until extensive studies in 2004 and 2017, though it is still only known from scattered remains of a single juvenile specimen. It seems to have been quite similar to the North American hadrosaurs Hypacrosaurus and Corythosaurus, but little else can be said currently about its ecology.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Nipponosaurus

Jurassic Park Franchise

Nipponosaurus is illustred by Timothy Bradley in the Dinopedia of the Jurassic Park Institute as a flipped and colored Prosaurolophus.

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Jurassic World

Nipponosaurus is seen on the Holoscape screen in the Innovation Center of Jurassic World, though it is currently unknown if any reside within the park itself. It could possibly appear in future Jurassic Park films and if so, it will be the first japanese dinosaur to appear.


Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

Nipponosaurus is nr. 087 of the Herbivore Ones that can be created in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.