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Nothosaurus was a marine reptile from the Triassic Period, about 240 to 210 million years ago. As a Nothosaur, it was a close relative and ancestor to the later marine reptile group Plesiosauria. Nothosaurus was semi-aquatic, often hauling out of the water like a sea lion in order to rest on the shore.

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Interestingly, the cloned Nothosaurus featured in the Jurassic franchise seems to be about the same size as (if not roughly smaller than) its original fore-bearers. One individual seen thus far was blue in color on top with black stripe patterns along its back and limbs and a swampy gray-green underside. Additionally, while the original prehistoric species had webbed toes and possibly a fin on its tail, the clones seem to possess feet more similar to crocodilians; while webbed, they also had sharp claws. Even though it possesses long jaws and needle sharp teeth, the skull of the clones do not seem as flat as the real life species.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Evasive Action[]

A Nothosaurus was one of the animals kept at Mantah Corp Island, where it was held within the water treatment facility of the island. When a group of children had made their way into these sewers, the Nothosaurus attacked Darius Bowman and Sammy Gutierrez before being stunned by by their fellow camper Yasmina Fadoula hitting it in the face with an iron pipe. When a BRAD-X arrived to apprehend the campers, the marine reptile attacked the drone by crawling onto its back, managing to heavily damage the drone. The BRAD-X erratically misfired in an attempt to defend itself, one shot hitting and damaging the controls to the facilities' geothermal energy core. The Nothosaurus eventually won this battle, and left the destroyed BRAD on the walkway.

The Core[]

In the aftermath of the battle, the damage sustained to the Geothermal Energy Core threatened to blow up the island as it overheated and leaked the toxic gas it produced into the Water Treatment Facility. When the campers looked into the issue, they were again attacked by the Nothosaurus, but it collapsed and fell unconscious from the gas. In order to save it, the campers dragged the Nothosaurus over to the island's transport platform, where Sammy Gutierrez, Ben Pincus, and Yasmina Fadoula would escort it to the swamp biome. As the platform was transporting them, the Nothosaurus awoke and attempted to escape, but attacked the group upon realizing it was trapped. As it attempted to bite Sammy, Yaz grabbed its tail and held it back, causing it to retaliate at her until it was tackled by Sammy, and subsequently the other two tackled it as well. As the platform reached the habitat, it threw the three off of its back. As they were recovering, a Dilophosaurus wandered over and was spooked by the group and hissed at them, at which point the Nothosaurus grabbed it and dragged it underwater to its death.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

The Nothosaurus's fate after Mantah Corp Island was discovered and the dinosaurs were taken by the DPW is so far unknown.


Season 5[]



  • Nothosaurus is the third Triassic animal to appear in the movie canon, the other two being Herrerasaurus and Lystrosaurus.
  • The only known individual is the one female on Mantah Corp Island, as mentioned by Darius.
  • It remains unknown how the Nothosaurus ended up in the sewers as an egg and survived in there.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Nothosaurus model for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous was sculpted by Chris Sears in Z-Brush and photoshop.[1]

Animal vocalizations[]