Suddenly, the anti-heroic Tyrannosaurus rex appears, breaks up the fight between Billy and Nima, and eats Billy. However, she then proceeds to attack Gerry, Jess, and Nima. As Nima and Jess escape to the boat, Jess gets knocked over and hangs on the edge. Nima saves Jess, but the Barbasol Can gets crushed by the tyrannosaur's foot. They all eventually reach the boat and began sailing away from the island. On the boat, Gerry explains to Nima how the world was better off without the Barbasol Can and reminded Nima about his promise to help her and her daughter. As Gerry proposed to having them to come with him and Jess, Jess interrupts and asks how much the embryos were worth, discovering a bag full of money in the boat. The end credits roll, and it is unknown if Nima used that money to take her and her daughter to move out of Costa Rica and into the United States at Atlanta, Georgia, though it is likely that she did.

Nima's Death (Alternate Ending)

If the player chooses to save the Barbasol Can, Gerry and Jess escape on a boat, but Nima unfortunately makes the ill-fated decision to grab the Barbasol can, and falls prey to the tyrannosaur. On the boat, Gerry decides that a job as a dinosaur vet is not the career for him and decides to get his old job back as a vet at the Hardings' local zoo to care for less dangerous, contemporary wildlife. Jess, annoyed with her father constantly being on the move, is thrilled that he's getting a job close to home. However, Gerry first decides to go out of his way to rescue Nima's daughter. The end credits then roll, and it is unknown whether the two succeed in saving the girl though they likely did succeed.



  • This is the only episode where a player's decision affects the plot of the story.
  • The part were Gerry has to run and hide for the T. rex between the piled containers is very similar to Episode 4.2 of Primeval.
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