Barnes & Noble released a leatherbound bundle of the novels Jurassic Park and The Lost World in January 2011. It was part of their Leatherbound Classics line. The sales rank was 7,631 in July 2011. The cover was designed by Patrice Kaplan and Jo Obarowski. It has the colors red, black and white. At the front the T. rex skeleton from the first print and the Jurassic Park Logo is shown. It is surrounded by red plants. The back of the book contains red and black plants. In this jungle a flight of Pteranodons is shown, despite the fact that they do not appear in the novel. Interestingly, two of the Pteranodons are shown to have long tails.

The endpapers contain the map of Isla Sorna. But this map doesn't contain drawings of dinosaurs, like the original. In the dinosaur list of the first novel Microceratops is replaced by Callovosaurus, and at times, many Apatosaurus are replaced by Camarasaurus, though they return to Apatosaurs later in the novel.[1]

The "about the author" section at the end is updated. It contains information about the death of Michael Crichton and the publication of his novel Pirate Latitudes.



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